1. R

    Wanted Freelance web developer

    Wanted E-Commerce/Web Application Development Manager Rockfield Online, Health, Contraception, Fertility, Baby care & Beauty Products, Next Day Deliver Ireland, Electronic Cigaretts - Online Health Store Summary : 9+ years experience in systems design, application development and systems...
  2. P

    Laser Card/ Non 3d secure Fraud

    We have had a few chargebacks or dodgy order which we have cancel for fear of fraud, and I was just wondering what other E-commerce site in Ireland do to protect against fraud (bar 3d secure), and do you report every attempt to the police? We had a chargeback about 9 months ago (lucky we were...
  3. J

    New domain and site or Old Site for enhanced web directory?

    I've an idea for an Irish web directory but I am not sure yet if I should use a category killer domain name for the site (does exactly what it says on the tin) or an existing site (12 years old) with web directory section. The existing site has PR but the new domain name is an exact match for...
  4. O

    Hosting Company Issues.

    Hi All, Looking for a bit of advice. During my college days I was asked to set up a couple of websites for various people. Recently one of these people "Ted" approached me with an issue with his site. He had lost access to his domains and the associated hosting. He had entered into an...
  5. mneylon

    PCI Court Case

    Rare Legal Fight Takes On Credit Card Company Security Standards and Fines | Threat Level |
  6. M

    Leap card website - money well spent. Not.

    Just registered on the LEAP card website to top up a card online. It's a horrible user experience. Instead of basic terminology, such as 'Login details', they decide to call it 'Credential Information'. And then later on the same page forget that and call it 'Security Information'. They then...
  7. mneylon

    Google Webmaster Tools Reporting non-problems

    Not sure if anyone else has come across this .. As part of a site move and general clean up I updated the robots.txt to block access to a subdirectory that should have been blocked all along and now doesn't exist on the site's new backend (I changed CMS) Google webmaster tools, however, is...
  8. N

    Difference between commercial and academic website regarding security

    Hello, I am doing small research regarding website security. I am newbie in this security field. I do not know if there is really a difference between Commercial and Academic website regarding security. If there are any difference then I would be more obliged to know about it. This is my...
  9. T

    PCI compliance and Realex Redirect

    I use Realex Redirect, they handle the card info, i dont get involved, they authorise/store etc. Realex are 100% PCI compliant yet Elalvon want to charge me for PCI compliance- This Charge Is Utter BullSH1T as I have nothing to be compliant about. Realex Do. THis is a 100% opportunistic charge...
  10. MrFlicks (Digiweb) Scam .co Domains Summer 2011 Offer Digiweb .co Introductory offer scam A few months ago (August time) had an introductory offer on for .co domains where a person could register .co domains for just over 4 Euro I know I purchased 4 of them. Recently I received an invoice from saying I owed...
  11. irelandwebsitedesign

    Accepting Laser on Website

    Have just set up a new website Home - Irish Skate Shop and would like to accept laser card payments, at the moment the site accepts paypal. I have contacted worldpay and lasercard themselves. Theres a monthly fee of €30+ which is grand if I was already getting lots of orders to justify it but im...
  12. mneylon

    Site Downtime Today

    The site was offline earlier today for about an hour or so due to a server upgrade that went wrong. Entirely my fault!
  13. S - The new way to trade on odds, Affiliates welcome!

    What is Oddsfutures allows its users to “bet on the betting” and not on the outcome of sporting events, to profit from predicting the market instead of winners. On, users profit by correctly predicting the direction of horse odds. It’s the ideal way for...
  14. F

    Are You Special?

    Being a truly special writer is a true challenge, and one we're unlikely to meet if our attention is focused elsewhere. Back in 1995 people thought I was a NASA engineer because I could upload images to a web server. I kinda thought that too. :-) Obviously things have changed a lot since then...
  15. mneylon

    Credit Card Charges?

    With all the changes in credit card charges and with Laser going the way of the Dodo, how do you plan to handle the extra costs? Will you incorporate them into your pricing or are you likely to add a credit card processing fee?
  16. J

    Phone payment gateway

    I'm looking for a phone payment gateway , something similar to what uses - where you get a code and call a number and the amount is deducted from your phone bill. This is just one payment option I want to offer. Also considering integrating a credit card payment gateway - can I...
  17. J

    [Full-time] Financial Software Architect at eScape Software

    Location: URL: Description: We are looking for experienced and talented developers to join our new location of our software development team in Ireland. We will be focused on developing software for our base of International Clients on a joint-venture basis. The team...
  18. J

    [Full-time] Financial Software Solutions consultant at eScape Software

    Location: URL: Description: We are looking for experienced and talented developers to join our new location of our software development team in Ireland. We will be focused on developing software for our base of International Clients on a joint-venture basis. The team...
  19. J

    [Full-time] Project Portfolio Communications and Reporting Specialist at Central Bank

    Location: Co. Dublin URL: Description: The Central Bank of Ireland has the primary objective of promoting systemic financial stability in Ireland and across the euro area. It ensures the proper and effective regulation of financial institutions and markets in Ireland...
  20. O

    SSL Certificate - which one?

    Can anyone recommnend the best SSL Certificate for an ecommerce website? The cheaper the better but has to be secure. If there is already a post somewhere on this topic please direct me to it.Thanks
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