1. unrealindeed

    What is the best FREE Online Invoicing Software?

    After learning that my reliable intuit billing manager is being discontinued this September, I am looking for a similar free online solution that stores my clients, products etc and allows me to create invoices, recurring invoices, track outstanding invoices, send receipts & invoices/remainders...
  2. E

    Pay By Phone

    Can anyone advise how to implement Pay By Phone on a website. Ie customer buys on site and relevant fee is billed from theire mobile phone. I assume there is a provider within Ireland, but have not located any. Any help much appreciated. Regards Jen
  3. S

    Need web help please!!!!

    hi, i starting two projects soon ,A gaming website and A social network website but my main focus is the gaming one becuase i want to luanch it before the big game titles are released so attract more traffic so iam looking for people to help me design it and mantain it .i am new to web design...
  4. mneylon

    Coupon Script / Theme?

    Has anyone got any views on which coupon script / theme is best for Wordpress? Or is there a standalone solution that works well? Have been looking at: WP Coupon - Turn Wordpress into a Coupon Site! and: Coupon Script for Wordpress - CouponPress
  5. Fitzlegend

    New business

    Hi guys I am looking for feedback on a business that is being soft launched today (negative or positive!) the business is called iCabbi and is a cutting edge service that allows people to book taxis directly from a computer or mobile phone. Currently available on the web ( as...
  6. php.allstar

    Hi, I've just launched a new site and would like to know what you guys think. All feedback negative and positive appreciated. As with all new projects there's bound to be something I've missed! is a website which helps Irish people to decide on what colour to paint their...
  7. L

    i'm just getting started with affiliate marketing

    i'm a new, any tips on the market?
  8. A

    Review Website - TheRioContest

    Hello. My name is Adrian and I am the PR Manager of I would like your opinion regarding the website: design, programming, what you would change, what do you like/dislike, issues like this. Thank you for your attention. Good day. PS: I hope that you will not...
  9. P

    TradeDoubler Ireland | Fatcheese

    Hi All, TradeDoubler Ireland is pleased to announce the launch of the programme – Fatcheese is Ireland's newest shopping portal, offering members superb choice along with cash back on their online shopping. The site is free to use with a portfolio of more than 300 online...
  10. L

    how to promote my websites

    Help plz im lookin for sugestions on how to promote my websites her they are in plain text im desperate iv tried evrything :confused:
  11. D

    SUGGESTIONS PLEASE...I need urgent 1600yoyos to pay school fees!

    Hi forum, Put it simply, i just got a letter from my college's registrar in the post this morning saying if i didnt pay up the 1600yoyos i owed by the 24th of march, i would be de-registered - NOOOOO! this is my dream college and one year ago i would have been well able to pay the money...
  12. M

    Earn money with a website

    Hello, I would like to know if there are good free ways to earn money with a website. Thanks
  13. mneylon

    Blog Aggregator Script ?

    Can anyone recommend a blog aggregator script? I've used Planet Feed Reader in the past, but it's a pain to add new sites to, as you have to manually ssh in, add in the details etc., The only one I'd found with a frontend broke when I upgraded to php5 (yes - that was a couple of years ago!)
  14. mneylon

    Rise in requests for discounts?

    I've noticed a sudden increase in customers practically demanding discounts since December. Has anyone else seen this?
  15. morand13

    buying & selling .com names

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone here buy and sells .com names on Sedo and uses parking and affiliates? From my research it seems u can't really set up a .ie site easily - for example u can't buy and sell .ie names for a profit. u have to have a reason to set up a .ie name. However it does seem...
  16. J

    Client suing...

    Hi guys, First off, I'm nearly 17 and I do a few freelance jobs on the side to get some money in to keep me going. Last November I was approached by someone off twitter to design around 9 websites for their companies. I gladly agreed and finished one in late December. Throughout the course of...
  17. W

    Site review wanted

    Hi all, I am looking for some feedback on my site which is a wedding planning and information site for weddings in ireland it is live about a month, site is not fully finished as am adding content still and forums are not running yet as still tweaking this part as well as...
  18. E

    TradeDoubler Ireland | Affiliate Programme

    Hi All, TradeDoubler Ireland launch the Number 1 phenomenon everyone is talking about -'s revolutionary auction concept is taking Ireland by storm! It's the brand new phenomenon everyone is talking about where new products such as Nintendo Wiis, iPods, laptops, digital...
  19. B

    Failed attempts??

    Hi guys, Im new to this web dev/adsense stuff and am currently in the failed attempts stage :D Im wondering how many attempts (if any) did you have before you got the balance right and started seeing some cash coming in? Also some info on your failed attempts and the lessons you learned from...
  20. A

    What do you see the web becoming in 10 or 20 years?

    Hi all, I’ve a few ideas where I think the web is heading in the next ten or twenty years. But am wondering what you guys are thinking on this one as am sure everyone here is wondering about the next big thing! Like everyone here I’ve been watching things as they unfold this past number of...
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