1. L

    What do people think about the NNI / Linkgate

    The NNI have come out with some ludicrous stuff. The first I read about it was here McGarr Solicitors ? Dublin Solicitors Ireland | 2012: The year Irish newspapers tried to destroy the web - McGarr Solicitors - Dublin Solicitors Ireland and they followed up here McGarr Solicitors ? Dublin...
  2. mneylon

    Irish Directories In 2013?

    There's been a few discussion threads here about Irish web directories, but a lot of the ones mentioned have since died .. So to start off 2013 I thought it'd be nice to see what's out there .. Disclosure - I run a few :) Irish Search and Directory Ireland - Irish websites - Business Ireland...
  3. luckyirish

    End Irish Water Fluoridation

    Just finished Feedback very welcome ;) :blue:
  4. M

    How to noindex "no content pages" of wordpress that links to images?

    With wordpress, you can insert an image and choose one of three options : 1. link to the image. 2. link to a web page with the image (the web page is created by wordpress just to display the images alone) 3. none of the above (insert normal image with no link). For option #2, how do I noindex...
  5. Chief87

    Best Backlink Packages | High Quality Link Building Services

    Awesome, awesome, awesome service. Great communication, and fast delivery. Reports were detailed. Can’t go wrong with this. Thanks! — Shakakka Your backlinking service is great but your customer service is what really got my attention. I was totally blown away by how fast you responded to my...
  6. M

    Wordpress 3.5

    I just logged into my wordpress install and found a notice to the top that wordpress v3.5 is now available. Did anyone upgrade yet? How did the upgrade go? Just checking, but did it break any plug-ins for anyone that upgraded?
  7. D

    Hello Irish Webmaster Forum

    Hi Folks Found the Irish Webmaster Forum through a friend. Not sure how he found it - Google I think. Looking forward learning something new, making new contacts and hopefully helping out where I can also. Dave
  8. D - FREE web application for every domain owner

    Hi, I would like to present you a new version of, a service for domains owners. It is a service that allows you to monitor all your domains from a single control panel. It facilitates the work greatly, takes less time and it’s just convenient for you. About the features: 1...
  9. P

    My new website has gone live last month but where am I?

    I have recently got my website developed and launched. The sitemap was submitted to google webmasters and my site appears to be indexed. However I do not appear on any page of even when I search for the page title of some of my products. What would be the best steps to take when...
  10. S

    Best CPM ad network for Irish traffic?

    Guys, I didn't know where to post this because theres no CPM section….anyway…the thread title is fairly self-explanatory... Whats the best CPM network (outside google) for Irish traffic?
  11. O

    New EU directive on cookies for Irish Site - Any detail out there?

    Hi All, I have been looking for some official info on what needs to be done for a site to be fully compliant with the new EU directive on cookies / privacy laws but can't seem to find anything official for Ireland. Does anyone know even if the law is passed for here and what does it implies...
  12. B

    How can I establish if a 1,127ms average response time is any good for my server?

    I currently have a site tracked with and the test results show the site average response time is 1,127ms. I have no idea if this is good or bad. I did a bit of searching on blogs ping - How can I establish if a 566ms average response time is any good for my server? - Server Fault...
  13. martha

    Are we in Ireland left out in the cold - even on the internet?

    Can anyone clear this one up for me? I have the distinct feeling that, having an Irish IP address, my website is automatically left out of some the search engine results in the US / UK, etc. (Even though I do have dotcom domains). I am setting up my whole business to be aimed towards Europe...
  14. L

    Hello Everyone

    Hi all, my name is lacourse, newbie here. I found this website when i google down the the keyword webmaster. It's nice to be here and share knowledge with you all. BR, Lacourse
  15. Lemans

    How I Earn My First 1000$ Per Month

    I will be very short, First I build blog and do some SEO, I set-up mailing list, social profiles etc. after my blog gets 3000+ visits per day I create product for my niche (worth 24$). I bought domain name for my product and create great landing page. When I add new useful article on my blog I...
  16. A

    Help needed with backlinks

    Hi all, I'm a total newcomer to this forum and I wonder if anyone can help me. I have my online website up and running for over a year and I now understand how important it is to have the seo's and backlinks to my site. As my budget is limited I have opted to try and take on this task myself...
  17. B

    Photographer' Services and Gallery - http:///

    Photographer' Services and Gallery - New website launched for Alejandro Bel, Photographer Alejandro Bel It is about a photographer offering his services and showing some of his works and projects. A tried to create a website where it can seen the bios and...
  18. N

    ZennoProxyChecker the most convenient and modern proxy checker on the market

    Dear friends! We're glad to introduce you our new product - ZennoProxyChecker! ZennoProxyChecker is a proxy checker from ZennoPoster that is released separately now. It's much more powerful than before! Why ZennoProxyChecker is better than other proxy tools: It's time-honored...
  19. G


    I am thinking of moving to a VPS hosting and have a few questions. How to deal with spam in the email accounts ?.
  20. P

    Duplicate Content Via WordPress Theme

    Hi Guys Recently I helped out a buddy with a WordPress website for his business. A theme was purchased and away we went. Everything seemed fine until the final stages. Basically the theme is designed to pull content from any page on the website to use for the homepage. Example below. So I...
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