1. A

    Custom Wordpress blog post layout problem

    Hi, This custom Wordpress blog was built by someone else but I would really want to change the layout of the blog posts. They are currently like this: IT recruitment ? Women in IT -Cognitive GroupThe Sharepoint, Dynamics AX & Dynamics CRM blog | Cognitive Group two columns, one is Facebook...
  2. mneylon

    Experience With Twitter Advertising?

    Has anyone run campaigns on Twitter in Europe? If you did, did you get good ROI? They appear to have launched self-service options for the US market, but no sign of it over here yet ..
  3. cmccarra

    Selling Merchandise?

    Hi, I'm looking into selling merchandise tshirts, hoodies that kind of thing through a twitter account I have (35.2K followers at present) and was wondering if anyone has past experience with this eg. where did you get them printed, how much it cost, selling, shipping. Is it better do get them...
  4. mneylon

    Hootsuite Adds Google+ Support

    This makes me happy anyway :) HootSuite Extends Google+ Pages to All Users - HootSuite Social Media Management
  5. 1

    Social media

    How adsens do work
  6. mneylon

    Auto Follow Back on Twitter?

    Can anyone recommend a service or even a desktop tool (OSX compatible) that will automate following back users on a particular account?
  7. M

    2 websites one Facebook page

    Hi I'm in the process of setting up a new website and was looking to add a Facebook like box plugin. I have another website on the same theme with the plugin. I was planning on using the same plug in and Facebook page for the second page as they are both very similar. Has anyone did this...
  8. G


    Well guys what do they say can't keep the entreprenurial spirit down? :) Anyway I am getting back in to an old hobby of mine (RC planes/helicopters) after a six year break. It's a good time to do it as I'm teaching my 12 year old how to fly. Because I've been happy with the performance of my...
  9. G

    eMarketing Association Network

    Here is great group on LinkedIn where you can find lots of useful information You can also share your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn links in the group and get more "likes" or followers. I'm using this group everyday.
  10. S

    web design for all

    Our website designers will take your business and sales to the next level! we specialise in all aspects of web design created by the 7dash fastest growing website design company & SEO solutions and all types of website creation ... Our web design team promise you first class service and...
  11. Eugenijus Mockaitis

    Free Google +1, Twitter Followers, Facebook Likes and Youtube Views

    Exchange system and here you can increase your site traffic and popularity. provides introductions to people looking to develop their social network on Twitter, Facebook, Google and Youtube. use coins to create the incentive for people to check each other out. When you...
  12. A

    review my site Twitter Followers, Facebook Likes

    hello Please review: my sit is a tool that will help you grow your Twitter, Facebook, Google, Digg, YouTube and Websites for FREE. We allow you to pick and choose who you want to follow, like, friend, view or visit and skip those who you're not interested in...
  13. S

    Google Panda !!!

    Ok Everyone is talking about Google Panda but as yet very few have come up with good strategies to ensure future success. Any testing been carried out by forum experts???? Even though offsite is now nearly 95% of the battle for good SERPS, good varied strategies are a must, so I thought if we...
  14. B


    Hi, I've recently signed up to StumbleUpon. Can someone please give me the down-low on this.... What's it about? How do I get most use from it? How will it benefit my / your web site? Also, is it similar-ish to Twitter in that you need to aquire followers / follow people & share...
  15. mneylon

    Twitter Automation Tools?

    Looking for a tool that will ensure that an account automatically follows back any followers it picks up Any suggestions?
  16. L

    Should every business have a facebook fan Page? I say no...

    [Disclaimer: I'm not saying Facebook doesn't work for business. its about how you work and when you should work Facebook. I'm trying to balance the hype] I disagree with the "every business MUST be on facebook or be left out" argument and simultaneously with the "there are 400 million people...
  17. J

    New Trad Music Site: Feedback and Publicity Wanted

    Hello all, I recently launched, a database of traditional (folk) tunes from Ireland, the U.K., and elsewhere. It is based on the user-generated content model, and allows registered users to add new tunes and modify existing ones. There are several well-established sites out...
  18. T

    Please review our fashion website

    We have recently redesigned our website and started an online shop selling mens suits,shirts,ties etc at Tom Murphy's | Mens suits, suit hire, suits, wedding suits | Tom Murphy Suits & Suit Hire Cork and woul love feedback
  19. mneylon

    What Are Your Favourite Social Media Tools / Services?

    If you were asked, which tools / services for social media would you recommend? Which ones are your favourites?
  20. mneylon

    Which Companies / Organisations Are Doing Cool Things With Social Media?

    Since there seems to be a LOT of talk about social media marketing and how some companies are doing it really well and others are doing it really badly .. So, in your own experience, which companies or organisations have you seen doing cool things?
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