1. S

    Php online page viewer counter

    PHP (hypertext pre processor) has changed the way of web development.Now-a-days we can develop web applications easily by PHP.It has made web developing easier.Now i am presenting an page counter made by php.Sometime in our website we want to see that how many times our webpage is viewed.So this...
  2. T

    Receiving Traffic from

    Here's a demo how I get number #1 results from Google for any keyword in 3 minutes. My question: Does the site really help with SEO? I'm sure this is awesome for affiliate marketing so that nobody knows where the traffic comes from or...
  3. mneylon

    Hailo Launched in Cork

    I love this service - hopefully they'll expand to more locations worldwide Hailo Expands Coverage To Cork
  4. L

    What are the best Web Visitor Analysis tools out there?

    Google Analytics is rough, out-dated and rapidly becoming obsolete. I've heard of many better analytics tools out there but you have to invest a lot of time in them before you know if they're limiting you or helping you expand! I would love to hear ideas about better analytics tracking software...
  5. F

    want to get .ie domain

    Hi, Just looking for some info, peoples experience etc. I have a site Calorie Healthy Free Calorie Counter and Diet Planner where i offer a free calorie planner/ fitness planner and plenty of other tools embeded. it does not make revenue, in fact cost. I did not really create the site to...
  6. F

    review website

    Hi All, I was wondering can you review my site, i know their is a lot of work to be done, so i am looking forward to your help. Kindest Regards Fergal.Calorie Healthy Free Calorie Counter and Diet Planner
  7. L

    What do people think about the NNI / Linkgate

    The NNI have come out with some ludicrous stuff. The first I read about it was here McGarr Solicitors ? Dublin Solicitors Ireland | 2012: The year Irish newspapers tried to destroy the web - McGarr Solicitors - Dublin Solicitors Ireland and they followed up here McGarr Solicitors ? Dublin...
  8. K

    Seo strategy for Online shop

    Hi, looking for some advice about frist few steps in SEO for this kind of sites. I have my online shop from last 3 months , try to find something about SEO but as you it will take time to build some knowledge in this field. At the moment I adding site to directories , have a blog, and I am on...
  9. jakobia

    Someone who got some Vouchers for the exams?

    Vouchers for the exams at the google testcenter, can somebody send me please?
  10. J

    Using Forums - Survey

    Hi all, I am currently undertaking some research on Forums (Marketing MSc at LyIT). I have a really short survey; it would be fantastic if you can contribute to it. It will take 3 minutes max and is completely confidential. Thanks in advance, Jenny
  11. K

    How important is an IP address in terms of SEO / organic ranking?

    We have this open query on this moroccan website remodel. Moroccan web hosting companies are not the easiest to deal with. The service is low quality. So the client is requesting to change the hosting to another provider But if outside of Morocco we shall lose our Morocco IP address. How bad...
  12. mneylon

    Vudu In Ireland?

    Has anyone managed to get Vudu working in Ireland?
  13. overworked100

    Google says: Irish online pharmacies are BANNED from targeting the Irish market

    Hi guys, I'm a website manager for an Irish chain of pharmacies. I have just learned that Irish pharmacies are now BANNED from advertising online in Ireland on Google adwords. Has anybody any further information on this? This new policy applies to both Ireland and Poland. To be clear, the...
  14. D

    My client won't pay - should I get a lawyer that specializes in Internet issues?

    Hi there, my name is Martin from Germany and I did a website for a client in Ireland. I have a signed contract that outlines everything but the client (a very small family owned bed and breakfast business) did not want to pay the full amount. They abandoned me and finished the site with somebody...
  15. S

    Help finding shared hosting with MySql 5.3

    Hi all, I'm installing a few Moodle 2.2 sites for schools (so low budget etc.). Moodle 2.2 needs MySql 5.3 at least and installing any older version is counter-productive. However, I've tried 3 popular hosters (no names in fairness) for Shared Linux hosting, but they only have MySql 5.2.17...
  16. F

    Why Webmaster Culture Is Way Wrong

    As webmasters we spend way too much time thinking and talking about the wrong things. If you've been around the webmaster world for a bit, you've seen tidal waves of webmasters on many different forums struggling to get their online enterprises up and running. These efforts are expressed in a...
  17. T

    Google Keyword Tool Analysis - Huge Anomalies

    Has anyone else experienced huge differences in Keyword results? Example, I searched back in March for a few Terms, found a nice double combo with a good strong Local (Local = Ireland, Lang = Eng etc etc) Monthly of 720. It had a nice even spread across the 12 month range. So we purchased the...
  18. andywozhere

    Twitter Counter Stuck at Zero

    Anyone else having problems with the Twitter counter not counting?
  19. B

    No Follow's

    Hi Guys, Are there any good techniques for postings on blogs that don't have 'no follow' links? I've posted few comments lately & noticed they are no follow's. Any advise as to counter act this...
  20. G

    New website

    I have a new website that I have just launched Would like some feedback if possible thank you GCC Home Business Ideas
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