1. D

    to spam or not to spam

    hi i'm trying to find forums in Ireland where i can set up a profile for a website , also link to it and if possible promote it (for free) to get backlinks, without being considered as a spammer !!! does such a place exist ? :upset:
  2. M

    SEO Post

    I was reading a post on this forum some time ago about how to design your website so that it would be seo friendly. It mentioned the amount of characters in each heading and metric tags h1 & h2, bold italics. Sprinkling keywords on each page. I'm unsure what any of this means but was hoping...
  3. J

    Please review the site

    Hi there, I recently helped a friend of mind with her website. The site address is Accessorise Your Wedding, the website is very basic as my friend is a startup. I would like a review with a view to improving the site and making it SEO friendly. I am not an expert in SEO so your feedback is...
  4. L


    HI, I have spent the last couple of weeks setting up my site on various directories (basically free listings) and when I check backlink checkers none of them are appearing as registered - so after all my effort my backlinks look really small! Please advise - I must be missing a step!! Thanks Loui
  5. F

    SEO Check Pease- Alexa rank heading South

    Hi, Over the 3 months I have rebuilt my website Microlights for Sale Ireland | Irish Aircraft Sale | Microlight Sales. Did a lot of work tiding it up. The Alexa rank is heading the wrong way and visitor numbers are down. Can anyone give me some advice. Thanks & Regards Fergus
  6. S

    Online Press Release site

    Hi. Can anyone recommend a good press release webstie. I've had a look at both Irish and Global ones. I am intersted in promoting Irish companies first and foremeost. A subscription (if is worth it!) is okay. Please, any advice would be great. Stoffa.
  7. andywozhere

    Promoting your Blog

    Anybody care to share a few tips on promoting your blog?
  8. I

    Hi Guys. Looking for a bit of help please I have a website Ishka Sports Camping Equipment, Massage Equipment, Swimming Equipment that does pretty well in however my keywords don't show up anywhere in,.my hosting company called powa is in the uk Any help or advise would...
  9. irelandwebsitedesign

    How much work needs to be done?

    Hi Guys, Some iv been learning alot about SEO but some basic ideas and questions im still finding hard to get information on! Now lets say I have a shoe shop website and Im number 2 for that search term and another website is number 1. Is there any method to discover how much work I will need...
  10. R

    Best value SEO software

    What is the best value SEO software out there at the moment? I have currently got a lot busier with the SEO side of my job and I am finding myself restricted by the free versions of SEO Power Suite and also by the free version of Traffic Travis. I find SEO Power Suite good but I'm not sure...
  11. Z

    SER and Traffic Exchanges

    Do the actual amount of traffic to a website improve search engine ranking? I have a suspicion: I used traffic exchanges to bring visitors to some of my webpages. I've discovered, that some pages, that are promoted in traffic exchanges have better search engine ranking for specific keywords...
  12. Z

    Cross-linking unrevelant sites

    Let's say, I have two unrevelant sites with 100s of indexed pages. I put one link (linking to the other one) to each of the two sites' main page. (So I'll have 100s of backlinks to each site.) Will the search engine ranking of both sites increase? What do you think?
  13. B

    website re-design / mapping / 301'ing

    Hi, Does anyone have experience with mapping websites from old design to new design where urls have changed, In particular the affects of 301'ing or not 301'ing eg: to to I have been doing extensive research...
  14. K

    Is DMOZ still relevant?

    Are dmoz links still relevant, or is it just dying a slow death?
  15. S

    New Site selling links, let me know what you think :)

    i guys, Intend to start selling links direct to Joe public instead of agencies, so am launching new site with low priced packages. Can you have a look and let me know what you think. Looking for feedback on design and usability please, haven't carried out onsite SEO or link building on the...
  16. S

    Google Panda !!!

    Ok Everyone is talking about Google Panda but as yet very few have come up with good strategies to ensure future success. Any testing been carried out by forum experts???? Even though offsite is now nearly 95% of the battle for good SERPS, good varied strategies are a must, so I thought if we...
  17. K

    Backlink Checker Tool

    Can you give some suggestions regarding sites that offer backlink checker tool??
  18. D

    5 warning signs of a bad SEO client

    Hi All, Came across this great little post about warning signs of a bad SEO client. Basically the kind of client that is not going to be worth it regardless of the fee. Here is a link to the post Here are the top 5 1. They name-drop books, blogs, and other SEO-related materials in...
  19. H

    cool seo tip for you to enjoy

    Here's a TIP I've found that is... well... super sneaky and cool. If your stuck trying to "out-rank" a certain competitor for keyword(s) in Google (or any other search engines for that matter) here's what I recommend you to, because I've been using it to devistating effect. ... and it's...
  20. mneylon

    Competitive Analysis

    Good read - must try it out :) Competitive Analysis in Under 60 Seconds Using Google Docs | SEOmoz
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