1. P – NOW LIVE on TradeDoubler Ireland Network

    TradeDoubler Ireland is pleased to announce the launch of the Affiliate Programme – The easier, faster & cheaper way to do your tax returns – What is it? A new online web based tax consultant. is the easier, faster & cheaper way to do your tax returns...
  2. darrenhallinan

    Javascript Help: change the way this form calculates one of the Fields

    Hi All, I'm having an issue trying to change the way this form calculates one of the Fields Ill attach code below and would like to know what to change. Background: the form is used to calculate the price of a package, the current calculation just adds 20 euro to the price of the package for...
  3. T - filehosting affiliate program support thread

    Hello dear members of the forum. I am representing a leading filehosting service, which carries out its activity for over than a year. At the moment we have more than 10 000 successful partners. In this topic I would like to share with you information, which I am sure will be...
  4. EggDesign

    PHP/Javascript help!

    Hi lads Firstly, my knowledge of php & javascript is very limited. I need to remake this calculator for the clients microsite but cannot get access to the files on the server Contract Cleaning Ireland Contract cleaners Ireland Duct Cleaning Forecourt Cleaning Construction Cleaning Halcyon...
  5. I

    Php Help

    Hi. I a a newbie at PHP. I have two pieces of data which I am retrieving from a database. They are both numerical values. They are part of a wider data list which is being retrieved from the database and displayed on the web site Like this : 2007 2008 Difference John 100 110 Mary...
  6. Fintan

    register365 down again?

    Jaysus, they seem to be down again. *Insert joke about goes down easier than a 2 dollar hooker
  7. G

    Display Url worth tweaking?

    Read a post suggesting crafting the display url so as to include the search term, as it's common practice in SEO it's hard to tell from the examples given whether it was done specifically for the AW campaign. Do people look at the display Url before clicking? An Adwords Tip From The Masters...
  8. davidbehan

    Where's Creative Ireland Gone?

    hsphere acting the maggot again over at creative ireland. i hate when that happens! :o
  9. babyboy808

    How to calculate pricing for private advertisers

    About 3 months ago I got an inquiry from a company that wanted to advertise on one of my sites. I did a small bit of "research" and charged them what I thought was fair. I did so on the basis of my adsense earnings and add 20%. My question to you guys is how would you calculate a flat price...
  10. G

    question: smart pricing on the content network

    Reading up a bit about adwords and heard that google discounts clicks from adsense sites that don't convert well for the customer. How does Google figure out what converts well for the advertiser seeing as they don't have access to advertiser data. Redfly, Martina and the other PPCers, any ideas
  11. O

    Calculating a distance in miles between 2 coordinates

    Hi, I have been asked to build a site where users would search for a type of business within a ?? number of miles from X point, let say 20 miles radius from Kildare for instance. If I have a database of towns / cities with their respective coordinates, does any one know a way to run this...
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