1. C

    Domain Reg and Redirect Question

    Howdy Folks, Long time listener first time caller here! Thanks for all your help before but I cant find anything in the search which answers this question. So I am setting up a website for somebody and I want to know what the best practice is regarding domain registration. The companys name...
  2. M

    Keyword targeting Facebook ads

    Can you keyword target Facebook ads at a post level? I only ask because I just posted saying I hope everyone is OK in the floods, and then noticed that the sidebar ad was for I'm assuming it's a coincidence, didn't think you could really keyword target properly, just do it based on...
  3. M

    Goodbye keyword data

    As of today, under the guise of improving privacy, Google are going to start using SSL by default for logged in Google users. Which means query details won't be passed through to the target website: Google claim that...
  4. I

    Sos on SEO for

    Hi, I have two website which I have been trying to get onto the front page of One is 12 months old, another 2 months old which has the keyword in the URL. If anyone had 60 seconds for feedback I would really appreciate it. Have spent all money on photography and web development so...
  5. WhitePhantom

    Traffic Value Optimisation???

    Hi, I've received an email from a potential client asking "Do you use traffic value optimisation.#" I haven't heard of "traffic value optimisation" so I googled it, but I can't find any such thing. Can someone help me out? What is this client referring to? I have outlined in a previous...
  6. andywozhere

    Promoting your Blog

    Anybody care to share a few tips on promoting your blog?
  7. irelandwebsitedesign

    How much work needs to be done?

    Hi Guys, Some iv been learning alot about SEO but some basic ideas and questions im still finding hard to get information on! Now lets say I have a shoe shop website and Im number 2 for that search term and another website is number 1. Is there any method to discover how much work I will need...
  8. I

    Dropping down the Ranking

    Hi Guys Looking for a bit of help if anyone can I would be very much appreciated I am pretty new to SEO so please be patient So I am trying to do the SEO on a site I look after (Ishka Sports Camping Equipment, Massage Equipment, Swimming Equipment) ,my problems started when after a webinar...
  9. R

    Best value SEO software

    What is the best value SEO software out there at the moment? I have currently got a lot busier with the SEO side of my job and I am finding myself restricted by the free versions of SEO Power Suite and also by the free version of Traffic Travis. I find SEO Power Suite good but I'm not sure...
  10. T

    Link building tips for directory owners

    This is an article i wrote on my blog, it shows ways of building back links whether for a directory or a website, although its targeted at directory owners, but you can take away some basic tips. The best way to build quality back links is to register with forums and post with your link and...
  11. M - New e-commerce site selling travel size toiletries

    Would appreciate any feedback on"][/URL] Some SEO stuff (title tags etc) and T+C still outstanding, but other than that I be glad of any errors spotted or suggestions for improvements. Thanks
  12. R

    Move to new domain to cater for new products. Effect on search engine ranking.

    Hi, I am hoping you experts out there can offer me some advice on my situation. Its a bit long winded and contains a number of questions but hope its clear. Say I have the site (not my site just for illustration purposes) and it appears very high up in search results for terms...
  13. T

    Google Keyword Tool Analysis - Huge Anomalies

    Has anyone else experienced huge differences in Keyword results? Example, I searched back in March for a few Terms, found a nice double combo with a good strong Local (Local = Ireland, Lang = Eng etc etc) Monthly of 720. It had a nice even spread across the 12 month range. So we purchased the...
  14. N

    Google keyword tracking tool

    I made a tool for tracking website positions in Google for different keywords. Tracking keywords requires registration, since the positions are saved, but one of the features I made is the ability to share a site's statistics with others, like this: Position in Google - Google Keyword Position...
  15. S

    New Site selling links, let me know what you think :)

    i guys, Intend to start selling links direct to Joe public instead of agencies, so am launching new site with low priced packages. Can you have a look and let me know what you think. Looking for feedback on design and usability please, haven't carried out onsite SEO or link building on the...
  16. andywozhere

    URL Structure

    I'm having a URL conundrum. I was wondering what people thought was a better URL: /events/comedy/festivals/name-of-festival or /events/name-of-festival The former is more descriptive, but quite long. The latter is much snappier, but not as descriptive. I'm inclined to think the longer URL is...
  17. trickobrien

    Best starting point to create an online shop?

    Seem to be going around in circles on this one.Keyword search volumes and competition isnt producing any clear solution. Would prefer to stick to free traffic initially Every idea seems saturated already.
  18. S

    How to measure phone enquiries on your Website

    Hello. I am interested in tracking phone calls from my website that begin as organic searches. Same for PPC. In other-words, I want to know what keyword search ends queries convert to phone enquiries on my site that ends up in a phonecall to my office. I've come across companies in US and...
  19. D

    5 warning signs of a bad SEO client

    Hi All, Came across this great little post about warning signs of a bad SEO client. Basically the kind of client that is not going to be worth it regardless of the fee. Here is a link to the post Here are the top 5 1. They name-drop books, blogs, and other SEO-related materials in...
  20. H

    cool seo tip for you to enjoy

    Here's a TIP I've found that is... well... super sneaky and cool. If your stuck trying to "out-rank" a certain competitor for keyword(s) in Google (or any other search engines for that matter) here's what I recommend you to, because I've been using it to devistating effect. ... and it's...
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