1. E

    Hosting Company

    Hi to all, couldnt find a into section to say Hi, Im looking for some advice please. I currently have a website hosted by 365, and have been with them for the last 4 years, Im kind of thinking about moving to another hosting company. The website i have i created using the website...
  2. andywozhere

    Charging for Domain transfer

    I've a client who want to host a couple of their own .ie websites with Blacknight. They are currently hosted by a Blacknight reseller who wants to charge 200 Euros per domain for "unlocking domain and provision of an EPP key". I understand that these services are not relevant for a .ie domain...
  3. T

    Most economic SSL Certificate

    Hi All, I am new to e-commerce but know I need to get an SSL Certificate to encrypt users data but just wondering what the best one is. I seen an advertisment for a godaddy one that is "Up to 256-bit encryption from $19.95 USD per year" Which is great but just wondering why Blacknight are...
  4. PaddyBloggit

    School Website ~ A victim of our own success ~ need urgent advice

    We have shared hosting with Let's Host. The site has gotten very slow ever since we were moved to a 'newer server'. Having spoken to Let's Host, they now say we need to move to a VPS server as our site is using so many resources, not only is it slowing down our own sites, it's also slowing...
  5. nauert

    Open To Constructive Criticism

    I have a new site that I'm working on titled Net Journey. I'm adding a little bit more information to it every day, but what do you think about the layout. I'm using a free host right now, but I'll change that later once it makes a few bucks. Thanks for any feedback that you can offer. No...
  6. mutantspace

    DNS Error on November 14th 2013 caused drop in web traffic

    Just wondering if anyone had the same issue. On wednesday 14th November i had a DNS error in GWT. I Rang my hosts and they said it wasnt their servers. Then I googled the problem and found many people everywhere had the same issue. Then traffic dropped and continues to drop by over 50%. Anyone...
  7. mneylon

    Twitter Owes Me Money?

    After Twitter's IPO yesterday their value just skyrocketed What Are You Worth to Twitter?
  8. Z

    Anyone used them before, any advice experience? There prices seem quite cheap and the only review I could find on them was €15 + vat for 4GB RAM 60GB Disk 2.1GHx x1 (single core) 1000GB Bandwidth Looking for a VPS to stream audio for...
  9. PMonaghan

    redirect one page to another page via htaccess

    Hi, I am new to this forum - and any forum. I need help learning how to do a redirect for specific pages of a website. I have the code: Options +FollowSymlinks RewriteEngine on rewritecond %{http_host} * [nc] rewriterule ^(.*)$$1 [r=301, nc] I know that I am...
  10. S

    php file issue

    Hi guys quick q - Im looking to download files that are located outside the web root. During the upload process the users upload to a folder that was outside the root of the site (for security reasons). I now want to do the reverse for the admin users to download the files I have tried the...
  11. P

    Digiweb hosting issues

    Anyone else having problems with digiweb hosting. I have been getting this message at random. going on now for 5 weeks, resulting in half of my active members leaving and going elsewhere. Error:Unknown MySQL server host '' (2) pat
  12. grandad

    Problem with Mysqldump

    I have a few Wordpress installations running and want to create a simple, reliable way of backing up the databases. For various reasons I have decided against plugins, and am using Cron. I created a script which is called from Cron - /usr/bin/mysqldump --host=hostserver --user=username...
  13. A

    Cloud / Dedicated hosting - recommendations please

    Hi, I have a number of websites across different shared hosting companies. There are around 20 sites running lamp with modx and magento, a WordPress site and an iPhone and Android app. These aren't big sites - 156.2 mb - Database size, 810 mb - Database LOG size and 2,226 mb - Web folder...
  14. N

    Redirecting to an ip/port

    Alright I've been having trouble with this for the past few days and I'm looking for help. I am attempting to host a web server on my local machine. However my ISP blocks port 80 for "my protection" I was going to use port 443 but it turns out I would have to setup SSL and buy a certificate...
  15. H

    International SEO

    Hey guys, I was hoping somebody might be able to help me? If I create a French sub directory of a website example "" and submit this in webmaster tools to target France will the French version of the website appear in the search results? The home page of the website will be in...
  16. mneylon

    Netflix etc?

    Just curious if any of you are using Netflix and if so what for? ie. films or TV shows I've been having a lot of fun with some of the old TV shows :)
  17. E

    Mp3 music download business on company website: where to start?

    Hello, I would like to start MP3 downloads business on my personal website. My plan is to sell various MP3 and albums - depends on what user wants and advertise new trends. I need it for radio station which is showing whats playing at the moment and at the same time would like to give user...
  18. A

    Redirecting from www cname not working

    Hi Webmaster experts, I have installed apache on my windows machine and trying to do a redirect from my site url to We are trying to do this for mobile devices and want to read the type of device accessing it. However this keeps failing and we are...
  19. mneylon

    iPod Socks!

    Just checking the price of iPods (I don't have one .. except for a pretty old iPod Nano that's somewhere in the house, though I've no idea where) and noticed that they're pushing this accessory: Apple iPod Socks - Apple Store (Republic of Ireland) Socks for your iPod .. I'm not sure if this is...
  20. E

    Wordpress url help needed

    Hi All, I have been creating a website in Wordpress for the last few months and I have a problem with the way the ur is displaying: It appears as this but the thing is I want to get rid of the index.php part of this if anyone could help me? So I want the url to be just .../profile Is there any...
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