1. martha

    Are we in Ireland left out in the cold - even on the internet?

    Can anyone clear this one up for me? I have the distinct feeling that, having an Irish IP address, my website is automatically left out of some the search engine results in the US / UK, etc. (Even though I do have dotcom domains). I am setting up my whole business to be aimed towards Europe...
  2. T

    Easy Cloud Ordering and info...

    Im looking at cloud hosting to replace my dedicated server to reduce costs. Virtual Private Server VPS Hosting | Learn More About Cloud VPS I really like the way they have the bars to calculate your cost when all other hosting providers seem lacking and want you to submit a sort of old school...
  3. J

    Need to build an Commerce site - Advice please?

    Hi, I need to build an eCommerce site to sell approx 20 products to consumers in Ireland. I am fairly computer savvy but know nothing about web development. I've looked at and got quotes from a couple of web development companies ( and Their prices vary from...
  4. mneylon

    Google expands sitelinks

    Full details here: Official Google Blog: The evolution of sitelinks: expanded and improved
  5. trickobrien

    What would you reckon the failure rate online is?

    By failure I mean,unable to make any,or a negligible amount of money.And success as a livable wage and above. I would say its about 95% or more hope this is the right area for this thread
  6. B

    How much to charge for an Online Marketing Strategy?

    Hi, I recently been asked to evaluate a website & make online marketing recommendations. The company is a Driving Test School for Motorbikes, Scooters & Cars. From a quick overview I've come to conclude that the site is very poor in terms of content, information & sales direction. The...
  7. O

    Finding towns within a distance radius from a database

    Hi everyone, I have been asked to write a script that will find towns within a radius of 10 miles (for instance) in a database. I have a database of towns with their corresponding latitude and longitude and I am fine working with the database, SQl etc but I have no idea how to work the...
  8. byronyasgur

    form based ecommerce system

    hi - i just got a quote request in today for something i havent really done before - it would effecively be a form based basicly the shop would only have only one product, but have lots of options within the product ( or products there might be more than one i suppose). So roughly...
  9. M - 300$ per 1000 downloads

    Make a fortune by uploading your files! Now it is very easy to earn money! We have the highest payouts! All you have to do is to upload your files and attract people for their downloading. You will manage to earn from 15 up to 30 cents for a single download! You are welcome! ShareMBit is a...
  10. EggDesign

    PHP/Javascript help!

    Hi lads Firstly, my knowledge of php & javascript is very limited. I need to remake this calculator for the clients microsite but cannot get access to the files on the server Contract Cleaning Ireland Contract cleaners Ireland Duct Cleaning Forecourt Cleaning Construction Cleaning Halcyon...
  11. G

    Adwords billing / VAT for business accounts?

    First, let me introduce myself as this is my first post here.So hello all, Im gladkacipka, not irish but living in Ireland for the last few years. Im doing some seo stuff, and just recently started playing with paid traffic(ppc google, yahoo etc.) My adwords account is linked to my irish cc...
  12. J


    What is paypal like for selling goods online? Do they take much of a cut from your sales? If the average price of my products was €500 how much would paypal charge me for a sale? Are there any better solutions that are easy to implement?
  13. kflanagan28

    Is it cool to say you don't Link Exchange

    Hey Just a question on linking. Most people who work in SEO seem to agree link exchanges are "so 3 years ago". It doesn't take much for Google to not pass on much weight from links in blog rolls, links pages (that sit on links.html/php pages), links in footers etc etc. But I have still seen...
  14. L

    Google vs MSN rankings

    Hello all, Just curious if anyone knows why MSN ranks sites so differently to Google. My site appears in top rankings for a lot of terms in MSN but on Google there several pages down!! Does MSN rank certain factors things a lot higher than Google? Cheers Alan
  15. M

    Most successfull Irish web companies

    Hi, Just wondering about readers thoughts on this. In Ireland who would you consider to be Ireland's biggest/most successfull companies in the area of: Web design SEO Pay per click Thanks, Al
  16. I

    Php Help

    Hi. I a a newbie at PHP. I have two pieces of data which I am retrieving from a database. They are both numerical values. They are part of a wider data list which is being retrieved from the database and displayed on the web site Like this : 2007 2008 Difference John 100 110 Mary...

    Earn a living from website advertising

    It's a vague question I know, but why not. What kind of numbers / traffic / clicks to you think is needed before you could earn enough from advertising from your site / sites. Forget referral advertising where people have to buy stuff and you get a slice, I mean mostly cpc stuff. Or is that a...
  18. B

    Wordpress for e-commerce?

    Hi, I have a client who runs courses and currently people can book and pay for places on these courses on his existing website. However, he can't easily update the content of the site and therefore wants a CMS. I like Wordpress as a CMS as it is very easy form the clients side to update...
  19. G

    how do you put a $value on a social network?

    how do you put a $value on a social network or website? what are the general guidlines? 0-5000 members 5-10,000 members 10-20,000 etc up to 500,000 any advice would be great on how best to gauge this value, thanks, g
  20. W

    Zen cart Installation Price?

    Hi how's things.. Iv been web designing for a while now, still young in the game, but a client of mine wants to setup a online shop. Been the first store i have made i have decided reading most posts on here that Zen cart seems to be number one. So iv tried it out and all seems good, but what...
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