1. mneylon

    Social Media Marketing - Social Media For Business - Useful Links

    Twitter 101 for Business ? A Special Guide Social Media Expert Stud Guru Guy Coaching - Donkey Fluff - parody site Know any others? Reply below please (NB: this is not an excuse to plug your own site - seriously!)
  2. mneylon

    Social Media Forum

    Why? Because it's an area that interests a lot of people and it's also an area that seems to be attracting a lot of snakeoil sales people! :) So .. If you have experience in the area and want to share.. or don't and want to learn This is the place for you FYI: This is not an...
  3. mneylon

    Share Your Twitter ID!

    Since this is about marketing why not share your Twitter ID (work and personal) Mine are: Michele Neylon (mneylon) on Twitter and Blacknight Solutions (blacknight) on Twitter
  4. mneylon

    Share Your Facebook Page

    Since I know quite a few people have setup Facebook pages and getting "fans" can be a pain ... Please post a link to your Facebook page below NB: This is not a thread to discuss the merits of Facebook fan pages. If you want to discuss them there's another thread going that is more suitable.
  5. W

    Site review wanted

    Hi all, I am looking for some feedback on my site which is a wedding planning and information site for weddings in ireland it is live about a month, site is not fully finished as am adding content still and forums are not running yet as still tweaking this part as well as...
  6. mneylon

    Is Your Business On Facebook?

    Since I guess quite a few of you have Facebook fan pages maybe people would like to share them? Feel free to reply with a link to yours and maybe a small description (not spammy please)
  7. byronyasgur

    pay per click vs regular banner selling

    i have very little experience with advertising on websites but i was asked recently for advice re selling adds on a website - the owners were set on the idea of selling add space to individual businesses - my initial reaction was that organising a pay per click deal with somebody like google or...
  8. grandad

    Improving traffic to a blog

    I have a blog running for the last five months - The Other Fellow. I haven't really advertised the existence of the site yet, and am currently starting a wee series on blog promotion. I am going to use the usual standards like adding the URL to my signature in forums, commenting on other sites...
  9. E

    Social networking

    Hey, does anybody have any tips on how to effectively use social networks such as twitter, facebook etc. There are many posts about the internet about how it is usefull but not many about how to actually use them to your business' advantage. Cheers, Stuart
  10. G

    Looking for marketing ideas

    Hey, I posted a thread about this site in the site reviews section, I hope this isn't deemed spamming. I've started a website Swop-o-nomics (, it's an Irish online barter exchange for both goods and services. I'm looking for ideas and tips on how to go about getting the word...
  11. Website Virgin

    Marketing & sales help needed

    Hi All, Looking for some help if i can get it. I have just launched an oscommerce website and currently have appc campaign in place. I also have an seo company that do a monthly maintenace campaign on the site to increase natural listings etc. I am now contemplating selling the business due...
  12. P

    Members Twitters

    A bit like I think it might be an idea to have a thread with the lists of users twitter a/c's I'm a good 6-12 months behind most people, and I finally rustled up an account:: Twitter / savagepaul
  13. G

    Members Blogs

    How bout a sticky with all the members blogs? Some good information in them. We all know Michele's: Michele Neylon :: Pensieri And heres my crappy one that no-one reads: Georgie Casey Any more?
  14. S

    Promoting a new Blog

    Has anyone experience with starting a new blog? What has been the best way to promote an Irish Blog? What would you do different if you had a chance to promote it from scratch again? I'd love to hear any feedback from people that got theirs up-an-running.
  15. mneylon

    Welcome - Introduce yourself

    Why not introduce yourself?
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