1. T

    Competitor analysis

    Recently, an adwords campaign I have running started to decrease in performance, due mainly I believe to the arrival on the scene of a new company, who are always occupying top spot for certain keywords. Thing is, when we try increasing the bid and the budget we still can't get #1, even when the...
  2. D

    Low cost dedicated servers in Europe (preferably Ireland)?

    Hello everyone, It's my first post on the forum, so first off; hello my names Dave, I'm a business student who develops webapps as a hobby. I'll be launching a B2B webapp soon and I'm looking for a reliable dedicated server provider in Europe (preferably Ireland). So far I've found and...
  3. G

    New Auction website!

    Hi, I would like some feedback on my new auction site please. It was set up for the Arts and Crafts community, but have decided to add extra categories. It is an Ebay style auction,but without the many fees that Ebay charge. It is free to add your auctions, the only charges are for "homepage...
  4. S

    Charity Based Auction - need pubs

    Hi, I am consulting for a charity based auction site - I am looking for some pubs to help drive some traffic and I am pretty open to discussing a cpa. If you have had success with penny auctions in the past you should do pretty well with this since it is new and has a few...
  5. S

    Designing Car Auction Database

    Not sure if there is already a thread for this - if so perhaps someone can point me there I have a Sales Client who runs Car Auctions and they want me to revamp their website. Does anyone know how I go about accessing car related databases e.g. Make, Models etc and also car details databases...
  6. mneylon

    TRAFFIC Coming To Dublin

    Rick Latona is bringing TRAFFIC to Dublin in August Anyone planning on going? More info here: T.R.A.F.F.I.C.
  7. E

    TradeDoubler Ireland | Affiliate Programme

    Hi All, TradeDoubler Ireland launch the Number 1 phenomenon everyone is talking about -'s revolutionary auction concept is taking Ireland by storm! It's the brand new phenomenon everyone is talking about where new products such as Nintendo Wiis, iPods, laptops, digital...
  8. A

    New website effort and cost

    I have what i think is a good idea for a new website - I have the domain and hosting arranged - what i don't have is the site which i need to set up from scratch and i also don't have any previous experience in setting up a commercial web site (although I do have 10yrs in a technical field and...
  9. nevf

    Auction Software

    I'm looking for the best software for Auctioning goods and services, like eBay essentially. I'd like to have it in PHP/MySQL preferably or else Would prefer open source, but I don't mind paying for it if I'm getting good value for money. Does anybody have any suggestions? If...
  10. S

    irish auction sites?

    there was on thread on this in the last few months but i can not find it Does anyone know or can recomend an irish austion site Were there are alot of customers Thanks
  11. V

    Just launched my first website venture this weekend ... Its like eBay for restaurants. Have a couple or restaurants signed up and some offers available. Would really appreciate any feedback (good or bad) on the website and the idea behind the site before I start promoting it to...
  12. D

    How much is my domain name worth ?

    Guys, I'm trying to come to a figure with regards to how much my domain name is worth ... I've seen the appraisal services online, but there seems to be an element of snake oil salesmanship involved. How do you accurately gauge the monetary value of a domain name such as this...
  13. mneylon

    Domain Marketplace Software?

    Has anyone got any sane suggestions for software to run a simple domain marketplace?
  14. F

    News .ME Domains become the hottest new domain

    Looks like .ME could be a future hot domain??:confused: I have bought some even they do cost nearly $20:(. Any other bought some for websites or Investing? They have had world record sales in new registrations of .me domains plus just sold for over 2 $Million me domains on a auction. Apple...
  15. mneylon

    New gTLDs

    There's been quite a bit of coverage of this in the last few days from various angles: ICANN's Allocation Method for New TLDs ICANN Paints Itself Into a Corner ICANN to Auction New Generic Top Level Domains
  16. Cormac

    Anyone wanna shag me?

    The .me TLD is going public at 4PM. It opens the door for some interesting domain name possibilities. :: .ME Domain :: has a search for .me domain names.
  17. mneylon

    bido - no reserve domain auctions

    Has anyone tried this: - Bid on Bido - v1.1107 Some of the domains they've been auctioning are pretty decent
  18. n3tFl0w

    Icann opening everything to everyone!

    BBC NEWS | Technology | 'Shake-up' for internet proposed Anyone planning to take over the internet around here? This could be huge - I can't think of something off the top of my head but you could really make some money out of this.
  19. mneylon

    Ranking Quickly?

    We launched a separate site for our VPS hosting (VPS hosting - virtuozzo parallels debian centos windows 2003) about two months ago, but it's not doing very well in SERPS What I keep finding is that our blog (Blacknight Blog) or even our knowledgebase do better than the actual site where we...
  20. Cormac

    Nokia N95

    Does anyone if a Nokia N95 bought from America will have any issue being used in Ireland? Do they use the same charger slot here as they do there? I know the actual plug on the charger will be different, but is that the only difference? I'm looking at an auction on ebay at the moment and I...
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