1. T

    Asteria Lite - Free WordPress Theme

    Asteria Lite is a clean responsive theme with a beautiful slider, Narrow and Wide Layout Option, 10 Social Icons and 3 page templates - Full width page, Left sidebar page and a Blog page Template. The theme also allows you to design your site logo with 600+ fonts. The Theme also has a...
  2. O

    What is involved in updating a Magento site

    Hi Guys, We have been asked to re design a Magento site. As far as I can see the client uses Magento for both the ecommerce and CMS. Before to quote them I would like to figure out what is involved, is it an HTML with tags to be added on areas coming from the CMS or is the CMS in Magento...
  3. S

    importing polish characted into mysql via phpmyadmin

    Hi guys quick question im trying to use the import function in phpmyadmin to import csv file into mysql. However I cant get the following characters in ł ż ś ń I have tried changing the encoding of the excel file I have tried changing the encoding of the import but no dice. If i put them in...
  4. mneylon

    iPad Mini - Buy In Ireland or import?

    I was looking at the prices for iPad Minis during the week. A Canadian friend commented that the prices were very high compared to Canada, so I assume there's a bit of jump between Ireland and the US also. So would it be better to import one from the US or get it over here? I really like the...
  5. C

    What's happened to the IEDR dropped domain list

    Hi Does anyone know what's happened to the IEDR's dropped domain list? It doesn't seem to be on their new site. I've emailed them about it but haven't heard back yet.
  6. S

    Is Ireland doing drop-shipping?

    Hi all, I'm in the process of setting up a informational site that will have a commercial aspect to it. I have been searching in vain for companies in Ireland / UK / Europe that will offer a drop-shipping service. I'm looking for a bit of everything (except Electronics) and would need to be...
  7. K

    How important is an IP address in terms of SEO / organic ranking?

    We have this open query on this moroccan website remodel. Moroccan web hosting companies are not the easiest to deal with. The service is low quality. So the client is requesting to change the hosting to another provider But if outside of Morocco we shall lose our Morocco IP address. How bad...
  8. L

    Forget Groupon - build your own for $200

    Couponic - Groupon Clone - Group Buying Script - Daily Deal Software
  9. unrealindeed

    What is the best FREE Online Invoicing Software?

    After learning that my reliable intuit billing manager is being discontinued this September, I am looking for a similar free online solution that stores my clients, products etc and allows me to create invoices, recurring invoices, track outstanding invoices, send receipts & invoices/remainders...
  10. N

    Moving Wordpress Site to Local Host

    I have a wordpress site already online. I've just downloaded xampp and want to use it to test alterations to the sites code before I put the changes online. I've downloaded all the files from the site and put them into the htdocs folder. When I managed to access the site through my localhost it...
  11. P

    Backlink Management Procsess - How automated can it be made?

    As everyone knows, this is so resource intensive and I currently use an Excel Spreadsheet per client! But this is not automated enough. I do not really want to outsource to India or students. I have built many a useful Access database over the years, so I'm now in the process of designing one...
  12. samflash

    PHP redirect

    Hi, I am adding a HTML/CSS version to a flash website. I didn't design the website - I want to change the following PHP code so that if the browser is an iPod or iPad that it will go to my CSS/HTML version of the website - Here's the...
  13. unrealindeed

    Redirect Entire Country (UK) from .com to via htaccess

    Hi All, I have launched a .com website priced in € for my client, and they have asked me to setup a (specifically for the UK market). A copy of the site was made and prices etc were all changed to £ GBP. My client has now asked me to redirect all UK users from the .com to the
  14. samflash

    Browser Redirect Help needed

    Alright folks, Some help please. Created a HTML/CSS redesign of a flash site ( and I want to enable a script that when either the Flash/HTML site is loaded that a script will identify the browser type/search engine and send to the correct version. Currently the pages on the...
  15. R

    Looking for someone to help with VirtueMart

    Hi everyone, Just registered today, came across the site while looking for help with my website. Hopefully somebody might be able to give me some advice. I have a website that has 100 or so products, all added individually. I want to add in maybe 1500 extra products from a particular supplier...
  16. maco

    Domain Transfer

    I am planning to transfer my old hosting provider to a new hosting provider but just worried about the process of doing it. Has anyone experienced lately ? Does anyone knows any hosting provider that can do this for me ? or at least at a minimal fee ? Thanks . . .
  17. Z

    Geo Location

    I'm looking to have the functionality of when a users registers on a site that it will pick up the country based on the IP database used. I was looking at Google gears and was unable to figure out how it worked(just having a bad day) I also found the geoip addin for PHP which requires some...
  18. mneylon

    Editor For Outlook Rules?

    Can anyone recommend an editor for Outlook's rules? The kind of thing I'm looking for would be able to take the exported rules from Outlook and help eliminate duplicate rules etc., and then allow me to import the new ruleset into Outlook
  19. G

    Esyndicat Sample Categories

    Hi Lads, Just wondering if anyone had a list of sample categories or a link to where there are some that I could import into my esyndicat install? I thought there would be the usual ones installed but it's empty. Thanks Gary
  20. mneylon

    Apple Mac RAM?

    Where is the best place to get RAM for an Apple Mac? I'm trying to get some more life out of MacBook Pro and a desktop I think if I boost the RAM I'll be able to restore some level of sanity :)
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