1. L

    how to promote my websites

    Help plz im lookin for sugestions on how to promote my websites her they are in plain text im desperate iv tried evrything :confused:
  2. J

    Hi folks, I'd be interested to get peoples feedback on this... I'm more familiar with the back end stuff rather than design so any suggestions in this area would be great. Any other content that people might find useful would like to see? Cheers, Jon
  3. J

    Hi recently launched a website called any views or insights greatly appreciated.
  4. M

    Affiliate Program with High Payouts at

    Hey Webmasters, Are you looking for an affiliate program that can offer high payouts? Then, allow me to recommend mBUCKS. We have been running premium SMS-Chat portals since 2003 in 19 countries, including Ireland. After having set up an affiliate program this year enabling webmasters to...
  5. D

    Irish Ferries Affiliate Programme Launch!

    Hello guys, Hi guys, Digino today helped Irish Ferries to launch their through Affiliate Window. Please see here for more info and to sign-up: Some details on the programme: We offer a commission rate of 5% of the basket value across...
  6. J

    Very Strange Behaviour

    I have a LAMP workstation where I do a lot of my development work from. On that machine I fired up an up to date copy of Firefox (as I usually do) to browse the web. The domain that I was visiting has a .ie extension, but accidentally I visited the .com version of the domain. The browser...
  7. Z

    Ad Management

    I'm looking for a free PHP based ad management software, any recommendations?
  8. W

    Site review wanted

    Hi all, I am looking for some feedback on my site which is a wedding planning and information site for weddings in ireland it is live about a month, site is not fully finished as am adding content still and forums are not running yet as still tweaking this part as well as...
  9. R


    Found a bargain? Share it! I used vanilla forums, not sure about it now. Is the banner ok? I think its memorable at least.
  10. joepc

    Site Review - Charity Walk Website

    Hi Guys, Looking for some feedback / improvements to Thanks, Joe
  11. mneylon

    Facebook > Twitter

    Does anyone know if there is any way to NOT send ALL updates from Facebook to Twitter? ie. Say we post 3 things on Facebook, but we only want 1 of them to also go to Twitter Anyone know is that possible?
  12. mneylon

    Upcoming Events (2009 - 2010)

    If you know of any upcoming events please reply to this Here's one: WordCamp Ireland, Kilkenny, March 6th-7th 2010
  13. A

    Difference between SEO and SEM

    Any one pls inform me whats difference between SEO and SEM some people say that they are working on a SEO project whereas some others say that they are working on SEM project. thanks
  14. D

    Falling on the wrong side of Google

    Hi, I appear to have incurred some penalties. I believe I know why too. I'm just not sure what the best way of fixing it is. I have some sites that are all inter-linked. That makes sense for users. However the sites are fairly heavily interlinked and are all on the same subnet. They also...
  15. R

    Criticise me!

    Hey all, I have made some changes to my site and am looking for criticism from the experts! Thanks P
  16. G

    New version of

    Hello all, We released this morning a complete new layout for our website Blueface | VoIP | Ireland's Internet Phone Service We'd really appreciate some feedback from professionals about it, regarding the graphic side, it's usability, the technical side, SEO ... anything really :) We'll add...
  17. D

    Making money from a web forum

    I'm wondering if it's possible to make some money from advertising on a web forum. Something on the order of a couple of hundred bucks to a thousand month. Nothing spectacular. But enough to generate a decent second income. It would be based in Ireland with an Irish member base. It's traffic...
  18. I

    Webmasters wanted! Great earning possibility!

    I represent IQ testing company. We urgently need webmasters from: Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, HongKong, Croatia, Ireland, Kolombia, Latvia, Lithuania, Litva, Luxemburg, Malaysia, Malta, Hungary, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Peru, Poland, Portugal...
  19. W

    Custom website design portolio

    Hi guys, If you're looking for website design examples then please have a browse: Our portfolio includes government organizations, magazines, legal, finance, education, etc...
  20. A

    Banner Exchange Websites

    Guys, Can You please tell me some websites that do such service? Preferably Irish websites or which have Irish traffic as an option.. Dont want to search it, cause I want your reference/experience to it. :cool: On our forum I have found just advertise ireland . com Well I...
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