1. T

    Setting up a mail server with postfix, webmin and debian?

    Hi i am new enough to managing a vps server but i know some of the basics using SSH and webmin. I have a problem with my email being sent from my server ending up in the spam folder of gmail. I have two domains and both are registered with namecheap so i can use there DNS to host my domains...
  2. N

    From No.1 to page 7

    Was hoping someone could shed some light on the following.. Our website ranked number one on for the last 3years. example: search for "Blue Book" and displayed as number one. We last checked 3-4 weeks back. Checked back today and we're now on page 7! First thoughts...
  3. Y

    problem with sending email to reg365 host domains.

    Some of our clients complaint they can not receive email from one of our applications. We did a check on mail logs. We found most of them are using reg365 mail service, and issues are pointing to : and follows are some of logs: Aug 7 04:04:07 mail...
  4. Z

    Cross-linking unrevelant sites

    Let's say, I have two unrevelant sites with 100s of indexed pages. I put one link (linking to the other one) to each of the two sites' main page. (So I'll have 100s of backlinks to each site.) Will the search engine ranking of both sites increase? What do you think?
  5. N

    .ie hosting?

    Can people please discuss how they manage their .ie domains? We recently had a new website designed. Same .ie domain. We're paying a dublin company approx 40pa to host which is fine. The company which designed the new website want 200pa (separately) to host our website on their server. We find...
  6. N (Pages From Ireland)

    HI, I have a few .ie sites with a product I want to market in Ireland. I notice that when I use, the default search appears to look worldwide unless the user clicks 'Pages from Ireland'. The product is not essentially Irish and so I was wondering just how much the 'Pages from...
  7. mutantspace

    coding problem with redirect on home page on wordpress site

    hi there. have a strange problem. Last week I moved my site from to Its a multi user wordpress site. In the process of the move (my host providers did it) files went missing/blanked/moved. Everything is nearly back to normal except for one key thing. You can...
  8. mutantspace

    I want to change from using .ie to .com

    hi there - a question. my site; Arts Skills Exchange | Mutantspace is an online skills exchange -when i started i bought .ie and .com. Since then people from all over the world are checking it out so am i better now moving it from Arts Skills Exchange | Mutantspace to and...
  9. Zascar

    My little internet business venture - feedback appreciated :)

    Hey guys, I would appreciate your feedback on a new website I have started. The site is - many of you will already be familiar with the 'fiverr' concept - but if not have a read of this blog post: Quote: is a new website where people can buy and sell simple products...
  10. R

    .ie Domain Registration for science related website

    Hi all, i would like to ask how to register a .ie domain for a science related website, it is not a company or am i going to trade, i am an engineering student and would like to build a site relating to solar activity and weather related science, is it enough to explain this in my letter as it...
  11. N

    Which Google do you use in Northern Ireland?

    Is it google or or mainly. This is for a local service search like Electrician in Belfast and similar. Thanks ;-)
  12. irelandwebsitedesign

    UK versus Irish Hosting Companies

    I am with & very happy with there service. However they are a UK hosting company. What disadvantages will I have if I continue to set up Irish based websites with them as opposed to setting up my sites on Letshost, Blacknight or IrelandHosting which seem to be the recommended Irish...
  13. L

    share code a source web cool

    Extremely light, no database, just upload to your host is running now. Demo: Download: source_web_nicepictures.rar Download to just host and placing ads and making money only. I finished a new fix. if the interface changes slightly, then design a few images in the folder...
  14. Byron

    GEO IP Redirect

    Hi Guys, I did this years ago and now forget how to do it again :( does anyone have any code for automatically and seemlessly redirecting visitors based on their IP. Basically what I am trying to do: If an Irish IP visitor, site goes to If a UK IP visitor, site goes to...
  15. mneylon

    Do you Watermark Images or Block?

    On a couple of sites I run there's an ongoing battle about images Basically 3rd party sites link to them and embed them etc Which is more than a little annoying, as they're using my bandwidth and making money from them .. In some cases I've blocked hotlinking, but I'm also playing with...
  16. mneylon Partner With Blacknight On IPv6 Upgrade

    May 18 , 2011 ‚ Carlow Ireland - Ireland's most popular domain name registrar Blacknight have recently partnered with, Ireland's most popular photo sharing site to complete a major infrastructure upgrade to support the new Internet address space IPv6. Blacknight, leaders in the...
  17. E

    Changing my host, help please!

    Hi, I currently have two websites running off two different hosts. I was wanting to change it so they are both on the same host and I was wondering how I go about doing this? Its going from digiweb to dreamhost incase you were wondering but I am unsure how to go about it, do I need to contact...
  18. D

    VPS Hosting OR modrewrite allowed on shared

    Hi Anyone know the cheapest way to host a site that needs mod rewrite allowed? I am being told most of the shared hosting packages do not allow this and that I need a VPS hosting package. What's my cheapest option? Thanks
  19. N

    Moving Wordpress Site to Local Host

    I have a wordpress site already online. I've just downloaded xampp and want to use it to test alterations to the sites code before I put the changes online. I've downloaded all the files from the site and put them into the htdocs folder. When I managed to access the site through my localhost it...
  20. T

    How much down time until you move?

    Have been with the current hosting company for a few years now but only in the last half year have I launched a site that meant frequent updates so I've become more aware of down time and really slow loading times. Browsing this forum before posting I've seen the hosting company mentioned as one...
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