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  1. nauert

    Virtually free traffic with uvioo

    There's a lot of controversy about this site on the internet. Many people are trying to make money sharing YouTube videos at UVioo(you view) and getting angry because they aren't getting paid due to the fact that they are not generating enough traffic to cash out with the program. I did some...
  2. F

    want to get .ie domain

    Hi, Just looking for some info, peoples experience etc. I have a site Calorie Healthy Free Calorie Counter and Diet Planner where i offer a free calorie planner/ fitness planner and plenty of other tools embeded. it does not make revenue, in fact cost. I did not really create the site to...
  3. H

    Hello everybody !

    I would like to take a moment to introduce myself to everybody in this forum. I've been working in the internet from last few year and Blog Tips | Computer Tips | Wat Remover | BlogTipsWorld.Com is my blog to show what i did last few years that make money online, blogging tips, SEO tips.... I...
  4. B

    What are your views on the new Facebook 'Promotion' Post?

    I personally have mixed views on this. On the one hand yes it's great that Facebook are giving page admin the opportunity to reach more of their fans but then on the other hand it's almost as if Facebook are pushing page admins to advertise with the promotion application. Also on that note, the...
  5. spagettilegs

    White Hat v Blackhat SEO

    just wondering if anyone can tell me the difference between blackhat SEO and whitehat SEO? Seems to me that any link thats not completely natural is blackhat?
  6. M

    2 .ie Domains

    Hi, I have 2 .ie domains: ComparePetInsurance & CompareHomeInsurance. I am currently developing other sites at the moment and dont have time to do anything with these for the time being. In the meantime does anyone have any idea how I can market and make money from these domains?
  7. dreamweaver

    internet marketing course

    Hi all I am loking for info on an online internet marketing course and wonder would someone reccomend one, I see the internet business mastery has one for 67 dollars a month but wondering if anyone has completed it or would reccomend a better one, many thanks
  8. P

    Making Money Online ??

    Hello Everybody, I have been following several of the big bloggers in America who make money online from niche sites through Google Adsense, affiliate programs etc etc. But I never really hear them talking about the business side of the work like setting up a company, paying tax / vat etc etc...
  9. S - The new way to trade on odds, Affiliates welcome!

    What is Oddsfutures allows its users to “bet on the betting” and not on the outcome of sporting events, to profit from predicting the market instead of winners. On, users profit by correctly predicting the direction of horse odds. It’s the ideal way for...
  10. H

    Review needed here

    Hey, pals! I want to introduce to you the site of mine www EPOM.COM. This is kind of alternative Ad Exchange Platform and I suppose a good one. I want you to tell me all Pros and Cons of my site: design, content and the service especially. Hope you will enjoy it. And yep, any criticism is...
  11. trickobrien

    Follow me,follow you

    The internet is like a lot of things in life-Give most people a chance to follow and they will follow-people like to follow,whats cool,whats positive,whats strong,whats convenient... -i like to follow....:adoration:
  12. M - New e-commerce site selling travel size toiletries

    Would appreciate any feedback on"][/URL] Some SEO stuff (title tags etc) and T+C still outstanding, but other than that I be glad of any errors spotted or suggestions for improvements. Thanks
  13. N

    .ie hosting?

    Can people please discuss how they manage their .ie domains? We recently had a new website designed. Same .ie domain. We're paying a dublin company approx 40pa to host which is fine. The company which designed the new website want 200pa (separately) to host our website on their server. We find...
  14. Zascar

    My little internet business venture - feedback appreciated :)

    Hey guys, I would appreciate your feedback on a new website I have started. The site is - many of you will already be familiar with the 'fiverr' concept - but if not have a read of this blog post: Quote: is a new website where people can buy and sell simple products...
  15. andywozhere

    Reselling Hosing

    I was wondering if someone might be able to give me an idea of how reselling hosting works? I'm kind of thinking reselling might make sense for me, but I don't really want the responsibility of having to look after other people's hosting ad infinitum.
  16. T

    3rd Party SEO Companies Touting for Business

    Have you found many of your customers are being targeted by SEO Companies (residing outside Ireland - usually UK or India)? Its become such a guaranteed scenario within about a week of a new site going live, that we have to educate all our customers to expect it. Depending on the size of your...
  17. P

    Adwords - Network: automatic placements

    What is the story with sites like the following (all the same format): Obviously Google loves them as these sites bring in the clicks and the sites themselves make money. I went through a friends campaign and these sites have cost her quite a few bob...
  18. G

    Reg .ie

    I have a personal interest or hobby website, non profit and its about 3 years old , I own the .com and .eu and now want to reg the .ie before some one else does. What's the best way of doing this should I try to reg it in my own name, its a bit of a waste registering a business name just for...
  19. R

    How I make some extra money from my websites time every week.

    Hi there, I own a couple of websites that I started pretty much as a hobby. Never actually believed you could make money from them. So I stated with Google Adsense and make a whole €4.54 in my first week! I have since move on to farmore lucrative monetisation methods which don't include ugly...
  20. T

    Hitfile - We pay unprecedented 60% for purchased premium accounts!

    Dear forum users! Answer to this question! How much you lose because of users, who possess enough money, but because of free download option don't buy any premium account? With the help of you'll be able to cover every user capable of buying access and thus maximize your...
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