1. EdenWeb


    Hi folks What do you or your clients use for Intranet software? Client asking for recommendations and I'm helping them source something. Needs to be - secure - scalabale - have private forums - have private file sharing Cheers Peter
  2. mneylon

    Do you apply for tenders?

    Just curious .. Do many of you apply for tenders?
  3. J

    [Full-time] ASP .Net Software Developer at Prudent Recruitment

    Location: Dublin 15 (Blanchardstown) URL: Description: Job Description / ASP.Net Software Developer This job opportunity is being advertised by Prudent Recruitment Ltd.. No terminology used within this job posting is intended to discriminate on the grounds of age...
  4. J

    Intranet suggestions

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone has any suggestions re intranet software. Is there any well know open source/ free expandable intranet software. I am thinking something like wordpress= blogging intranet=???? any ideas? Cheers
  5. mneylon

    [full-time] PHP Developer - Intranet at Realex Payments

    Location: Dublin URL: Description: Background To complement and aid the substantial growth in the business we are implementing a comprehensive Internal Collaboration and Communication Tool. This will enable all Realex Payments employees to share their knowledge...
  6. mneylon

    Which Instant Message Software Do You Use?

    As the thread title suggests ..... Which Instant Message Software Do You Use? I'm currently using Adium and Pidgin What about the rest of you?
  7. J

    Use of video on websites

    Hello all, First off my apologies if i'm posting in the wrong area (i couldn't see a more appropriate location) I am responsible for a corporate website. We are looking at using video on our site. Mainly for communication purposes at varying levels it may be the Chief Executive or could be...
  8. N

    Dedicated or Shared Servers

    I have seen quite a bit of talk about Shared and Dedicated servers one the forum and which is best! Obviously Dedicated would be best with relation to security, speed and customisation but how many of your customers are on Dedicated servers and how many are on Shared servers. All my customers...
  9. D

    What page width do you use?

    Hi guys, Just wondering what page width do you use for web sites? I'm wondering if i should create a site around 980 wide aimed at 1028 resolution users or should i use something like 760 to include 800 wide resolution visitors. What's the normal thing to do? Thanks,
  10. W

    Graphic Designer

    We are looking for a web designer with at least 2-5 years experience in a commercial bespoke web design environment with good client communication skills and able to work in an organised way to deadlines and budgets. They will be at team player, responsible for most stages in the design and...
  11. W

    What Coding/Tools to Use?

    Hi Folks, Hope you are well. I'm looking for a bit of Website Database Design Advice (Really what programming code/tools i should be using) I have the following at work and need to create an interactive Web based system for our engineering department. SQL Server 2005 Visual Studio 2005...
  12. mneylon

    Which Browser do you use?

    Which Browser do you use most often?
  13. mneylon

    Worst Site of the week?

    Would nominating worst site of the week give anyone a kick?
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