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    Configuration of Multi-Warehouse

    Hello everyone! For those who are interested in multiple warehouse functionality in Magento, here is the most comprehensive article on the configuration of Multi-Warehouse: Magento: Configuration of Multi-Warehouse
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    Shopping Cart Help + User Reviews << Post Here

    Hi, I have a small business client building an online shop as an addon to their offline store and ebay. The volume is not big, so I am not looking for something like Magento (nor does the client has the budget for it). So far I’ve been looking at several providers, both self and cloud...
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    Paypal Micropayments

    Has anyone ever used this? Seems to be an option where you can set your account up to be charged fees of 5% + €0.05, instead of the standard 3.4% + €0.35. Which works out cheaper for anything below €18.75. Applies to all transactions on your account, but useful if you have a large volume of low...
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    One Step Checkout for Magento: UPDATES

    GoMage LightCheckout is One Step Checkout for Magento allows your customers to enjoy fast, easy checkout by combining all the steps into one page only. By simplifying the process, you will increase your online sales. GoMage has modified its Magento One Step Checkout, so a lot of the Payment and...
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    Magento Feed Manager: The Most Viable Option for Marketing & Managing Online Store

    Magento assures you of improved traffic through effective product promotion, enhanced search engine optimization and better ads. Magento provides your online store with more product visibility through improved search engine optimization. Also, Magento gives your web store a top ranking in search...
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    One Step Checkout for Magento: more payment and shipping methods

    GoMage LightCheckout is One Step Checkout for Magento allows your customers to enjoy fast, easy checkout by combining all the steps into one page only. By simplifying the process, you will increase your online sales. GoMage LightCheckout now supports more payment and shipping methods, and...
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    Agora Shopping Cart

    Hi I am quoting a project for an existing site hat has the Agora shopping cart. now I know there are as many shopping carts as there are Manchester United supporters in Hong Kong so don't want the usual flood of OSCommerce makes me weak at the knees, Magento is my lifelong love etc etc.. Just...
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    Developer wanted to finish Magento website - 90% finished

    I was hoping someone could recommend a developer who is in interested in finishing off an eCommerce website (Magento). Let down last min by developer.. Everything is done bar some creative suggestions needed to make the site more engaging/interactive. Got a price earlier of €250 but the guy...
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    Overriding apache error log

    I'm trying to track down an issue with a PHP 'white screen of death', which isn't generating any visible log entries. I'm guessing it's either a permissions or memory issue. I'm on shared hosting, with no shell access. I've overridden the php error log in .htaccess, and confirmed with phpinfo...
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    "County" address field usability - dropdown or text?

    I had the "county" field on our billing/shipping address fields as free text. While tidying up something related, I populated a couple of Magento tables with county details, and now find that once there's data in those tables it automatically hides the text field and replaces it with a...
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    Need to build an Commerce site - Advice please?

    Hi, I need to build an eCommerce site to sell approx 20 products to consumers in Ireland. I am fairly computer savvy but know nothing about web development. I've looked at and got quotes from a couple of web development companies ( and Their prices vary from...
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    Hosted ecommerce store solutions

    I want to publish a webstore for a limited company. As this is a new venture with very limited funding I essentially want to get it up and running asap. I've looked a wordpress ecommerce plugins and shopping carts but I want to avoid dealing with technical issues. Ideally I want to pay for a...
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    Cart that can do this?

    Hi all, I am about to embark on the construction of a new site and would like some advice. The site will be laid out like a standard e-commerce store but the vast majority of products (about 200) will not be available to actually purchase online.I want visitors to be able to view product...
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    Magento acquired by eBay

    Just got an e-mail from Magento informing me that they've been acquired by eBay. Apparently they're going to keep developing the Magento line (Community/Enterprise/Mobile and Go editions) while collaborating with eBay on developing a new open source platform called "X.Commerce". From the...

    Who is best for Magento hosting?

    Hi, We currently have a site with 10K products which our current hosting can't handle. We have been looking around at different hosting providers and have a few questions. What about cloud hosting? At the moment we are only small but hope to get bigger and any cloud package I look at...
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