1. bejo

    Shopping Cart for courses

    Hi all, My first post so hello! I have one or two websites that I use to advertise or promote my own business. One is which gives information on courses in outdoors. These range in prices from 10 euros to a few hundred euros. I would like to offer a facility where people can book...
  2. martha

    Business Online Learning

    First and foremost, thank you for this possibility! I am trying to set up my Website called Business Online Learning Quick And Easy Management Skills My products will be Business Learning Videos and Ebooks. At the present time I am trying to tidy up the site and re-design it, so any...
  3. G

    Hiii :)

    Hi everybody! I'm new to this web design and SEO thing and found this forum with actually very helpful people. I'm glad I got referred here and happy to be on board :D
  4. M

    Compare travel

    Hi I've launched the following site: Compare Holidays in Ireland | Compare Travel | Holiday Comparison Site All advice appreciated! thanks Magenta
  5. D

    Gaa county colours needed

    I tried to post this in the graphic design forum but everytime I entered that forum I was logged out??? I'm looking to create a nice dropdown which lets a user select their county. I'd like to use the GAA county colours. I've discovered this GAA page County Colours | About County | Provinces &...
  6. J

    Review and Critique for

    Hi, Give us some ideas or suggestions on how to modify the structure, design or how to promote our free movies online website: Best Regards, Julia
  7. O

    How to create a copy of a site for a different market / country

    Hi, We have a client located in Ireland that has recently opened a new branch in the UK in London. We have just redonne their site for the Irish market on an established domain and this is working fine but they would like a dedicated site for the UK on a domain name. The domain is the...
  8. A

    Seo help

    I know the value of seo. i wanna know what should i do to take a site on goole 1st page. how much submission and where is needed for it.
  9. Z

    Coded in Ireland - a movement to encourage local outsourcing of IT

    Hi Myself and a friend started a web design business in january. We're doing ok but have been surprised at the willingness of businesses to outsource their web design/mobile apps overseas. Its a strange phenomenon since we're always encouraged to support the local economy. We buy local, a lot of...
  10. Z

    feedback wanted on portfolio site

    Myself and a freid have set up a new web & mobile design & development business. Looking for feedback on our portfolio site. We tried to do something a little bit different
  11. irelandwebsitedesign

    Surf Tech Design

    Surf Tech Design is a brand new Web Design and IT company providing services to the Global Surf Industry. Surf Tech Design has been set up by Nick Butler from Tramore, Co Waterford.
  12. D

    Need advice on my first step

    Hi everyone, I'm currently studying digital media at the Digital Hub. It covers User Centred Design, Digital Marketing, Graphics and Content Managements Systems and Copywriting. I've got a placement coming up shortly, where we'll be working with a company to develop a project for them...
  13. M

    How to improve google ranking

    Hi, What is the best way to improve on google ranking. Thanks, Mike
  14. K

    Guys... how do you explain this??

    Just something I just found out: The most sold Irish Whiskey is .... French?! Heineken would have been even worse but common... how do you explain that?? :culpability: :suspicion: :disturbed: :grief:
  15. N

    Which are the best SEO Company in london for natural seo?

    Hi everybody, if you need long term results, with quality seo rather than instant traffic or visibility. i think one company which i know , where clients are very happy with the results even after the latest Google 2012 updates like panda, penguin is seo guys. Seo guys are experts in...
  16. Darren Meehan

    Gaming site review

    Its on old site I worked on a few years ago when I was learning the art of web design. I pretty much abandoned it sadly, but it gets 200 -300 visitors a day without any work. I'm going to spend a few hours a week, as well as the odd day working on it in the hopes of building an extra income...
  17. W

    Complete Noob..need help!

    Folk, I signed up with register365 and started my own ecommerce site about 7 weeks ago, since then the business has grown. I have had numerous problems in that time with people not being able to register and the site going down. This has obviously not helped the business and I am looking to jazz...
  18. T

    Introduction Tanks Ireland

    Hi, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself, Tanks Ireland is a new business based in County Sligo, Ireland, providing specialist storage tank advice, expertise, sales and consultancy services, to consumers across the Republic of Ireland. Our expertise is...
  19. P

    Review my open source project

    Hello, I'm Andy from Germany. I created a PHP MySQL Forum with social network functions called phpBoard: - Free PHP Forum Now I would like to know your opinion about my Design and the Script. I made also an english version of the forum and you can take a look at the Demo. I look...
  20. J

    Using Forums - Survey

    Hi all, I am currently undertaking some research on Forums (Marketing MSc at LyIT). I have a really short survey; it would be fantastic if you can contribute to it. It will take 3 minutes max and is completely confidential. Thanks in advance, Jenny
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