banner exchange

  1. C

    Anyone know of a good Irish banner exchange network

    Hi Does anyone know of any Irish ad network or any banner exchange network? Any of the ones I've seen are very reminiscent of early-90's web rings and I can't really target Irish sites or customers using them.
  2. A

    Banner Exchange Websites

    Guys, Can You please tell me some websites that do such service? Preferably Irish websites or which have Irish traffic as an option.. Dont want to search it, cause I want your reference/experience to it. :cool: On our forum I have found just advertise ireland . com Well I...
  3. E

    Black hat SEO technique on website?

    found this site while trawling through google. Lots of white font hidden down the bottom. Black hat or just poor design considering the big dirty orange headings??
  4. S

    banner excahnge recommendations

    Anyone have any recommendations on the best banner exchange services out there I need to increase trafic (badly) to a site I have the site is about cats so a niche one would be best
  5. mutantspace

    Seo Basics - Site Submission

    without meaning to sound like a complete idiot but how do you submit sites to directories and search engine. Ive just launched a site and am frantically sending out links, pr, etc. Its an artists resource site and as of yet i have no marketing money..... thanks alot or the help
  6. david4ie Banner Exchange

    Hey guys I started a site a few months ago and didn't want to spend money on advertising, so I decided to use an irish banner exchange but I only found one and it wasnt working at the time so I decided to make my own and hope for the best. Banners Ireland - The Irish Banner Exchange Let me no...
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