1. S

    Conflicting opinions about my website,

    Hi Everyone, I would really appreciate impartial opinions on my website: I know very little about computers in general so I have to depend on others to make decisions for me where my website is concerned. My site was given a makeover some months ago and I was told by the person...
  2. P

    My new website has gone live last month but where am I?

    I have recently got my website developed and launched. The sitemap was submitted to google webmasters and my site appears to be indexed. However I do not appear on any page of even when I search for the page title of some of my products. What would be the best steps to take when...
  3. mneylon

    Converting Photo Negatives to Digital Services?

    Does anyone know of any economical services that can convert 35mm negatives to digital? I can scan in the photos, but in many cases they're scratched or otherwise damaged, so the end result isn't going to be exactly stellar.. If there was a relatively cheap / economical service that could...
  4. G

    creating qr codes in gif format (or other than png)

    I am a bit new to this but my idea is to print a qr picture onto my bochure.However although I successfully downloaded one onto my PC it only came in a png format and when I converted it to gif it didn't (as you might expect) work on my smartphone. I only ask because the publishing program I...
  5. M

    Paypal Micropayments

    Has anyone ever used this? Seems to be an option where you can set your account up to be charged fees of 5% + €0.05, instead of the standard 3.4% + €0.35. Which works out cheaper for anything below €18.75. Applies to all transactions on your account, but useful if you have a large volume of low...
  6. ShaneDevaneNET

    Free link checker, site analyzer and seo tool (beta) - looking for testers! please

    Hi everyone, excuse the spammy title! I've been working on a side project for the past few months, called Link-Check Link Checker | Website Spider and SEO Tool | Link-Check | ( It's a free tool that will crawl your website and convert it to a .xls excel...
  7. B

    Help required!

    Hi There, New here and I must say this site is a fantastic resource! I just built a website template in CSS for the first time and am looking for help and advise on what to do next. I want the site to be in wordpress and have created a wordpress account. How do I transfer the CSS template I...
  8. C

    CSS Minifier and personal blog

    Hi guys, It's been a while since my last post here. Just wanted to announce two new websites, one is a CSS Minifier and one is my redeveloped/redesigned blog. You can find the CSS Minifier at CSS Minify . It has a nice and clean design (I think) and it's kept simple as it's only purpose is to...
  9. S

    How to measure phone enquiries on your Website

    Hello. I am interested in tracking phone calls from my website that begin as organic searches. Same for PPC. In other-words, I want to know what keyword search ends queries convert to phone enquiries on my site that ends up in a phonecall to my office. I've come across companies in US and...
  10. L

    Welcoming the Google and Blacknight Get Irish Businesses Online (GIBO) Initiative

    I think that this will be really good for the Irish economy but especially for the Irish Web Design and Development community. The aim is to get some 40% of Irish businesses (25k) online in the next 12 months with their own website, adwords, domain and hosting...(well you've read the Press...
  11. mneylon

    Affiliate Datafeeds > RSS

    Might be useful for some people: Convert Affiliate Datafeeds to RSS Feeds NB: As it's RSS the number of items is very limited
  12. M

    PPC is dead. Blimp ads are where it's at

    Seriously, blimp ads are the future, and I for one can't wait Google Blimp Ads - The next great advertising format arrives this May
  13. Zascar

    Facebook account & fanpage problem. Does anyone know the answer to this?

    Hey guys, I have a new website which I want plan to use facebook as part of the promotion. I created an account - but stupidly I created a normal (persons) account - and I got a username for it The thing is that really I want that username for the fanpage - cause its...
  14. mneylon

    Facebook Places + Facebook Pages

    Hopefully someone on here will know the answer to this :) If you create a "place" on Facebook's places it ends up with a name attached to it. You can claim it: But this will create a new page .. surely (I hope!) there is some way to link an existing page to a location / place? Or...
  15. M

    AdWords - Location Targetting

    Hi there, I will soon be managing an AdWords campaign for a new business. They only want the ads displayed in Wicklow and not Dublin. Now I know you can specify which counties you want targeted at the campaign level but how effective is it? My concern is that because the counties are...
  16. B

    Google - Analytics / 4 websites but need different credit card details

    I have 4 websites - All are on my one gmail e-mail address. So 4 websites within my analytics panel. here's the thing - I only have one adwords account? Is this right because I need to have different credit card details for each website... *Also same applies to Adsence. (need 4 credit card...
  17. EdenWeb


    I have a CMS running on a Blacknight shared hosting environment with a gallery component that requires ImageMagicK. At the moment, all my thumbnails in the gallery are appearing as broken links and it's not a path issue. I've been in touch with the BK support who got back rightaway suggesting...
  18. mneylon

    Save Iptables Rules and Load on Boot?

    I've a few rules in iptables that I need to set on boot eg. blocking certain IP ranges entirely What's the sanest way of doing this? (Servers are running Debian or Ubuntu)
  19. WhitePhantom

    Using FP 2003 to maintain a website

    Hi, I've been asked to provide training to someone who wants to use FP 2003 to maintain her website. I'm completely familiar with DW, but FP is a different story (I'm hoping to convert her, but I think she already has FP). I've been playing around briefly with a copy of it, and I have two...
  20. D

    Automated SERP monitoring

    I'm looking for recommendations for tools that will automate Google SERP monitoring for several websites my company owns. The ideal solution would allow me to generate monthly stats based on the rankings, and export these into Excel.
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