1. Cormac

    Feedback wanted - relaunch and rebranding of car hire site

    Hey guys, I'm looking for feedback on the recently relaunched and rebranded Nova Car Hire site. We have spent the last few months developing a brand new site and last Wednesday we finally put the site live! I have attached a screenshot of the previous design just to show the difference between...
  2. T

    First Surfboards

    New website Hello, New website - First Surfboards Ireland - Home - would be happy to reciprocate and offer help to anybody interested in surfboards. Thanks
  3. B

    Not sure if I need a domain name yet

    Hi - I am currenlty developing a new site for a non-profit organisation, it's based on Wordpress for content management. Their existing site is static and way out of date. I'd like to publish interim versions of the new site on the Internet so they can review it online and also allow them to...
  4. G

    Appropriate salary for a junior marketing executive

    Hi all, I just wanted to ask if anyone had any opinion on what's a reasonable salary for a junior marketing executive in Dublin. I'm in a bit of a hybrid role right now in an SME that involves web administration, graphic design and marketing (mostly online) and I think the role deserves a higher...
  5. essjay

    Sending Newsletters, Who is Responsible?

    Quick question for the masses..... I send email newsletters of behalf of a client. They supply me the subscriber list, I build the newsletter and click send. I have questioned the validity of the list many times but have been told it's all above board. So if someone reported the emails as...
  6. mneylon

    Google Analytics Mobile App?

    I know there are several Google Analytics apps for iPhone, but I've no idea which ones are any good :) (And a lot of them are paid) What do other people use? Looking for something that can handle plenty of profiles sanely :)
  7. M

    Web design for beginners.

    Hi, I would like to get into website design as a hobby. Which is the best and easiest software to use for a beginner Dreamweaver, frontpage etc And would they be compatible with Wordpress?
  8. Y

    New Festivals Website

    Hi Folks, I've recently launched a new website - - Festivals in Ireland, UK and Europe - as this is my first ever attempt at launching a site I'm keen for some independent feedback. Friends tell me "it's pretty good" but that's not exactly a rigorous analysis, so I'm hoping those...
  9. L

    Design for Colour blind people

    I know that most designers hate limits on design - and I respect that - but the web can be really difficult if you're colour blind (e.g. click on the green button - well, I don't really see green) This is a great site - I'm surprised (if) I haven't shared it before Vischeck: Examples I have...
  10. S

    Simple web gallery - thumnail to larger image preview

    Hi All, I'm looking for a simple image script to show thumnails under a larger image preview window - like here: Interior Design and Architecture Consultancy based in Dublin - Hospitality Expertise Nore: there would be multiple galleriies on the samke page Any help would be appreciated!
  11. DecKen is a new fundraising website in aid of the National Council for the Blind of Ireland. For just €20 you can enter a draw for flights, accomodation and match day tickets to Irelands Euro 2012 group games. Could you please take a look at the site and let me know if you have any...
  12. A

    Project work for designers and developers

    While working as a part-time copywriter, I've been able to deal with the technical aspects of web work relatively easily in the past, by learning about SEO etc. Now however I am going full-time and as content is moving rapidly from web to Facebook, infographics, apps and video etc, I'm finding...
  13. T

    Website review -

    Hello to All! Please review dating site: - Free Dating in Ireland and Northern Ireland - Members Dating in Ireland
  14. P

    Mac Vs Windows Laptop

    Hi Guys The dilema hits. After 5 years of loyality from my dell vostro 1500 it looks like it's time for a change. Constant over heating and after many attempts to solve the issue I am thinking of a investment. I was in the apple store the other day in Dublin City and a Macbook pro caught my...
  15. B

    Web Design & Development Costs

    Anyone care to estimate what it might cost to do a site similar to this:
  16. W

    Just launched our new design for Ireland's Wedding Website

    Hi, Just to let you know thant we have redesigned our wedding website , it is broken down in to few main areas wedding suppliers directory , wedding forums where brides and grooms to be will be able to take part in wedding discussions and wedding chat, about their upcoming...
  17. D

    My client won't pay - should I get a lawyer that specializes in Internet issues?

    Hi there, my name is Martin from Germany and I did a website for a client in Ireland. I have a signed contract that outlines everything but the client (a very small family owned bed and breakfast business) did not want to pay the full amount. They abandoned me and finished the site with somebody...
  18. R

    Wordpress Blog - help

    Hi Everyone, I have developed a website for a client, Its a 4 page website at the moment! The client now wants a blog to be added to the site. Is wordpress the way to go? I would like to keep the site i have created and just add and additional blog to it.. The client just wants a simple blog...
  19. B

    The new facebook timeline for business FANTASTIC!!!!!!!

    Official training course video from facebook. This is a must watch for anyone using facebook for business and a great source of information about the new timeline Facebook Pages
  20. A

    Hi, A month ago I launched a new website - Electronic Cigarettes, eCigs, Smokeless Cigarettes - EZ | Electronic Cigarettes Ireland for the sale of electronic cigarettes and accessories. Site is built using OS Commerce 2.2 from a template I had on file, that was easy to use for this...
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