1. F

    logo design for weebly - please review-

    I have recently launched a custom logo design service for Weebly users. We will be designing one off logos at very competitive prices. What I would to be reviewed is the overall look of the website and any tips or advice is welcome. For those who dont know weebly is a website builder based...
  2. Z

    Anyone used them before, any advice experience? There prices seem quite cheap and the only review I could find on them was €15 + vat for 4GB RAM 60GB Disk 2.1GHx x1 (single core) 1000GB Bandwidth Looking for a VPS to stream audio for...
  3. R

    Please review my website

    What do You think?
  4. mikeem - new event guide for Dublin Yeah, I know. Another event guide! Buuuut we think we got the mix right after looking at the alternatives out there. We felt that answering the question 'What's on this weekend in Dublin' is harder than it should be so we came up with What makes us different from...
  5. G

    Please review my website

    Hi, I developed a game site based on Joomla platform. My purpose was to build a site that simple and easy to use, not bloated like many game sites I know. It should be clear from the first second you enter, that this is a game site. I would like to hear what you think about it. Do you like the...
  6. P

    Bing Search page

    Hi all, first post here, does anybody know when the new Bing search design will be rolled out in Ireland?
  7. W

    Website for Cake Creator

    Hi Guys, I launched my new website last Thursday (September 12th) - Cupcakes by Ciara ? Wicklow Cakes, Cupcakes and Cake Pops. Would love your feedback. Thanks in advance.
  8. mneylon

    Good Examples of Instagram?

    Does anyone have any good examples of businesses using Instagram as part of their social media marketing mix? Most of the ones I come across are for fashion and other industries with physical goods..
  9. T

    Unusual Traffic in Analytics

    For the last number of days I've been seeing a lot of traffic to my website from certain locations in US, which I thought was unusual. Further investigation reveals the traffic is from and the bounce rate is 100% for all this traffic. So it looks a bit weird and something I should...
  10. E

    How do I build an eCommerce site on dreameaver?

    Hello Everyone, this is my first post. I' currently attempting to build my own online shop using dreamweaver cs5.5. I have recently built a simple website just displaying products and services etc. I'm just wondering what else do I do for the ecommerce website? Even a point in the right...
  11. E

    My Website Redesigned

    Hi, I was wondering what you guys thought of my updated portfolio? Any ideas/suggestions welcome?:) Thanks Sean
  12. Ciprian

    What's the average wage for a web developer in Cork and Dublin?

    What's the average wage for a web developer in Cork and Dublin? I am looking for relocation, and I chose these two locations. I do web development, PHP/MySQL/jQuery/HTML5.
  13. M

    general-interest website for women

    Hi, I would like to ask you guys here to take a look at my website: - For real Irish women | It's a general-interest website for Irish women. All opinions/suggestions are welcomed. Thanks a lot :)
  14. A

    Wordpress site

    Hi all, its my first post here, so be nice to me :) I have a website called Videography for Weddings | Professional Wedding Videos, Tipperary and would love some feed back regarding it, I add blogs to it when i can but they don't seem to be moving up in Google land as they should, but anyway...
  15. O

    What is involved in updating a Magento site

    Hi Guys, We have been asked to re design a Magento site. As far as I can see the client uses Magento for both the ecommerce and CMS. Before to quote them I would like to figure out what is involved, is it an HTML with tags to be added on areas coming from the CMS or is the CMS in Magento...
  16. J

    teaching web design

    i'm going to be teaching a course in web design. i need to start the students with photoshop, then move onto html / css is there any good set of tutorials that could help me take my students from photoshop basics right the way through to designing and coding their website. I've looked at...
  17. B

    Website Review

    Hello all, Just wondering if anybody has any feedback for my new website Look forward to hearing from you!
  18. S

    Conflicting opinions about my website,

    Hi Everyone, I would really appreciate impartial opinions on my website: I know very little about computers in general so I have to depend on others to make decisions for me where my website is concerned. My site was given a makeover some months ago and I was told by the person...
  19. DanielPaul

    An educational website for secondary school students -

    I am a 6th year student gifted in computer skills & programming. I developed, an educational website for secondary school students. During my last summer holidays I invested my time in building this educational website where revison notes, course related videos and other useful...
  20. Ciprian

    [WordPress Plugin] ImagePress

    Hey guys, I've just finished my next WordPress plugin, and I want to give it a spin. ImagePress is a multi-purpose fully-featured and WordPress-integrated image gallery plugin. ImagePress can be installed on any WordPress site. The plugin has a nice demo here - ImagePress » getButterfly -...
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