1. S

    iQ Boot Camp 2009: 9th - 11th June, Dublin

    The line up: 23 workshops over 3 days (including 9 NEW courses) Future Now seminar Aprés Boot networking event Registration fees are 10% lower than 2008. And if you book before May 20, you'll get an Early Bird discount of up to 20%. More on the iQ Content website. This year's...
  2. B

    "seamless" video insertion

    Anyone done this - the "seamless" video insertion into a page design? About Barkers Recruitment Advertising ? Video Whats the process? I've seen others where the "sales person" walks onto the screen and starts their pitch....
  3. E

    Social networking

    Hey, does anybody have any tips on how to effectively use social networks such as twitter, facebook etc. There are many posts about the internet about how it is usefull but not many about how to actually use them to your business' advantage. Cheers, Stuart
  4. K

    add a cdrom to a website

    hi i have a cdrom a client wants to upload to his site the files are .ifo, .bup .vob - any help would be great thansks
  5. G

    How to show actual html in a php page

    Hi all, I've got a quick question regarding php (newbie) I'm using htmlspecialchar to convet html characters into their entities for storage in the DB, how ever I want the returned text to actually show the html. I'm still at a learning stage so I've hand coded the following into the DB...
  6. Fintan

    New H365 Packages

    Seems pretty sweet to me and seems to be well placed. I'm also very impressed with the new 100% uptime guarantee on their new cluster, which given how cheap the hosting is, makes it a very compelling option. Our Uptime Guarantee | Register365
  7. J

    Use of video on websites

    Hello all, First off my apologies if i'm posting in the wrong area (i couldn't see a more appropriate location) I am responsible for a corporate website. We are looking at using video on our site. Mainly for communication purposes at varying levels it may be the Chief Executive or could be...
  8. L

    What forms of marketing do you use?

    As a webmaster, what kind of business do you have and what forms of marketing do you use or have you used?
  9. W

    SEO Plan Of Attack - Maybe a Forum Project

    I have a client with a good internet business based within the lingerie and fashion sector. They rank number one for the term "erotic lingerie" "male lingerie" and a few other generic lingerie phrases. However my client wishes to rank well for the keyword "Lingerie" What is the best plan of...
  10. euroweeklynews

    Changing URL to Search Engine Friendly URL in OpenX

    Hi, I´m new to this forum and OpenX so forgive me if this question has been asked before. I searched a bit and couldn´t find the answer. I wish to convert news items with URLs from ID-based names to english-based name such as a title. If you´re familiar with Joomla and other CMS, they have a...

    I took the plunge and bought vbulletin

    I just took the plunge and bought a vb license. I also bought project tools and the blog feature while I was at it for the craic while I was at it. I saved a few quid also I think, the currently option is weird. The wanted $300 for the lot ( €240 ish) or you can select to pay in pounds which...
  12. T

    Does nobody search??

    Hi guys, Does nobody search google in Ireland at the weekend or something? Is it very quiet at weekends or am I spacing out?
  13. andywozhere

    How are you doing on Tradedoubler?

    In the 239 clicks (and many thousand impressions) that tradedoubler affiliate programmes have received from my site, I've received a grand total of 6.50 Euros (less than 3 cents a click). I'll be trying to give tradedoubler affiliates one last try over the next month or so, but so far it seems a...
  14. J

    How to get FlowPlayer file to display on my site

    Hi all, I was given a wmv file to display on our website, but have converted it to flv instead using Riva FLV Encoder to make it more widely accessible. The FLV file plays fine, so the conversion seems to have worked ok, but I'm having a problem getting it to play on the site. It'll display...
  15. gav240z

    Emails Not Getting Past Spam Filters

    Hi Everyone, One of my community sites is on a relatively new domain Vintage JDM | Classic Japanese Cars & Nostalgic Owners Club I get lots of members signing up but so far little activity on the site (to be honest I've not had much time / energy to put into it lately) but I think part of the...
  16. musicformedia

    Best way to upload large files to server?

    Hi guys, I'm looking to upload 100 gigs or more of stuff to my server...however...obviously its taking a long time. Now I have 24mg bb with a 1:1 contention ratio, so there is a good upload and download speed. However, I'm using filezilla ftp to try and upload, and its timing out and having to...
  17. W

    Proven ways to get PR up for new site?

    Not offerring any, looking for some. I just launched - see sig for linky, forum won't let me post link because I'm a noob! Anyone that runs a website is familliar with the 1000s of emails per day you get advertising directory listing/blasting services etc... I'm wondering...
  18. E

    New Affiliate Programmes - and

    Hi All, and are buffed and ready to convert sales! offers access to hotels in 126 countries Worldwide for online bookings up to 365 days in advance. is a last minute accommodation specialist with up to 70% off standard hotel rates. Both...
  19. musicformedia

    Convert .swf file?

    Hi guys, I need to convert a .swf file to .fla so I can add it to my video player on my site. Is the only way to convert a .swf file to .fla by using Adobe? Because I don't have Adobe...:( None of the free online convertors or ones you can download work at all...they're all fairly rubbish
  20. G

    G warning on Url rewrite

    Google Says Don't Rewrite Dynamic URLs Moral of the story seems to be - " We see too many examples of webmasters shooting themselves in the foot by installing some so-called "SEF/SEO-Module" on their site, which makes algorithimcally understanding a website close to impossible. If we are to...
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