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  1. S

    Irish affiliates for UK based merchants

    Hi there, I am the affiliate manager for a UK based high street fashion retailer. We have a network of stores both in the UK and Ireland. We also have separate affiliate programs for our UK and Irish sites. Just wondering if anyone has any advice for affiliate marketing in Ireland or any...
  2. D

    Which incentives attract you???

    Hiya, my name is Michelle, I'm just wondering what sorts of incentives attract you to become an affiliate for a merchant and start promoting their offers?? I'd like to get more of a feel for the Irish affiliate market. For example is a simple increase in commission when you reach a set number...
  3. L


    Hi friends this is my first post and My name lucye is i am dedicating this to the Introduction to Forum as per the forum rules. Before introducing myself, i would just like to thank the Administrator of this forum for giving me opportunity to join this community.
  4. W

    tutorial - different methods of internet marketing

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Estimated 95% of internet traffic comes through search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Msn. Market research - Get a fresh angle on industry profiles, competitor analysis, customer profiling, partnership opportunities, linking strategies... Keyword...
  5. A

    paydotcom - help!!

    Hey everyone! I am new to the site and am completely inexperienced in affiliate marketing. I recently created my first website ( I have tried to make some money on it by promoting products on paydotcom. However, when I clicked on promote product on paydotcom I was...
  6. D

    Any Irish superaffiliates looking for apprentices?

    I am a total greenhorn to affiliate marketing but I think its a very interesting business model and is one I would love to explore in detail. Im wondering if there are any superaffiliates in Ireland looking for apprentices or who would even consider mentoring me from afar - maybe on this...
  7. I

    How did you build your portfolio?

    Hi, student here with soooooo many questions. I'm wondering about building a portfolio. Given I'm only semi DW literate I think it unlikely anyone is going to commission me with a real project, so how do I go about building a portfolio of work. Obviously every other web designer has faced this...
  8. M

    Earn money with a website

    Hello, I would like to know if there are good free ways to earn money with a website. Thanks
  9. roderickdunne

    Newbie doobie doo

    Hi Newbie to this forum.. though probably know some of yee from working in IT in Dublin/Europe over the last 17 years. Started out as a webmaster, then Java Engineer, then Tech PM/Innovation Manager. Worked in a rake of software houses & consultancy shops (iona, ibm, lotus, accenture, & some...
  10. M

    The 2010 Domainers / Developers / SEO / Copwriters Meetup!

    Hi all, Trying to arrange a domainer / developer / copywriter / SEO meetup to kick off the new year. I think it would be very beneficial to all to get domainers, web developers (ideally with skills/interest in affiliate marketing), SEO, and copyrighters to network and maybe JV on a few...
  11. M

    Affiliate program query! pls advice

    Hello everyone. I'm newbie here and I hope I have posted in the right forum, I'd like to know more about affiliate marketing and I wanted to be successful in this field. I'm not sure if everyone is very much familiar with live chat support software from for instance. A live...
  12. mneylon

    Directory of Affiliate Programs

    Came across this site earlier today: Affiliate Marketing Information - AffiliateDB
  13. S

    Internet Marketing List

    Do you know some internet marketing forums? can you post here. thanks. Sam
  14. K

    Be careful of Affiliate Fraud !

    This is very urgent! I've read a blog which I'm gonna share with you today and it talks about affiliate fraud. // some tips that are discussed thoroughly in the blog are: 1.) Why Affiliate Marketing Fraud Happens...
  15. 9

    Track Your PPC Campaigns With Affiliate Prophet

    Affiliate Prophet helps you track the most important aspects of your internet marketing campaigns, especially for those who drive traffic through Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign such as Goolge Adwords. It can help you identify the attention rate and interest level of visitors coming to your...
  16. reverbstudios

    Re-design of

    I've just put the new re-design of my main business site live and would welcome opinion on it please. I've tried to make it as bright as possible given that I've decided to stick with dark colors and I've tried to keep it slightly different looking from the standard. I've also gone for a...
  17. S

    I can't believe the interest in SEO & Hello btw :)

    Hi, This is my first post and I'd just like to say hello to the forum :) I have not thought about websites for a long time now (8 years since I did a website professionally) and I accidentally hit on this forum to be blown away by how involved and diverse it has become. The biggest shocker is...
  18. K

    Mining hidden gold- Webgains launches semantic categorisation tool: iSense SiteSeeker

    ~ first automated affiliate content categorisation tool uses award winning semantic technology ~ To date, the standard approach across networks has been to rely on affiliates self categorising for the verticals they operate in, listing their websites and the networks having the knowledge of...
  19. mneylon

    Affiliate Software?

    Can anyone recommend software to run an affiliate program? It needs to be LAMP I'm not too concerned about costs, but I am concerned about its ability to scale and track sales / affiliates sanely
  20. swiiper

    Why has no one started an Irish Affiliate Management Company?

    There isn't one is there? It's been a while since I was looking closely at it - back in 06 I built www(dot) but it was putting the cart before the horse! I had a few affiliate sites in the UK and assumed that I would be able to stock an Irish site just as easily. Wrong. I gave up...
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