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  1. S

    Email marketing for lists

    First on the checklist for growing your email marketing list is to consider all touch points with your prospects. At each touch point, you should be asking prospects to join your subscription list, subscribe to your service and/or register for a useful resource, like a whitepaper or webinar...
  2. H

    1 Idea To Help You Make More Money With Email

    I just want to throw an idea out there and see if you guys like it or not, it's something I want to "test" before throwing open to everyone... Assuming you've got or building an email list; If I wrote a promotional email sequence for your mailing list using my experience with email...
  3. B

    MailChimp Anyone?

    I've been doing a bit of reasearch into e-mail newsletter software & I came across Email Marketing and Email List Manager | MailChimp They seem to be pretty reasonable in cost & they have some nice templates. Just thought I'd put it out there, also do you have any suggestions... Cheers,
  4. byronyasgur

    newsletter software

    i have a part time project which uses an email list ( currently around 300 ) ... before i used to just send out a basic email with a couple of images in it but the latest one i did in a newsletter style and built a template in thunderbird .. however i got into huge difficulties ( i wont bore you...
  5. mneylon

    Is Your Business On Facebook?

    Since I guess quite a few of you have Facebook fan pages maybe people would like to share them? Feel free to reply with a link to yours and maybe a small description (not spammy please)
  6. SusanGallagher

    Email Subscription Legal Issues

    Is it legal to opt people into an email list when they sign up for a service, as long as you allow them to unsubscribe once they receive the first email? Thanks Susan
  7. mneylon

    Aweber vs Campaign Monitor vs ?

    I'm currently assessing options for handling an email newsletter. I want to use a 3rd party service, but I'm really not sure which one to go for. Campaign Monitor looks like it has all the options and features I need, however they bill based on the number of emails you send, so it could get...
  8. P

    Namesco Ireland Issues?

    So I don't know should I post this here or start a new thread with Namesco Ireland as the title but seen as everything is still to be rebranded I'll begin. I seem to have a constant recurring problem with one of my sites and I've contacted them about it but they keep responding telling me that...
  9. koconnor

    Selling your own online digital product

    Hi all, I wanted to take a moment to share with you something I am planning on doing, and to get feedback from those of you who have time to give it. I have been selling an online ebook + videos combo for about 8 months now to a World market, and have been making some good money from it as a...
  10. P

    acceptable use of email lists

    Yesterday I received an email via an onsite contact form on one of my sites. I replied to the person and I told them I didn't have interest in their product. 6 hours later, I get an email inviting me to one of their web seminars (using my name and email address), when I complained they cited...
  11. P

    Rate Cards, what should I include ?

    Someone last week has asked me for my rate card. And I have a vague idea as what to put in it. But I'm not really sure. Do I just quote say cost per 1000 impressions ? Does anyone have any experience with an idea of a price ? The advertiser who is interested in my site is also in the same area...
  12. D

    Best way to e-mail about 500 people?

    Hello, A little website I run is going through some changes. I want to send a nice once-off e-mail to the 500 people who have registered at the site. What is the easiest way to do this? Also, how do I avoid being seen as junk e-mail? It'll be a text e-mail with one or two URLs in it...
  13. mneylon

    Email Marketing Software / Services

    As this comes up here and elsewhere quite a bit I think it deserves its own sticky. PhpList - Php / MySQL email list management. Read the documentation carefully, as it won't send any mail until you edit one variable DadaMail - Perl email list management software. GroupMail - Windows based...
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