1. A

    apache / zeus

    Hi i have built a website using drupal 7 on an apache server. i have my own files and sql db file. The hosting provider i am using is Register365 (namesco) their server is zeus. I want to upload my website but their support is simply useless!! Each time i try to upload the db i get an internal...
  2. M

    Wordpress Plugin Pagination Help...

    There is pagination on a Wordpress plugin I'm using and I not getting any response from the writer. Basically I just want to find out how to display the pagination like this: < 1 2 3 4 ... 20 > It would be great if anyone could help. Thanks in advance. Here is the code: $pr =...
  3. B

    CTR's on Google's Top Positions

    I have been reading many articles and lots of SEO's seem to use Google CTR for the top positions as a indicator as to how much traffic you may receive. It's something like: Pos 1: 42% Pos 2: 12% Pos 3: 8% Pos 4: 6% etc etc (can't remember of the top of my head but it's something like...
  4. J

    Please review the site

    Hi there, I recently helped a friend of mind with her website. The site address is Accessorise Your Wedding, the website is very basic as my friend is a startup. I would like a review with a view to improving the site and making it SEO friendly. I am not an expert in SEO so your feedback is...
  5. F

    Forums: The Half Way Point

    What's coming after forums? To explore this question, let's start with the past. The Past My grandfather and his WWI generation grew up in crowded city tenements common at the time. Once my grandfather had his own business, he moved to a modest house on a city side street. The houses were...
  6. denisf

    Meta description words in bold - How is this done

    I recently see that some sites have some phrases in their meta description highlighted bold. How is this achieved? Regards Denis
  7. R

    Move to new domain to cater for new products. Effect on search engine ranking.

    Hi, I am hoping you experts out there can offer me some advice on my situation. Its a bit long winded and contains a number of questions but hope its clear. Say I have the site (not my site just for illustration purposes) and it appears very high up in search results for terms...
  8. T

    Google Keyword Tool Analysis - Huge Anomalies

    Has anyone else experienced huge differences in Keyword results? Example, I searched back in March for a few Terms, found a nice double combo with a good strong Local (Local = Ireland, Lang = Eng etc etc) Monthly of 720. It had a nice even spread across the 12 month range. So we purchased the...
  9. S

    VPS or dedicated????

    Currently only have a VPS in Ireland for clients, which def cant hold anymore. Would I be better with a dedicated solutions for Ecommerce sites, or more VPS (1 per client - expensive)
  10. mutantspace

    coding problem with redirect on home page on wordpress site

    hi there. have a strange problem. Last week I moved my site from to Its a multi user wordpress site. In the process of the move (my host providers did it) files went missing/blanked/moved. Everything is nearly back to normal except for one key thing. You can...
  11. mneylon

    Which browser extensions for seo?

    Which browser extensions (if any) are people using to check sites?
  12. mneylon

    Google+ Integrations

    A few handy tips and tricks for integrating Google+ into your blog (or other site): HOW TO: Integrate Google+ into Your WordPress Site NB: Since Google hasn't officially "blessed" any of them they might have a limited shelf life :)
  13. Bernard McNamee

    One or more domains

    Hi folks, I'm new to this domain. I hope to check in from time to time and contribute where I can. Now I have a question. If I use extra domains to create referral links to the main domain, will I lose or gain? Lose by not having hits directly versus Gain by having extra referral links from...
  14. php.allstar

    .htaccess 301 redirect and wordpress

    Hi, I regularly post replies to people on here looking for help woth various php issues. Now however, I would like some help myself! I have updated my website to use classipress which is a classifieds ads theme for wordpress. Now I would like to point all the old links to their...
  15. B

    Optimising with Prefernce

    Hi Guys, Here's one & correct me if I'm wrong - when optimising large scale sites is it more important to optimise the main nav bar pages in terms of meat data, content, anchor text, inbound links, alt tags, etc etc... (then use these as your primary pages). Then, put lesser emphasis on side...
  16. L

    Welcoming the Google and Blacknight Get Irish Businesses Online (GIBO) Initiative

    I think that this will be really good for the Irish economy but especially for the Irish Web Design and Development community. The aim is to get some 40% of Irish businesses (25k) online in the next 12 months with their own website, adwords, domain and hosting...(well you've read the Press...
  17. figment

    Wildcard .htaccess redirect

    Hi Guys, i want to redirect ALL links from an old website to ONE single page (Root) on a new domain. The code I have is: Redirect 301 / This tries to match the original directory path on the new domain eg: will redirect to ...
  18. B

    Anchor text - Good Places

    Hi I've been thinking about anchor text & how to be creative. Let say I'm looking to get ranked for 'home improvements' To get coverage & lots of links would this work well in a monthly newsletter? *Also any other good ideas out there?
  19. B

    Keyword Friendly domain

    I've been pondering the idea of a new domain for a client. He's in the learner driving industry - hypothetically speaking so I don't give the domain name away. I did some research & found that 'lessons driving' was available it's local monthly search is 45,000. Here's the issue I am having...
  20. A

    Where to go from here with SEO?

    Last summer I hired someone to do some SEO work on my website. At the time the site was designed completely in Flash. (When I built the site I didn't realize that Google didn't like Flash!) The company I hired didn't make any SEO changes to the actual site because I had done some work with...
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