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  1. H

    Hello everybody !

    I would like to take a moment to introduce myself to everybody in this forum. I've been working in the internet from last few year and Blog Tips | Computer Tips | Wat Remover | BlogTipsWorld.Com is my blog to show what i did last few years that make money online, blogging tips, SEO tips.... I...
  2. spagettilegs

    White Hat v Blackhat SEO

    just wondering if anyone can tell me the difference between blackhat SEO and whitehat SEO? Seems to me that any link thats not completely natural is blackhat?
  3. P

    Making Money Online ??

    Hello Everybody, I have been following several of the big bloggers in America who make money online from niche sites through Google Adsense, affiliate programs etc etc. But I never really hear them talking about the business side of the work like setting up a company, paying tax / vat etc etc...
  4. trickobrien

    Follow me,follow you

    The internet is like a lot of things in life-Give most people a chance to follow and they will follow-people like to follow,whats cool,whats positive,whats strong,whats convenient... -i like to follow....:adoration:
  5. B

    Give away something for free..

    most probably you already read somewhere that giving away a free ebook will get you tons of visitors - I tried this myself and to be honest it wasnt such a great success -But I still like the idea to give someting away for free - a great idea would to give something away for free which is sort...
  6. mneylon

    Affiliate Software?

    Can anyone recommend software to run an affiliate program? It needs to be LAMP I'm not too concerned about costs, but I am concerned about its ability to scale and track sales / affiliates sanely
  7. B

    How to make online money

    First of all you should be careful with programs that offer you to earn money very quickly. Money can be made online, but not super fast, unless you have a good plan, and put in a lot of hard work. Those people that want to make money quick, is usually the people that will be scammed. There...
  8. R

    Good day all

    My name is Robert, I am a Business man open to new tendencies
  9. K

    What are benefits of Pay Per Click Advertising

    Pay per click advertising works because: * By using the bidding system, similar to how an action works,everyone can compete on a level playing field. * Pay per click is cost efficient. * Results are measurable. * It's extremely well targeted. * Pay per click is the...
  10. G

    Blogging for profit, Recommend Book & Course for Beginner

    Hi Can anyone recommend to me, any good books or even courses (dvds, mannual, CD etc) that I could get on Blogging for Profit. As in using Blogs to promote your small business. or i am also writing an E Book on self defence soon, as teach self defence, so I wanted to get a blog going in...
  11. A

    Requesting review for my website

    Please provide feedback for my website.Affiliate Marketing concepts and free to join affiliate programs directory You can also add your affiliate program for free by clicking on the "Add Program" menu at the top. ------------------------------------------ Affiliate Marketing concepts and free...
  12. mneylon

    Monetization Links

    If you know of any handy links to help people monetise their sites please add them here: Monetizing WordPress Plugins « Lorelle on WordPress Monetise it! Tips, tricks and news to help you make money online
  13. mneylon

    Useful Links For Bloggers

    If you know of any useful links for bloggers (in general) please add them below: Blog Engines: Movable Type: Publishing Platform for Business Blogs and Professionals WordPress › Blog Tool and Weblog Platform Textpattern | Community plumbing
  14. ButtermilkJack

    Sunday Indo Article re AdSense & Blogs

    I was reading an interesting article in last Sundays Life magazine (Sunday Indo) about blogs and AdSense. The general impression is that this is a relatively easy way to earn a significant amount of money from relatively low outlay. I have always been planning on incorporating AdSense into some...
  15. mneylon

    What Do You Use For Your Blog?

    If you run a blog, what do you use?
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