1. N

    Online project management tool

    Hello, my name is Nick. I'm the co-founder of the online project management tool called Casual. ( Casual is a project management tool that lets you organize tasks & ideas the way they look in your mind. You plan and execute your activities as visual workflows. This way of...
  2. W

    .ie Domain for content / review based website with adsense - What category?

    Hello, I have an information / review based .com site making a very small amount of money from adsense / affiliate links. I would like to set up 2/3 similar format sites but with each one covering very different areas with .ie domains. Should I register a business name before...
  3. W

    Hosting a .ie domain on my Bluehost account vs Irish hosting service?

    Hello, I have a .com domain hosted on bluehost and want to set up a different .ie site and host it on Bluehost also. I've seen a couple of threads suggesting that google will rank a local / .ie site higher if it is hosted on local severs. This doesn't seem like it should be correct procedure...
  4. J

    HTML email training

    HTML email is the use of a subset of HTML to provide formatting and semantic markup capabilities in email that are not available with plain text. Most email consumers support HTML email, many of these people include an editor for composing HTML emails and a rendering engine for displaying...
  5. DanielPaul - Junior & Leaving Cert. Revision website

    Hi everyone! I run this website called which provides free revision notes, sample answers, essays, videos and other helpful resources for junior and leaving certificate students. All the content are shared by teachers and some by students. Everything is totally free to access. I...
  6. S

    WMML translation issue

    Hi any you guys uses the wpml plugin for wordpress. Im using it on on a site however I cannot get it to translate the wp_title() function. All pages work fine except the homepage which uses the file index.php. I am aware I can make static pages homepage but is there another option i can use...
  7. C

    Happy New Year 2014

    Hello, Another year of victory and pleasure has passed. Happy new year,2014. With every new year, comes better challenges and obstacles in time. May you have a great year and a magnificent time forward. God bless you.
  8. mneylon

    Good Examples of Instagram?

    Does anyone have any good examples of businesses using Instagram as part of their social media marketing mix? Most of the ones I come across are for fashion and other industries with physical goods..
  9. DanielPaul

    An educational website for secondary school students -

    I am a 6th year student gifted in computer skills & programming. I developed, an educational website for secondary school students. During my last summer holidays I invested my time in building this educational website where revison notes, course related videos and other useful...
  10. W

    Educational portal

    Hello everyone! Could you please review our website: How to Create a Website - Free Lessons From Webmaster University - is a free educational resource for people and organizations who want to learn how to create and manage their own websites. Any suggestions about design or content...
  11. I

    Website Review Request

    Hello Everyone, I have a Gaeilge teaching website at Irish Education Center - Home which is geared more for the Irish-American market. I was wondering if any of you have advice on how to market it for the native Irish population? sincerely, David
  12. S

    Paying VAT on foreign hosting

    I have a bit of a problem here. I've been running a few websites over the past while where the customer base is mostly in the US. So for latency and other reasons, I rent out a dedicated server there (reasonably high-end one). Now I'm trying to develop this into a legit. business so I want to...
  13. mneylon

    Two Of The Best Minds in Tech Launch Podcast

    Michele Neylon and Conn Ó Muíneacháin have launched, a weekly podcast focusing on what they know best – the tech industry. The podcast, which has been in the works for some time is collaboration between Neylon who is the founding director of Irish registrar and hosting company...
  14. A

    Please suggest some article directories for Ireland.

    Hi All, Please suggest me some free article directories to submit articles, targeted in Ireland. I am very confused where to submit the articles for Ireland. Thanks in advance.
  15. T

    Language Learning Projects

    Dear all, I'd like to hear your opinion on my several educational projects: 1. Uz-Translations - Foreign language materials for free: dictionaries, textbooks, software, video and audiocourses 2.GreyLib - Books in foreign languages: sci-fi, fantasy, thriller, detective, horror, action...
  16. W

    Open source social networking platform

    Howdo, Im looking for an open source source social networking / cms solution that speficially caters for the following: - profile creation - profile customisation - profile interactivity Ideally, I would like it easily customisable and to be PHP based. Has anyone used any of the following /...
  17. G

    IBA - Daves' Cunning Plan.

    Best Blog from a Journalist Sponsored by RedFly Marketing - could be some great ROI there Dave :-)
  18. F

    Letter of application for a .ie

    I have been asked to re-submit an application to the IEDR for a .ie domain I recently purchased (I don't really want to say what it is). It is an online hotel booking system that I am writing in Ajax/ASP.NET. It is not a commercial site, just a kind of showcase site that I want to have online so...
  19. mneylon

    Do you have a local test environment?

    Just out of curiousity more than anything else... I was just wondering if any of you had a local testing setup before you deployed
  20. mneylon

    PageRank Dead OR Major Update underway?

    Just noticed that I'm not seeing ANY pagerank on sites.. Either they've broken it again or this a big update underway
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