1. E

    Pay By Phone

    Can anyone advise how to implement Pay By Phone on a website. Ie customer buys on site and relevant fee is billed from theire mobile phone. I assume there is a provider within Ireland, but have not located any. Any help much appreciated. Regards Jen
  2. L

    Online store setup help

    Hi I have missed a big portion of my college year for due to illness. I have managed to sit my exams and think I have done enough to get through... however I have to abandon my ecommerce project and just do it as a repeat during the summer :-( I have a big flair for web design and development...
  3. R

    Why a certain site ranks highly?

    Hi, I am looking at the top rankings for a particular keyword on behalf of a person I am doing a small bit of SEO work for. I still very much learning my way in the whole area and just have a question on a particular site. The site at the top of the Google listings for the search term "bouncing...
  4. mneylon

    Blacknight Solutions Warn of Domain Renewal Scams

    Domain space innovators Blacknight Solutions are striving to make the public aware of Domain Renewal Scams. Carlow, Apr 27, 2011 – Domain space innovators Blacknight Solutions (European Web hosting based in Ireland, exchange hosting, domain registration, dedicated servers, colocation -...
  5. J

    [Full-time] MRI Radiographer at RecruitMed

    Location: URL: Description: MRI Radiographer Job Ref: EB260450 Position: MRI Radiographer Location: Midlands, Ireland Salary: Up to €59,000 per annum pro-rata (Sterling £52,197) HPC UK Registered candidates also welcome We have a fantastic...
  6. B

    really quick question about twitter

    I have to design a business card, what is correct way a twitter name should be? 1) @example 2) 3) #example Thanks...
  7. mneylon

    Facebook Lander Pages

    A few tips: Seven tips for a killer Facebook landing page | Econsultancy
  8. Z

    Turnkey Autoblog Site - Free Hosting - Ready To Go -

    I have for sale a new autoblog site at: Stellar Articles The site is already setup and is hosted for free. A free account has been set-up with the service feeding articles to the website, and the website is currently receiving unique article content. The buyer will get the...
  9. Z

    Turnkey Autoblog Site - Free Hosting - Ready To Go -

    I have for sale a new autoblog website at: Article Blast The site is already setup and is hosted for free. A free account has been setup with the service feeding articles to the website, and the site is currently receiving unique article content. The buyer will get the
  10. T

    Magento Proxy error 502 problems

    Hi Guys Have Magento installed here . We use Paypal Pro to accept payments, and onestepcheckout to simplify the checkout process. The site is constantly getting proxy errors displayed on screen. 1) When we log into the admin, we are often faced with this...
  11. L

    Some new forum groups

    Hi Blacknight, I was wondering if might have a wider/broader userbase if we added some new categories? Is there a group of website owners/retailers/bloggers who aren't technical per se but are interested in like these: Design Optimisation Credit Card Fraud Social Media...
  12. byronyasgur

    pci compliance and merchant accounts

    i was under the impression that pci compliance was not mandatory in ireland but was talking to someone in sage pay uk and he said it was .... can anyone say for certain .... are people building it in or not even if it isnt any pointers for the best place to get a merchant account ( im...
  13. A

    New way to use your content

    Good day. Proud to present you our project - paid archives What is ZIPMONSTER? ZIPMONSTER is a unique internet solution for file hosting that lets owners of websites, blogs, media portals or any other internet services earn money from file downloads. They key feature of that...
  14. B

    Google - Analytics / 4 websites but need different credit card details

    I have 4 websites - All are on my one gmail e-mail address. So 4 websites within my analytics panel. here's the thing - I only have one adwords account? Is this right because I need to have different credit card details for each website... *Also same applies to Adsence. (need 4 credit card...
  15. A

    Webcam Site For Sale: (Odyssey Software)

    This site has been sitting in my server and i've done nothing with it. There's no traffic or revenue and i paid $1500 for the software alone. So if your looking for a cam site to develop, launch and market save yourself a few grand and take mine for a few hundred bucks. Script comes with...
  16. mneylon

    Call of Duty Black Ops?

    So has anyone else got it? The graphics and physics seem to have been improved quite a lot from the previous "chapter"
  17. J

    Easy Business Cart Launches (Oct 2010)

    A Cost Effective eCommerce Solution Developed in Ireland for Irish Entrepreneurs October, 2010. To: all From: Jamie Scott, Easy Business Cart Dear all, Easy Business Cart ( provides start-up and existing businesses...
  18. Fitzlegend

    New business

    Hi guys I am looking for feedback on a business that is being soft launched today (negative or positive!) the business is called iCabbi and is a cutting edge service that allows people to book taxis directly from a computer or mobile phone. Currently available on the web ( as...
  19. A

    Google AdWords Postcode Problem

    Hi, I run a few AdWords campaigns for clients. Recently a client's credit card expired without us noticing. However, now that I am trying to update payment information with new CC no. I keep getting "Invalid Zip" message and cannot proceed any further. As there are no postcodes / zip codes...
  20. J

    ECommerce Site (from scratch)

    Hi, I just want to know is it possible to develop a web site that can accept payments that does not operate on top of an off the shelf application (osCommerce, Magneto, etc). I appreciate all the functionality that you get from those OTS apps, but it really bothers me how they make integration...
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