1. G

    New look, hopefully improved

    Comments please SEO Self-Help: The Ultimate Search Engine Optimization Formula - Home Page
  2. Cypher

    New Site

    Hi updated site to wordpress it has gone off the radar of google for some reason despite numerous SEO plug-ins new site ready to go shortly Any comments welcome Cypher
  3. G

    New SEO Site

    New SEO site launched yesterday I would love some feedback on the site.
  4. S

    new solicitors' website -

    Interested in your feedback. Have tried to optimize it by both location and by areas of practice. Have also tried to give it a more 'friendly' vibe (most solicitor websites are quite austere). Tell me what you think. Thanks!
  5. T

    Please review our fashion website

    We have recently redesigned our website and started an online shop selling mens suits,shirts,ties etc at Tom Murphy's | Mens suits, suit hire, suits, wedding suits | Tom Murphy Suits & Suit Hire Cork and woul love feedback
  6. mneylon

    Adsense Earnings Down?

    Just checking a couple of Adsense accounts I manage and there appears to be a dip in earnings. Is anyone else noticing this?
  7. Forbairt of any value in comment link backs ?

    Just wondering Askimet or however you spell it tends to flag most of the linkbacks as spam. Is there any actual benefit from allowing these linkbacks in your wordpress comments ? Or does it matter ?
  8. U

    How R U finding vs. or

    Hi Everyone, Advertising costs time and money. So here's a thread on the major irish "small ad" services. I've used for the last few months and to promote an e-business I've had more success with the free gumtree ads which are great to use than with though...
  9. beanstalk

    Google Analytics - Recent Pageload Activity Equivalent

    Does anyone know if there's an equivalent to Statcounter's 'recent pageload activity' view in GA? It's the one thing that keeps me from using GA exclusively for analytics - I'm sure it's available somewhere in there but I can't seem to find it! Just in case, the recent pageload activity shows...
  10. E

    The Lord Mayors Show with The London Pass

    Good afternoon, Celebrate the annual election of the new Lord Mayor of London in a three mile parade set to involve 6,000 people, including 1,550 servicemen and women. The Lord Mayor's Show is in its 820th year and the parade will include 202 horses, 24 marching bands and 71 floats...
  11. S

    Site Traffic

    What is the best tool to measure site traffic..? Google analytics or stat counter?
  12. A

    Who uses Linux?

    Hi I have been using various flavours of Linux for a couple of years now; fedora is my current tipple. I wouldn't personally use anything else; not MS and definitely not the Apple flavour of Linux. I'm not an OpenSource evangelist, in fact I use Dreamweaver and Photoshop every day. I worked...
  13. php.allstar

    Webmin, Virtualmin, Custom LAMP stack and SubDomains

    Hi, This is one for any Linux geeks with experience of Webmin. In the day job, apart from our two dedicated servers with Digiweb, we also have a VDS with them and have installed Webmin to manage the server. We have numerous sites which used to be on various shared hosts, now all consolidated...
  14. L

    All my websites Hacked

    I have about 5 websites across various platforms with Hosting 365 and all have been hacked today!!,:mad: first I thought it was just one but now I see its all of them. I've sent support tickets to 365 but haven't received a reply yet so will ring them first thing in the morning. Will it be...
  15. C

    Blacknight VPS - connect remotely to mySQL db ?

    Hi, Just wondering if this is possible, or will i encounter issues with Firewalls etc ? I can change the config of mysql but it's pointless if the Blacknight firewall blocks remote access. Thanks in advance
  16. Anouilh

    Google Analytics

    I like Google Analytics as the Map Overlay gives a clear idea of where visitors come from. However, it does not seem to be praised by this blogger: 3 Reasons Google Analytics Fails for SEO Do many other webmasters here use it?
  17. figment

    Wordpress - Insert code (clear both) between every 2nd post?

    Hi Guys, I am working on this site: Beautiful Email Newsletters There is a problem with some posts dropping down causing gaps on the page. To stop this i am thinking i should insert a DIV with a clear: both; style between every second post. Is this possible and how?
  18. C

    How To Get Members To Post More?

    I own a webmaster forum with about 250 members, but a lot of them are inactive. Does anyone have some suggestions on how to get the existing members to post more? I am currently holding a monthly contest which I hope will help.
  19. gav240z

    Google Analytics Qualification and Training

    Hi Everyone, Thought some of you might be interested in doing the training for Google Analytics training. Here is some background on the course Google Press Center: Press Release Visit Conversion University and learn about Google Analytics before taking the exam Conversion University Help...
  20. U

    link to child safety site

    Hi guys just wondering if any of you will link to - a parents guide to the internet and keep children safe online there are a few small banners on Besafe:: Link to Us and they just say "we support child safety with" I would appreciate any help if you...
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