1. V

    AWIN Data Feeds

    Hi, I've been trying to work with AWIN data feeds for a number of months, but am having difficulty overcoming the fact that they appear not to be mapped against set parameters. Any data feed/dba experts who might be able to help with making sense of them? Happy to pay a consultant who...
  2. V

    Irish Travel Affiliate Programes?

    Hi All, Im looking to see if there are any Irish travel affiliate programes. i.e Flights, hotels, Holidays. Im looking at getting them in xml feeds for my website Does anyone know af any that i could get in contact with? Thanks for reading Ronan
  3. mneylon

    Useful Links - Affiliate Networks

    TradeDoubler - Performance based digital marketing) - Presence in most EU countries. Variety of programs Webgains very few Irish merchants, but they have a lot of merchants that ship to Ireland and have euro pricing Affiliate Network - Affiliate Window - includes several merchants that ship...
  4. T

    Video game vendor affiliate sites

    I'm looking for an affiliate that sells video games in the UK and Ireland. From what I can gather, Amazon and only deliver games in the UK - which is a bit of a joke really. Anyone know of anyone? CD Wow only seem to have a referral scheme whereas I'm looking for a full API.
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