1. Geoff Boyle

    Home routing question

    Ok, so this isn't a web hosting question but it's routing and I don't know a better place to ask. My home network is in the range 192.168.1.x I have a Roku box, basically it provides SD and HD video streams from the US and pops them out onto my TV via HDMI. It's a box of loveliness. In...
  2. M

    Social media - not for everyone

    Just came across this article on IIA: Ryanair, Tesco come last in eCommerce sociability survey With the current panic where every business regardless of size decides they must have a facebook page, it's worth noting that one of the biggest online retailers has no social media presence. The...
  3. V

    Getting Irish Business Online - any stats available on the update?

    Are there any statistics available on the uptake of this initiative? Anyone feeling the benefit or otherwise of the anticipated "ripple effect" yet?
  4. M

    Set of contact icons?

    Anyone recommend a decent set of contact icons (free for commercial use)? Nothing fancy, just something that include facebook, twitter, phone and e-mail Or even what I should be googling - "social media icons" give me sets that don't include phone and e-mail, most of the "contact icons" sets...
  5. M


    I'm curious to know if you're using HTML5 to build your next upcoming website.
  6. mneylon

    Facebook Being Sued in Irish Courts

    Facebook Being Sued By JP McManus | Social Media Expert Not a huge amount of detail, but I suspect we'll hear more in the coming days / weeks
  7. G

    Copyright and Plagiarism

    I own and share a few websites which provide historical information to our visitors, all our material comes from primary sources, research is time consuming sometimes expensive, myself and my colleagues make regular trips to Archives and Library's in Ireland and the UK gathering and transcribing...
  8. mneylon

    Social Media Awards?

    Anyone going?
  9. Maggie

    no audio device

    Hi All Have no idea what I have done but I am now with audio device on my computer - is there any way I can get this back without too much trouble -
  10. mneylon

    Social Media Awards Finalists Announced

    Finalists: 2011 Bord Gais Energy Social Media Awards | Social Media Awards
  11. mneylon

    Competitive Analysis

    Good read - must try it out :) Competitive Analysis in Under 60 Seconds Using Google Docs | SEOmoz
  12. mneylon

    Key Points On Social Media for business?

    I'm giving a presentation in a couple of weeks on social media for business. Which are the most important points from a business perspective in your own view?
  13. B

    No Follow's

    Hi Guys, Are there any good techniques for postings on blogs that don't have 'no follow' links? I've posted few comments lately & noticed they are no follow's. Any advise as to counter act this...
  14. T

    Microsoft finally Buys Skype

    Pending regulatory approval, the 8.5 Billion Dollar deals is likely to go ahead! Google and Microsoft are of course bitter enemies, while Facebook and Microsoft are partners. It will be interesting to see what this means for their future. Interesting to see folks views here. More info at...
  15. B

    Looking to enter the USA

    Hi, I have customer that wants to sell products in America (not specified where yet). They sell children toys. Normally I submit Irish sites to Irish Directories, build links in Ireland, used Irish Keywords, set Google Account for Ireland, Google Places etc. I'm also thinking I'll need to...
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