1. V

    AWIN Data Feeds

    Hi, I've been trying to work with AWIN data feeds for a number of months, but am having difficulty overcoming the fact that they appear not to be mapped against set parameters. Any data feed/dba experts who might be able to help with making sense of them? Happy to pay a consultant who...
  2. S

    Simpl Performance - New Campaign - GrabOne Store

    Dear Publishers We are delighted to announce that we have gone live with yet another new Campaign for another brand new client, GrabOne Store. GrabOne are market leaders in online deals but now they have launched a brand new offering with their GrabOne Store. GrabOne Store is running heavy...
  3. N

    Combining multiple RSS feeds

    Hi Guys, I am looking for a way of combining multiple RSS feeds and categorising the content. For some context, I am looking into the possibility of creating a basic sports app that will get content from RSS feeds. I need to be able to view all the RSS feeds from each new source in one place...
  4. A

    Wordpress site

    Hi all, its my first post here, so be nice to me :) I have a website called Videography for Weddings | Professional Wedding Videos, Tipperary and would love some feed back regarding it, I add blogs to it when i can but they don't seem to be moving up in Google land as they should, but anyway...
  5. S

    {Very Hot News} -NEW ClickBank product in baby niche - 75% comm, need affiliates!

    Hi I'm Paul and together with my business partner, Diane, will be launching a great guide which will help all nursing mothers and now you can also be part of this exclusive launch as well. We'll do a prelaunch on 4th February 2013 and the full launch on 11th February 2013. Please mark your...
  6. B

    1 backend main site feeding many front end e-commerce sites

    Hi all I have a conundrum, my client wants to be able to manage one website backend that contains all their products and pricing, and then they want to be able to feed this information into a number of front end websites that their customers can use to buy products. Each front end site has its...
  7. P


    Hi Guys I recently setup a wordpress blog. The issue I am having is webmaster tools is displaying a error "Some important page is blocked by robots.txt." I have checked the robots.txt file but the same issue appears. I have also ran the file through a checker and it displays no issues. Am I...
  8. mneylon

    RSS > Google+ ?

    Does anyone know of any services that support posting an RSS feed to Google+? Hootsuite supposedly does, but it doesn't actually work
  9. mneylon

    Social Media etc

    I've turned the site's twitter feed back on - you can follow it at IrishWebmasterForum (iwfie) on Twitter It's also cross-posting to Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/irishweb Not sure if there's any demand for a Google+ page, but if anyone thinks there is please let me know Pinterest -...
  10. brianbaru

    Indexing Backlinks

    Anyone have a favourite way of indexing their backlinks?. Personally, I like to create xml files, place them on a random blog and syndicate them to a couple of hundred aggregators. Any better ideas?
  11. T

    Introduction Tanks Ireland

    Hi, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself, Tanks Ireland www.tanksireland.ie is a new business based in County Sligo, Ireland, providing specialist storage tank advice, expertise, sales and consultancy services, to consumers across the Republic of Ireland. Our expertise is...
  12. G

    Magento Feed Manager: The Most Viable Option for Marketing & Managing Online Store

    Magento assures you of improved traffic through effective product promotion, enhanced search engine optimization and better ads. Magento provides your online store with more product visibility through improved search engine optimization. Also, Magento gives your web store a top ranking in search...
  13. R

    Website Updating Coding

    Hi Where can i get some coding for part of a website that constantly updates itself with new information as it comes in or is added that updates without the need for the viewer to refresh their screen. I suppose what i am talking about is when football match comentarys are live in your browser...
  14. dreamweaver

    Rss feeds

    Hi all I am setting up a news site and was looking for a rss feed that will automatically grab rss feeds from other sites . I would like it to take the full article and then to give the articles source either at the bottom or top of article . Would have to suit Wordpress ! Any ideas
  15. essjay

    News feeds for a Wordpress site

    Hello all.... I have a site that is targeting a certain trade, lets say the insurance trade. The site is doing quite well (I think), set up last summer and had around 15000 hits in January. It's mainly a news based website about the trade. There are some adverts but all content is provided free...
  16. StudioK

    Carlister Setup

    Hi, I'm wondering has anyone used carlister.ie and setup the feed into your website. I have a client who wants to use it but I have not used this before. Basically they upload a CSV file with list of cars (and info) and images by FTP to your website. Carlister themselves are not much help. They...
  17. mneylon

    Google Realtime + New Analytics Reports?

    Has anyone else been playing around with these new reports and the realtime data? The "flow" stuff is pretty amazing!
  18. A

    Which to develop - .info or .eu website?

    Ok, so on a whim, I purchased domains all using the same domain - mydomain.eu, mydomain.info, mydomain.mobi, mydomain.tel and mydomain.tv. Probably daft. But I want to develop one of them quickly .. and then have the others feed into it. This website, the "money" website will be aimed at a...
  19. F

    SEO Check Pease- Alexa rank heading South

    Hi, Over the 3 months I have rebuilt my website Microlights for Sale Ireland | Irish Aircraft Sale | Microlight Sales. Did a lot of work tiding it up. The Alexa rank is heading the wrong way and visitor numbers are down. Can anyone give me some advice. Thanks & Regards Fergus
  20. F

    Subscribe Your Way To Success

    If you use the following procedure you'll become a lean mean constant content machine, and never run out of new ideas for your website. Here's how this simple success system works. 1) Create a new email address. 2) Create a folder within your email program. 3) Set up a filter in your email...
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