1. E

    TradeDoubler Ireland | Affiliate Programme

    Hi All, We've got another excellent programme for your review... The price-performance leader for short-run, full-colour printing, offers affordable prices and superb choice. Their extensive list of products draws on brochures, business cards, calendars, folders...
  2. E

    TradeDoubler Ireland | CDWOW! Affiliate Programme

    Hi All, We've a red hot new affiliate programme to shout about - CDWOW! CDWOW! has become an online powerhouse offering best value DVDs, CDs, Games, Blu--ay and Tickets. As a special launch incentive, earn a flat 5% commission for all CDWOW! sales processed from now until December 31st...
  3. E

    TradeDoubler Ireland | Affiliate Programme

    Hi All, TradeDoubler Ireland launch the Number 1 phenomenon everyone is talking about -'s revolutionary auction concept is taking Ireland by storm! It's the brand new phenomenon everyone is talking about where new products such as Nintendo Wiis, iPods, laptops, digital...
  4. S

    What is your definition of SEO?

    In your own words what is your definition of SEO?
  5. andywozhere

    Too many navigation links?

    I recently (about 10 days ago) added internal links to the footer of my site on The idea was to help users navigate the site more easily. However in the past three days or so I have noticed a fairly steep decline in people arriving on the site. I'm thinking that Google...
  6. C

    Foreign Language SEO

    Hi all, I have an Irish ecommerce site that is also translated into French. I'm very happy with search performance for my Irish based site. However, we launched a .fr version of the site with French as the primary langauge and kept the English translation. The problem is this. The English...
  7. V

    Content Network??

    Hello, My boss is keen for us to start using Google's content network for what we want to push most on our website. I know we can specify sort of what age group and what kind of sites we can use... but I was wondering do you need to turn the content network on in full before you can be more...
  8. M

    Giveaway of the Day - Site Content Analyzer

    Disclaimer: I know nothing about this software and it may in fact be utter rubbish (given the few ratings are 2/5 it probably is). However, today's "Giveaway of the day" is Site Content Analyzer 3, which apparently scans your website and does some kind of keyword/internal link analysis. Free...
  9. I

    hi all I'm new to Irish Web Master Forum and would appreciate a design and SEO review of our (newish) website for the Irish weddings market. Thanks in advance!
  10. A

    directory submission

    hello every one I am new in seo any one please tell me how can i add my site to seo directory? Thanks in advance
  11. E

    TradeDoubler Ireland | Affiliate Programme

    Hi All, Today we launch our first sports retail programme - Champion Sports. Established in 1992, Champion Sports is the leading retailer of sports clothing and footwear in Ireland. Already boasting a high quality network of 22 stores in Ireland's premium retail locations, Champion Sports...
  12. M

    Webmaster Tools top search queries

    The webmaster tools dashboard lists the top search queries for your site and what position you appear in - but for which regional search? I'm presuming if you've told GWT that you're targeting Ireland that these positions are based on ? But are the listed queries those that were...
  13. G

    [SEOMoz]link building has changed

    Interesting article from Randfish of SEOMoz about the evolution of Link building : SEOmoz | Link Building Has Changed
  14. D

    Falling on the wrong side of Google

    Hi, I appear to have incurred some penalties. I believe I know why too. I'm just not sure what the best way of fixing it is. I have some sites that are all inter-linked. That makes sense for users. However the sites are fairly heavily interlinked and are all on the same subnet. They also...
  15. G

    Online website analysis tool

    Hi, I'm just wondering if someone knew the best online website analysis tool, something for load times, errors, SEO that kind of thing. I'm pieceing things together from a few different sites I know of but I was wondering if there was one central one, hopefully a freebie of some kind. Thanks Gary
  16. mneylon

    Topic Of The Month December, 2009

    Which post should win this month's contest? Choose from the topics (posts/threads) listed throughout the forum(s), and vote for your favourite post now. What is Topic Of The Month? Topic of the Month is a contest that select posts on which we would like the community to commit to as a...
  17. W

    Is my site over optimized??

    I've gone down the serp on " wedding video cork" Have I over done on my page with seo? Was no 1. I'm ranking well for "wedding video" Ashmore Wedding Videos. Cork based. Wedding Video and Wedding DVD.
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