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  1. Lemans

    How I Earn My First 1000$ Per Month

    I will be very short, First I build blog and do some SEO, I set-up mailing list, social profiles etc. after my blog gets 3000+ visits per day I create product for my niche (worth 24$). I bought domain name for my product and create great landing page. When I add new useful article on my blog I...
  2. H

    1 Idea To Help You Make More Money With Email

    I just want to throw an idea out there and see if you guys like it or not, it's something I want to "test" before throwing open to everyone... Assuming you've got or building an email list; If I wrote a promotional email sequence for your mailing list using my experience with email...
  3. piardog

    Text Marketing Advice

    Hi All, Is there anybody here doing text marketing for businesses in Ireland? If so, can you recommend any reliable company that I could contact regarding setting up a few campaigns for one of my clients and any idea of the costs. Thank You Danny: :confused:
  4. Z

    Mailing Lists

    Not sure if this is the right area so please feel free to move to a more appropriate place if needed. I'm looking for advice on a free PHP based mailing list for a monthly news letter where I can easily integrate into an existing PHP based site and people can subscribe/un-subscribe and if...
  5. lostie

    Best Multi-user Mailing list software?

    Hi, I'm wondering what the best software you would recommend for me given the following requirements would be: - Multiple lists and admins for each list (approx 100 required at present) - up to 10k subscribers in each list - Easy management of lists for non-technical users. - The ability to...
  6. mneylon

    DadaMail Updated

    Dada Mail is a Contemporary Mailing List Manager
  7. S

    trinity conference on sofware?

    I was informed by my sis that there is a conferance on in trinity about sofware and web design I went over to trinity but saw no sign of it anyone know anything about it or have details Thanks
  8. B

    Limit of emails is 250 - solution?

    Hi guys; I work for free with an arts organisation and we have approx 900 on our mailing list, which uses Mailman software. Our email address is on our web hosting service, a fairly basic package with cpanel. Just a few days ago Mailman software sent us hundreds of emails - one for each on...
  9. immediate

    My free online web forms builder

    Form Kid: Form Kid - Create online HTML forms free. Spent 3 weeks building this app that helps you create and manage online forms. You can create contact forms, survey forms, data entry forms and invitation forms or whatever you may think of. It's extremely versatile. Check out a contact form...
  10. byronyasgur

    anniversary notification

    i know this is a bit of tall order but i am not a mailing list software expert so maybe there's a system that could do it somehow. A client wants me to set up a newletter system with the following criteria 1 people have the option to fill in an anniversary and/or birthday field when...
  11. byronyasgur

    newsletter software

    i have a part time project which uses an email list ( currently around 300 ) ... before i used to just send out a basic email with a couple of images in it but the latest one i did in a newsletter style and built a template in thunderbird .. however i got into huge difficulties ( i wont bore you...
  12. mneylon

    Is Your Business On Facebook?

    Since I guess quite a few of you have Facebook fan pages maybe people would like to share them? Feel free to reply with a link to yours and maybe a small description (not spammy please)
  13. B

    Simple php job

    Im putting together a basic webpage for a mates band. One feature i want to include is the "download of song". In brief, if a user wants to download the track they have to enter their name and email (mailing list) into associated text boxes, once the info is entered they are shown a pop up...
  14. W

    Joomla Help

    Need someone to help me with a Joomla website - just need to update content and haven't used Joomla before. Thanks!
  15. B

    how to group send html/pdf Newsletter to HSE clients if text is their default setting

    I'm trying to figure out away to distribute our company's newsletter to clients within the HSE. My contacts there tell me that text-only emails are the norm and internet is restricted. Ideally I would have liked to have use constant contact because of the functionality it offers but even...
  16. B

    Simple PHP mailing list script

    Hey all, I want to put together a simple and minimalistic page that will complete the following. The CSS and html is sorted, whats left is the php script. When a user opens the web page they will see an image, underneath that will be a small paragraph of text asking them to enter there...
  17. A

    'Legal' spam ??

    HI Folks Apologies if this is the wrong place to post this - if it needs to be moved to a different section please feel free.... Anyway - don't you just love being spammed by people who've harvested email addresses at random, and are trying to sell you stuff that you don;t want or need ? Even...
  18. P

    domain scam ?

    Got this to the info@ and via web contact form today. Notice that the email is wjile the domain is not that I want to register the .hk, more I am wondering is this the latest type of scam going on . As far as I can see it would seem so. It was a new one to me.
  19. C

    Avoid These Email Marketing Mistakes

    Email marketing is a tricky area though and it is easy to make common email marketing mistakes if you don’t know the right methods to use. This can be frustrating for you as it will cost you money yet not generate any additional sales. Here are some common email marketing mistakes and pitfalls...
  20. E

    New Website Launch |

    Hi All, Good news a TradeDoubler publisher launched a new site this morning. Check it out... After nine years of covering breaking technology news at, we have watched our readers' appetite for gadget-related stories and product reviews grow...
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