1. S

    PDO issue with scope

    Hi guys quick question. Just trying to implement the PDO object in PHP - but alas I hit a wall. I liek to keep all the functions in a seperate file called functions and it will have functions like checkuser() updateuser() deleteuser() - these exist in the functions.php. When creating the PDO...
  2. F

    SEO Check Pease- Alexa rank heading South

    Hi, Over the 3 months I have rebuilt my website Microlights for Sale Ireland | Irish Aircraft Sale | Microlight Sales. Did a lot of work tiding it up. The Alexa rank is heading the wrong way and visitor numbers are down. Can anyone give me some advice. Thanks & Regards Fergus
  3. F

    Forums: The Half Way Point

    What's coming after forums? To explore this question, let's start with the past. The Past My grandfather and his WWI generation grew up in crowded city tenements common at the time. Once my grandfather had his own business, he moved to a modest house on a city side street. The houses were...
  4. WhitePhantom

    Google Places listing not showing

    Hi, Not sure if this is the right place to post this, so apologies if it isn't. I have set up a Google Places listing for a client, Classique and Gourmet Wines, who are an importer / distributor of French wines. I verified the listing on 13th June, and so far there are zero impressions. No...
  5. D

    Looking for a Company for online marketing?

    Hi all, I've recently launched a new website called Treasured Memorial Cards, Memorial Cards, Memoriam Cards and Funeral Thank You Cards. I'm looking for a marketing company to help to grow the site online in both UK and Ireland through increased google rankings, link building, article...
  6. mneylon

    Call of Duty Black Ops?

    So has anyone else got it? The graphics and physics seem to have been improved quite a lot from the previous "chapter"
  7. php.allstar

    Hi, I've just launched a new site and would like to know what you guys think. All feedback negative and positive appreciated. As with all new projects there's bound to be something I've missed! is a website which helps Irish people to decide on what colour to paint their...
  8. W

    How to get quality backlinks for property developer website?

    Hi fellows I'm new to SEO world, just got this job (seo) after graduation, I'm trying to help my company to get better ranking on Google, after 2 months hard work, we got over 40 keywords listed on Google's first page. However, the backlinks are very few, only 182. I think that's why we...
  9. B

    Give away something for free..

    most probably you already read somewhere that giving away a free ebook will get you tons of visitors - I tried this myself and to be honest it wasnt such a great success -But I still like the idea to give someting away for free - a great idea would to give something away for free which is sort...
  10. L

    how to promote my websites

    Help plz im lookin for sugestions on how to promote my websites her they are in plain text im desperate iv tried evrything :confused:
  11. N

    help with php coding

    Hi, First post so hello to everyone. Hoping someone can help me out before i go mental. ha. Im making a website, its a classified ads site (yes another one... buts it aim is different). I have a script which is working fine but im having trouble with the coding. Basically on my main page...
  12. I

    How did you build your portfolio?

    Hi, student here with soooooo many questions. I'm wondering about building a portfolio. Given I'm only semi DW literate I think it unlikely anyone is going to commission me with a real project, so how do I go about building a portfolio of work. Obviously every other web designer has faced this...
  13. roderickdunne

    Newbie doobie doo

    Hi Newbie to this forum.. though probably know some of yee from working in IT in Dublin/Europe over the last 17 years. Started out as a webmaster, then Java Engineer, then Tech PM/Innovation Manager. Worked in a rake of software houses & consultancy shops (iona, ibm, lotus, accenture, & some...
  14. U

    CSS advice needed - Firefox 3.6 & div clearing problem

    Hi... Can anyone please help ???? My site worked fine cross browsers, then I installed firefox 3.6 the latest version. Now only on firefox, my right div has dropped below the left div. This only occurs online.... i.e. if i open the pages from my pc using Firefox 3.6 this doesn't happen. It...
  15. U

    Hi everyone, The chicken coop season is about to begin and having spent the winter preparing a website, I'd appreciate any reviews or tips anyone could offer... Urban Chicken Coops Ireland :: Chicken Houses :: Free Range Hens :: Homepage Thanks... Cormac
  16. A

    What do you see the web becoming in 10 or 20 years?

    Hi all, I’ve a few ideas where I think the web is heading in the next ten or twenty years. But am wondering what you guys are thinking on this one as am sure everyone here is wondering about the next big thing! Like everyone here I’ve been watching things as they unfold this past number of...
  17. Sun

    Can Irish people register the following:

    Can Irish people register the following: And Thanks
  18. A

    Hosting - Legal issue / Client not paid

    Just wondering where I stand with this. A client has not paid their bill for months and I went to remove the work I had done. I informed them recently that this is the case. I just went to FTP into the site and it appear they have changed FTP details. I know they're technically clueless so...
  19. G

    Greetings from a Newbie..

    Hi everyone.. I'm Gene from the Phils.. This is a great place to share my thoughts.. I know I made the right choice of joining.. Hi again to everyone and hope we are all doing fine.. :)
  20. M

    Updating DNS - Internal Mail Server

    Hi Guys, This is my first post and I think its in the correct forum, so if not, my sincerest apologies... My client current has his domain registered but no hosting account with it. The company is part of a larger parent company that houses all its mails on an internal server at its head...
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