1. G

    Tradedoubler problems

    Having a banner from banner displayed on my website, I did a test last week, whereby my brother went to my website & clicked on the banner using his computer (cookies enabled on browser) and when directed to the advertised website he proceeded to buy a product which was listed...
  2. L

    How typical a 1990's site is this?

    I posted a page from this site in the Myers Briggs post but how 1990's is this ? The Personality Page Look at the hallmarks - pedigree 1998 site: Centred Text Rotating 3D "@" symbol on a black background "Kight Rider" style seperator bar Icons with "3D" beveled edges for a navigation Bar...
  3. L

    Do you prefer domains with "www" or without?

    Inspired by another thread in this forum and also trying to work out my own mind, I thought I might ask what people thought: Do you prefer domains with "www" preceding them, like (A) http://"" OR (B) http://"" Thank you to everyone who votes :) David aka...
  4. M

    Fine Gael facebook promotion .. or something

    Thought this was interesting - a banner ad popped up at the end of a post in Google reader with the facebook logo, "donate your status", and the tagline "Let's get Ireland working". Clicking on it brings you here, and then if you click again you're prompted to allow Fine Gael post updates to...
  5. C

    Anyone know of a good Irish banner exchange network

    Hi Does anyone know of any Irish ad network or any banner exchange network? Any of the ones I've seen are very reminiscent of early-90's web rings and I can't really target Irish sites or customers using them.
  6. G

    Review my Adsense please

    Hi, In my site I have the following ads: 120x600 image ads (in each page) 728x90 image ads (in each page) 728x15 Ad links (only in internal pages) adsense for search Do I use the right ads for my site (type and size)? Do the ads fit the color of the site? Are the ads positioned correctly...
  7. C

    Partnerships with other companies?

    Hey guys, Just a quick question, being relatively new in here I'm not very aware with everything that's going on on the Irish web so I was wondering, do partnerships with other companies work around here? For example, would computer shops agree to be partners with a computer website that's...
  8. D

    Looking for a Company for online marketing?

    Hi all, I've recently launched a new website called Treasured Memorial Cards, Memorial Cards, Memoriam Cards and Funeral Thank You Cards. I'm looking for a marketing company to help to grow the site online in both UK and Ireland through increased google rankings, link building, article...
  9. madmaxpower

    Copyright of images on website

    Hi relative newbie here, I have a question about image copyright. On my website i have an images which i pulled off the web. I didn't take these images and who ever did has no idea I am using them, What issues am i likely to run into. Another set of images i have are covers of different...
  10. J

    Harvey "alot of hype" Normals ;)

    ...and there was me, on seeing the TV advert of the glowing mouse "COMING SOON" thinking someone really cool was coming to ireland ;) What do you think of the new Harvey Norman - Harvey Norman Ireland - Home Page website? It seems to be just a SHOWCASE store currently as I was unable to view...
  11. O

    How to market my new website

    Hi All, I'm just looking for some advice regarding a new website I have. It is an E commerce site selling canvas prints. When people come on site they can upload an image etc. My question to you all is if anyone knows anyway to promote the site without going into a big spend. I am not great with...
  12. R

    Closable Banner Ads

    Hi, I have seen closable banner ads on websites like the New York Times and O2. Does anyone know where I can find code for such banner ads? I would like to put a screen-width ad on the top of my site, that my visitors could close.
  13. W

    Does anyone else feel that direct traffic from social bookmarking sites is worthless?

    I'm talking about direct traffic here; not the traffic you'll inevitably get from increased link popularity. Whenever one of my websites gets posted on Reddit or Digg or Stumbleupon, I get a lot of visitors, but little to no ad revenue. I just feel as if the users of those websites are far too...
  14. G

    Which type of link exchange is better?

    Usually while exchanging links, i ask for contextual link. But there are site wide links, footer links, text links, banners, etc. I request for link on the relevant page or section of the website than site wide links. Which one is the best ?
  15. B

    Twitter as SEO

    I want to do SEO for my website that supplies thank you cards & acknowledgment cards and I am using all the SEO link building techniques, but I am not sure, How twitter can help me? Can anyone suggest how can I use twitter for my website: Thanks.......
  16. F

    Looking for input for new site

    Hi All We are busy putting a new classifieds site together built around Wordpress and are looking for some input for the site. The site is Your Trash For Cash and is live at the moment but is still a work in progress. Thanks in advance for your praise or criticism
  17. S

    affiliate progrmmes /lead generation for home improvement site

    I have a Irish home improvement site attracting 15000 unique visitors per month. Using Adsense at present but want to monetize better. Find hard banner/button ads hard to sell in current climate. Would be very grateful for some advice re affiliate programmes or lead generation ideas that may...
  18. mneylon

    New Domain Site

    We put this live earlier today: Domain Offers . ME Any feedback welcome :)
  19. J

    Adsense Heatmaps?

    I've been reworking the layout of my main website and moving Adsense slots around on the webpages. The official Google Adsense heatmap ( ) seems to recommend the left hand side as the ideal place for a skyscraper slot...
  20. mneylon

    vbulletin login / pass reset issues - cookie issue?

    Not sure if anyone else has run into this one, but thought I'd ask anyway .. Upgraded a Vbulletin 3 board to vbulletin 4 I can login and out without any issue, as can anyone else that had an account User reported issues earlier today and can't reset his login or gain access I've created a...
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