1. H

    New here please point in right direction.

    Hi all, I am new here and looking to learn a little about SEO. Well that is not true, I don't actually want to learn SEO as I am so confused by it all now, but my site needs it. I have read the SEO made easy guide and am more confused now than I was before. Where would be a good place to...
  2. C

    Part-time website manager

    I'm looking for someone who possesses all the technical kills I do not, to help me develop and update my website. I also need to set up a VPN and a few other similar things. This will probably only amount to a few hours a week most of the time but could be more initially. I'm looking for...
  3. 3


  4. M

    Successful Site in 12 Months with Google Alone

    Successful Site in 12 Months with Google Alone by Brett Tabke The following will build a successful site in 1 years time via Google alone. It can be done faster if you are a real go getter, or everyones favorite a self starter. A) Prep work and begin building content. Long before the...
  5. A

    Website Address

    Just set up a new company. Its called XXX Solutions What would the best website address for it be do ye think OR []
  6. Cormac

    Webmaster Magazines

    What magazines do the users out there read? I picked up .net while waiting for a flight in London yesterday and it is excellent. Has a lot of varied information Home - .net magazine This is the issue i picked up. Issue156 - .net magazine The SEO article is quite good. It introduces some...
  7. mneylon

    What do you do to relax?

    I tend to kick off my shoes and relax with a good DVD and maybe a nice beer or bottle of wine.
  8. F

    Do you spend too much time in front of your computer?

    I think if someone tracked how much time I spend in front of the computer and they presented it back to me as days in a year I would be shocked but not surprised. I use my computer: 1/ Work (no escaping this one but i love it so it is not like work at all) 2/ Listen to music (I listen to a lot...
  9. F

    Lapeniche Resturant

    This is not public yet but its nearly finished so I thought I'd expose it to you lot... La Peniche - Home This is a CMS site (Mambo) and the main goal was to allow them to update it very easily. Few of my own points: * the text is from the client, I've given them feedback and I hope they'll...
  10. P

    New Marketing Strategy

    Hello; First Of All Sorry About Our English Please read about our project and if you can, do not remove this project from your forum. We need to get support by you. We are 2 university students and we create a project which name is Planet Of Internet. Please read about our Project and if...
  11. mneylon

    Worst Site of the week?

    Would nominating worst site of the week give anyone a kick?
  12. mneylon

    Broken Websites?

    I'd be interested in compiling a list of sites that suffer from issues / breakage under Firefox and other browsers. Here's a couple to start with : Cork City - eeek! Driving Test - forms don't work properly on firefox AIB business banking - requires MS JVM
  13. mneylon

    Blatant Self-Promotion Welcome!

    Have you launched a new site or revamped an existing one? Feel free to post about it here. You can sing your own praises or ask for constructive feedback. Let the games begin!
  14. mneylon

    Links - Irish Affiliate Programs

    Irish Companies Offering Affiliate Programs If you know of any Irish companies / websites offering affiliate programs please let us know.
  15. mneylon

    Welcome - Introduce yourself

    Why not introduce yourself?
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