money making

  1. stradecke

    is there any tips for more money making on adsense

    Help please some days i make $10 dollars a day and others i only make $1 on adsense with same amount of clicks. is there any tips to make more every day...
  2. M

    Postgraduate diploma in online marketing and advertising or affiliate marketing?

    Hi! I have a question. Is it a sense to pay 2000eurous for postgraduate diploma in online marketing and advertising or better use that one year and money making my own affiliate business or some similar online earning stuff??? I cant decide to take that course in fitzwilliam institute or no, I...
  3. M

    Earn money with a website

    Hello, I would like to know if there are good free ways to earn money with a website. Thanks
  4. L

    All my websites Hacked

    I have about 5 websites across various platforms with Hosting 365 and all have been hacked today!!,:mad: first I thought it was just one but now I see its all of them. I've sent support tickets to 365 but haven't received a reply yet so will ring them first thing in the morning. Will it be...
  5. W

    How to Target Dads

    Hi folks, Many of the products we sell are aimed at young children. The obvious target for advertising and marketing is young mums. It's quite easy to target mums as there are LOADS of websites dedicated to women, parenting, pregnancy and mothers. For example,,
  6. G

    Have Ryanair gone nuts?

    By nuts, I don't mean by their attempts to charge for using their luxury onboard toilets but rather, Ryanair seem to be advertising their competitors via Google Adsense?? I'm not sure if they have been doing this for long but surely this is plain stupidity??
  7. T

    What's your typical day?

    I'm interested to see the typical day of the webmasters on here. When I finished my leaving cert almost a month ago, I let myself get into "waster mode" a bit. Late nights, even later mornings, drinking far more than is viable, that sort of thing, and I'm struggling to get out of it. I'd...
  8. Cormac

    Auction Ads - Have you tried it?

    Just wondering if anybody has taken a look at this new-ish money making venture? Auction Ads - Increase the Bid on Your Site's Income! It's an auction portal for eBay items. You can see a demo (and a little review of some of the features) on my blog - Put an Auction on your site with...
  9. mneylon

    Monetisation Challenge!

    For some mad reason I bought The Guillotine and will be shoving it on a server at some point over the next few days It's quirky etc., The problem is monetising it Any ideas? Adsense won't really work I don't think (who bids on guillotine related keywords?)
  10. EdenWeb

    Buying web sites

    Just curious if anyone has any experience of buying an established site. I came across and it's interesting stuff. I'd take the Adsense earnings on some of these with a large shovel of salt and I saw some guy trying to sell a domain for about 15 million dollars last month...
  11. mneylon

    How Many Domains Do You Have?

    I don't think I've run a general poll on this one before :) If I did....
  12. G

    Getting Up Seraching Engine List, help a dummie!!!

    Hi I need to get some Dummies advice about how to get a web site up the serach engines on google. Now I set up a google ad word for my site, there is not much demand in the keyword, so it is cheap (not that I know much about this either). But what puzzels me is how to get on...
  13. grandad

    Golden Spider Awards?

    I'm probably opening a can of worms here [I hope so]. Does anyone have a clue as to the criteria by which Golden Spider Awards are given out? I have been having a quick look at some of the shortlisted sites and frankly I'm baffled. Is it Design? Functionality? Originality? Compliance [ha ha]...
  14. mneylon

    PR Updated? How did you do?

    It looks like Google's PR is finally updating Irish Ecommerce Directory - Online Shopping in Ireland seems to have got a PR of 3 Irish Search and Directory Ireland has risen to 5 BUT this damned site is still stuck at 0 :(
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