1. A

    Need help

    My homework is to make a website,so i choose to make a website for my school. I've downloaded a free template, all was goood except the main image, logo. The real image was I can't edit it so i make a new one ( but i am beginner and dont look good x( ) So my image was I can't use because...
  2. S

    directories which ones?

    How good and useful are directories for marketing your site, getting traffic to it and in terms of seo (do they count as back links) I have just submitted my site into several directories. I am not selling anything so am just interested in getting eyeballs onto the site. Is it worth paying for...
  3. mneylon

    Demand up, down or the same?

    Since the economic climate isn't exactly healthy at the moment are people feeling the pinch? Is demand for web work increasing, decreasing or staying the same?
  4. nevf

    Implementing Realex Payments into Magento?

    Has anybody any experience? Is it hard? I am building up my knowledge of PHP at the moment, but my skills are quite limited in that aspect. Is it a job I need a pro for, or is it one of those jobs i can do myself. It's just that the budget that i'm working from, is extremely limited.
  5. mneylon

    Budget 2009 Impact?

    I presume most of you were following the budget today, so what do you think of the changes? There are a couple of positive ones in there, but there's also a few weird ones.. Stamp Duty on ATMs and ChequesIn order to encourage greater use of electronic means of payment for commercial, financial...
  6. S

    New to forums setup - need a little help!

    Hey all, I want to setup a forum for a martial arts club I'm involved with. I've absoutely no experience with forums - Which is the most novice friendly? Any good tutorials out there for setting up forums? Is there much involved with managing one? (the club is small so shouldn't be a lot of...
  7. mutantspace


    just introducing myself - ive just launched a website, am not an IT guy but believe the net is key to everything we do - Im an arts producer/programmer and find that the arts industry is very slow, in Ireland to use the net to its full potential. I want to help change that perception so hence im...
  8. dbnavan

    New to the business

    Hi there I did a bit of SEO work for a friends site and developed a real interest in the field, doing alot of reading and stuff really enjoying it. I have a few attempts at design work and its not really what I am good at... I have one site that I designed and I got it ranked #1 on all...
  9. A

    another unplanned outage to my site

    Hi, Is anyone else having a problem with a certain Irish web host (not the one mentioned in an earlier thread). I don't want to mention names right now. I've suffered my second outage in 2 weeks (that I know of). This makes me think, how may outages have there been that I'm not aware of...
  10. D

    Review my website- gently

    Hi all, I am new here and am not sure if I'm in the correct forum. Blachnight has encouraged me to ask guestions so here I go. I have a website created using a free template (Iowners) for a holiday apartment in France. I know very little about SEO or web design etc but am here to learn. Iowners...
  11. Website Virgin

    Seo/ppc/desgin help needed

    Hi All, I am looking for some help. I have recently set up an ecommerce website and am now looking to get SEO & PPC work done. I have a webiste with seasonal goods, garden, xmas etc with approx 300 products. I am looking for some advice on companies that you would recommend to carry out this...
  12. F

    discounted greeting cards

    Hi All I have recently launched my greeting card website and would love soem feedback on it... Fab Cards Also can anyone suggest good ways of advertising..budget is tight at present Thanks Grainne
  13. S

    IP addresses & SEO for Google

    Hi, hopefully somebody will have an answer to this..... Question: we are looking to roll out approx 30 property websites all with same design template but each with their own unique content. We are targeting the Irish market and so all are going to be .ie for Google Ireland. All websites will be...
  14. S

    Anyone involved in Affiliate marketing?

    Hi guys, Hope all is well.... I'm just wondering if there are any advanced affiliate marketers here on this forum? I am interested to get to know these people... Please PM me if you are an affiliate marketer. Many thanks, I look forward to hearing from you... Sean
  15. J

    Web & SPAM Free Email Hosting

    I have had hosting accounts with a few providers in the past based locally and overseas, I am not going to name names. Typically I would have bought their basic linux hosting packages which (through their web based cpl's) allowed me to setup emails @respectivedomainnames.com. In every case I...
  16. mneylon

    Enterprise Ireland Funding Template Monster Solution

    What do web designers think of Enterprise Ireland funding a template monster style solution? According to the front page of Website design for small business, starter websites, webdesign, web design, web design company, cheap web design, cheap webdesign, affordable web design, low cost web...
  17. J

    Yahoo Directory VS 8k Directory Submissions

    I've been having a serious dilemma trying to figure out how to spend my advertising budget. Like most people I haven't got a large budget so I am trying to figure out where to spend it to get the biggest impact. I found this company that will submit my website to 8,000 directories for $250, I...
  18. G

    Feedback Wanted on Site Redesign!

    I'd value any feedback on this site redesign.... Irish Mobile- mobile phones Ireland there's a few bits of content yet to be added (useful websites, yet to be updated, pm if you know any ;)) but the nuts and bolts of it are there....would like to know your thoughts.... thanks
  19. gav240z

    Quality Score - Minimum Bid for Branded Terms Ridiculous

    Hi Everyone, First a bit of history we have several websites which we run PPC campaigns for. Originally the last person who ran these, did so from the same account. Eg: 3 Websites with 1 PPC account. One of the first things I did was split this into 3 separate accounts, mainly for clarity in...
  20. Forbairt

    360 degree images...

    I've a client looking to get some 360 degree pictures of rooms ... They are based in galway though (and their budget isn't up to much I would assume) its for a B&B ... what would be my best bet for doing this or getting someone to do it ? I'd be inclined to take digital camera turn it...
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