1. Amasty

    Magento and SugarCRM synchronization

    Amasty released a new extension - Magento SugarCRM Bridge that will help you ptimize your business processes through Magento and SugarCRM synchronization. The extension features include: Synchronization process with no cron job Export online buyers and orders to SugarCRM Easily configure...
  2. Amasty

    Protect your Magento store with Cloud Backup

    Magento Cloud Backup extension by Amasty will effectively protect your site from any data loss. Use flexible settings to automatically copy and store the whole database or particular files on a separate server with easy and prompt access. Cloud Backup extension by Amasty will let you: Make...
  3. Amasty

    Get Call for Price extension for Magento!

    Amasty released a new module - Magento Call for Price. It will let you: Replace product prices with custom messages Select customers to hide product prices from Select pages where prices won’t be displayed Hide product prices for particular products Encourage customers to call for pricing...
  4. P

    Magento and

    Hi just putting out some feelers if anyone running magento and uses DPD, either has an intergration solution for them or would be interested in a magento extensions for Reply here or PM me
  5. E

    Hosting Company

    Hi to all, couldnt find a into section to say Hi, Im looking for some advice please. I currently have a website hosted by 365, and have been with them for the last 4 years, Im kind of thinking about moving to another hosting company. The website i have i created using the website...
  6. Amasty

    Download Magento Promotions Manager FREE!

    Amasty is happy to make your summer brighter! We've recently made our Promotions Manager extension completely free, lifetime! The extension adds 3 additional columns to the grid: Action (the type of discount action, e.g. fixed amount discount); Discount (discount amount); Stop (whether...
  7. Datacol

    Datacol - versatile website extractor for IWF members at half price!

    Datacol5 is a Windows program developed for automated website information harvesting. On the video below you can find out how Datacol5 can help you while: - analyzing online classifieds; - monitoring product prices; - filling online shop; - posting web site and discussion forum; - other...
  8. Amasty

    Magento Product Reviews extension by Amasty: no duplicate content anymore!

    Amasty is happy to announce that Product Reviews Magento extension has bee released! Display customer reviews right on product page and avoid content duplication. You can visit the extension page to find out more.
  9. Amasty

    Google Rich Snippets for Magento

    Amasty is happy to announce that Google Rich Snippets Magento extension has bee released! It's here to help your products stand out in the SERPs. Use easily adjustable rich snippets for highlighting any site information you need. Significantly increase your visibility and draw highly targeted...
  10. I

    Base currency per product in Magento

    Whether you are a merchant with products supplied from different countries or a person who owns a marketplace website, this solution will prove helpful to you. It allows each of your products to have and remain its original currency price which will be subsequently used for exchange rate...
  11. T

    Most economic SSL Certificate

    Hi All, I am new to e-commerce but know I need to get an SSL Certificate to encrypt users data but just wondering what the best one is. I seen an advertisment for a godaddy one that is "Up to 256-bit encryption from $19.95 USD per year" Which is great but just wondering why Blacknight are...
  12. G

    Magento Navigation

    The Layered Navigation plays a huge role in Magento store because it satisfies the customers’ needs. We suggest to consider how to create the navigation in Magento and also the advantages of the Magento Advanced Navigation use. Principals Every site engaged in trade or every site represents any...
  13. G

    Improving Shopping Cart during the ages

    Nobody has ever thought with how much comfort a simple cart provides us at the store. Let’s imagine that you have forgotten to take it at the beginning of your shopping process at a supermarket. What would be in this case? The products would fall down on the floor out of your hands. The...
  14. G

    Red-letter edition of Advanced Navigation version 4.2

    The professionally developed navigation helps you not only to drive a car to a final destination, but also have other advantages in your life. Magento Layered Navigation makes life easier, and GoMage Advanced Navigation extension improves your sites navigation features, helps your customers to...
  15. G

    GoMage New Year’s Gift for the customers: Product Designer

    If you have an apparel, mobile devices, mugs, caps store or so on, you will be impressed with a new GoMage extension for Magento platform: Attract New Customers with GoMage Product Designer Impress your customers with the new ability at your store. Let them to customize apparel, mobile...
  16. G

    Login Improvement for your Magento stores

    Social networks have a widespread meaning for each of us. The majority of people has their own account connected at least with one of the social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google (+), Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit and so on. How can this possessing of the social account help you in a daily...
  17. G

    Your design have no brakes!

    Almost every person dreams of trying her/his powers in design. Sometimes people have an amazing taste, but they are unable to express it in a daily life. This desire fills in your soul and you long to become a famous designer, no matter what sphere of life it is, for example, a furniture...
  18. G

    Feed export and quality is a recipe to success

    Feed Manager is an essential tool in a daily profit of your Magento store. The right shopping engine and skillfully compiled feed file are two main items that help you to increase your sales. The sales season is coming… Halloween, Christmas, and New Year are the time of present choosing and...
  19. G

    Great Magento opportunity is a multistore Magento Installation

    Magento platform provides the wide range of abilities and one of the most important features is the multistore installation. You are able to manage more than one Magento store on a single Magento Installation. All the stores are managed from the same admin panel, but each store frontend has its...
  20. G

    Join our Magento community

    More Magento sites - more Magento forums. People are in a hurry to share their problems, issues, errors and the best solutions to fix them. Getting a qualified Magento help free of charge is difficult nowadays. But GoMage team has decided to break this stereotype. We are glad to introduce...
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