1. S

    Simpl Performance - New Campaign - Mr Green

    Publishers, It is with great pleasure that I get to announce another new client, Mr Green, have just launched a brand new campaign with Simpl Performance. This is the third online gaming client to have joined Simpl and we are extremely proud as they have an extremely impressive pedigree...
  2. S

    Simpl Performance - Carlton Hotels - Mid-Week Offer - Shearwater Hotel & Spa 18.02.14

    Publishers, Carlton Hotels are keeping up their habit of releasing a new offer every week, this time with a very interesting Mid-week offer for one of its flagship hotels – Carlton Shearwater Hotel & Spa. We know that getting away Mid-week is never easy but Carlton Hotels have done their part...
  3. PaddyBloggit

    School Website ~ A victim of our own success ~ need urgent advice

    We have shared hosting with Let's Host. The site has gotten very slow ever since we were moved to a 'newer server'. Having spoken to Let's Host, they now say we need to move to a VPS server as our site is using so many resources, not only is it slowing down our own sites, it's also slowing...
  4. R

    VPS hosting ireland

    Hi all, I know very little about hosting but recently got a large investment into an Irish website project and we require to setup a media server like red5 for a cam chat. For this I researched I need a VPS or better. The problem is that I have no idea where to go for it or how it works, let...
  5. S

    Simpl Performance

    Dear publishers, I would like to announce that a New Performance Based Network has now been launched in Ireland - Simpl Performance (Simpl). Simpl are based in Dublin and are the only Affiliate Network with a local presence in Ireland. We will be taking a proactive & flexible approach to...
  6. S

    php file issue

    Hi guys quick q - Im looking to download files that are located outside the web root. During the upload process the users upload to a folder that was outside the root of the site (for security reasons). I now want to do the reverse for the admin users to download the files I have tried the...
  7. N

    Moving clients to new hosting

    Over the past number of weeks I've had real problems with my Cloud hosting constantly going down and getting the ears bashed off me by customers who can't get email or view there sites. I'm now considering setting clients up on there own individual Sheared hosting accounts as the server end of...
  8. F

    O2 IE Programme - CPA Increase and Christmas Offers

    Xmas Offer on O2 Ireland O2 IE is able to offer double CPAs until the 10th December on the following events: Speakeasy (Top Up) FTC: 20€ Speakeasy Upgrade: 20€ Free SIM: 2€ This offer is a fantastic opportunity for you to improve your commissions on the O2 IE programme as the brand...
  9. O

    Shell access/cpanel/ Letshost

    I have two queries: 1. I have about 7 x websites all hosted by Letshost. 6 of them use cpanel but to my surprise when I added a new website recently letshost gave me parallel plesk instead. Apparently to get cpanel you now have to pay extra above the original cost of hosting. When did this...
  10. M

    Are there any risks of not upgrading phpMyAdmin?

    I've just looked in my cPanel for one of my servers and noticed that there's a new version of phpMyAdmin. Now, my server administrator is away and I'm not sure if there's a risk in leaving it as it currently is.. (AKA not upgrading phpMyAdmin) All that I wish to know is.. Is there a security...
  11. F

    Downgrading PHP 5.3 to 5.2

    Hi, I need to downgrade PHP 5.3 to 5.2 on my VPS as it is not compatible with the main website on the VPS. I am happy going into cPanel and working on low level stuff. Any help would be appreciated. Fergus
  12. S

    Charity Based Auction - need pubs

    Hi, I am consulting for a charity based auction site - I am looking for some pubs to help drive some traffic and I am pretty open to discussing a cpa. If you have had success with penny auctions in the past you should do pretty well with this since it is new and has a few...
  13. dreamweaver

    internet marketing course

    Hi all I am loking for info on an online internet marketing course and wonder would someone reccomend one, I see the internet business mastery has one for 67 dollars a month but wondering if anyone has completed it or would reccomend a better one, many thanks
  14. T

    Butlers Bingo- Affiliate Programme

    Hey Folks, My name is Simon and I am the affiliate programme for a relatively new Bingo site Play Online Bingo | Casino Games. We primarily advertise in the UK and are looking to increase the exposure in Ireland. It could be a great opportunity for those with gaming traffic or those with a...
  15. S - The new way to trade on odds, Affiliates welcome!

    What is Oddsfutures allows its users to “bet on the betting” and not on the outcome of sporting events, to profit from predicting the market instead of winners. On, users profit by correctly predicting the direction of horse odds. It’s the ideal way for...
  16. J

    How can I move a suspended website to a new host without access to cpanel?

    My website was suspened yesterday with no reason given. I sent support ticket at 4.36pm Wednesday and still no reply now at 12.15pm Thursday. I tried phoning, no reply. I emailed support, no reply. So how can I move domain to a new host without access to cpanel? I've explained the problem to my...
  17. S


    Hi, I'm looking to set up a live support on my website. Was just wondering does anyone know of any such service that includes an option to send the request to an android app? Would preferably like one on cpanel & free if possible!
  18. S

    VPS or dedicated????

    Currently only have a VPS in Ireland for clients, which def cant hold anymore. Would I be better with a dedicated solutions for Ecommerce sites, or more VPS (1 per client - expensive)
  19. M

    Anyone tried out Leadbolt - please share your feedback

    So, I've just discovered Leadbolt a couple of weeks ago and I'm still deciding on whether to use it or not for some of my websites.. Anyone earned any good money from it?
  20. A

    Introducing new Irish affiliation platform - Competitive CPA offered!

    Dear all, We are pleased to announce the launch of a new Irish affiliate platform, MySurvey Affiliates!(property of Lightspeed Research (WPP/Kantar)). In order to deliver data to our clients, Lightspeed Research is recruiting members for our leading MySurvey panel...
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