1. mneylon

    Wine and Food Site - Soft Launch

    Been working on getting this site online for the last couple of days: Wine Discussion - - The Front Page It's using the new Vbulletin with CMS, so there's options for articles and blogs as well as RSS and other widgets It's currently using the default vbulletin 4 template, but that...
  2. D

    Leading Wexford Hotel Selects SEO Company to Enhance Online Visibility

    Wexford Hotel-The Riverbank House Hotel selects, specialists in the hotel SEO marketplace, to enhance their online presence. One of the best regarded Hotels in Wexford-The Riverbank House Hotel have embarked on an aggressive online campaign in a bid to attract more visitors to...
  3. piush

    Reciprocal links good or bad?

    i am confused about reciprocal links. some say they are bad as search engines see as negative. but when i use back link checker mostly all sites are using them for page rank. What do you think Search engines think of them Thanks Piush
  4. mutantspace

    February issue of irish arts ezine online now

    The February issue of 'The Mutation' Irish arts and culture blog is out now so check it out at The Mutation | Irish arts and culture blog The mutation arts and culture blog is produced by mutant space arts resource and publishes a range of articles and essays on everything from music to...
  5. S

    Tel me your opinion about Buy and Sell classifieds website, please Thanks
  6. M

    The 2010 Domainers / Developers / SEO / Copwriters Meetup!

    Hi all, Trying to arrange a domainer / developer / copywriter / SEO meetup to kick off the new year. I think it would be very beneficial to all to get domainers, web developers (ideally with skills/interest in affiliate marketing), SEO, and copyrighters to network and maybe JV on a few...
  7. D

    Domain Name Infrigement???

    Anyone know the costs associated with taking a claim to WIPO? Is it 10k?
  8. piush

    Help for recipes/articles submission

    I have a website named Food Lovers' Catering I registered for the food recipes website but you get only as submitted by me and not Food Lovers' Catering website. Could you please help me as to how should i go about to submit articles/recipes from my domain name? Or the websites i should...
  9. piush

    logo critque please

    Could you please give me your thoughts on my logo thanks Piush
  10. E

    TradeDoubler Ireland | Affiliate Programme

    Hi All, We've a smashing new addition to our Irish programme portfolio - Recognised as the leading sports nutrition brand in both the UK and Ireland, sports men and women can achieve their sporting and physique targets with the support of's sports food products...
  11. R


    Hi guys, just want peoples opinion on my site winemax dot ie get a few orders now and then, but would like them to pick up a bit. gonna add a testimonials page shortly, which is something i think i need. All comments welcome and appreciated. :D regards Rik
  12. mneylon

    Employers vs Employees - Are People Taking Advantage?

    I've noticed a few job postings in the last couple of weeks where the salary was either stupidly low (you'd have difficulty putting food on the table) or they expected you to work for the "experience" So are some companies abusing the economic situation? Are some people being abused as a result?
  13. T

    [discussion] FOR SALE

    Bit of a high price on the site. 2k?? How many hotels are in Ballsbridge? 5/6? There's certainly no cheap ones! :) It would take a while to get your money back on that considering there's only about 140 odd searches a month for that phrase. No movement on price? Topic split from here {paul}
  14. C

    Blogger twitter whatever (BTW) meetup 11th June

    Just a heads up:As part of the latest round of ad-hoc meet-ups in Dublin (Ireland) .. we decided to run another Blogger-Twitter-Whatever (BTW) meetup. The plan is to meet up at Howl at the Moon from 6pm on Thursday 11th June. (Howl at the Moon is Located on Lower Mount Street, just off Merrion...
  15. piush

    critique my website

    Please review my site . what do you think of colors and design? thanks
  16. D

    Reintroducing myself

    This is a reintroduction. When I joined last year, I had just started domaining a few months before and so had a good excuse for knowing nothing. I now know not much more than I did then, as I have spent much of the time in between setting up as a publisher and publishing my kids' book. I'm...
  17. V

    Just launched my first website venture this weekend ... Its like eBay for restaurants. Have a couple or restaurants signed up and some offers available. Would really appreciate any feedback (good or bad) on the website and the idea behind the site before I start promoting it to...
  18. piush

    please review

    i would like to hear your comments about my website for Food Lovers' Catering. URL is
  19. B

    how to manage school and work?


    Earn a living from website advertising

    It's a vague question I know, but why not. What kind of numbers / traffic / clicks to you think is needed before you could earn enough from advertising from your site / sites. Forget referral advertising where people have to buy stuff and you get a slice, I mean mostly cpc stuff. Or is that a...
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