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  1. L

    i'm just getting started with affiliate marketing

    i'm a new, any tips on the market?
  2. Byron

    Joomla 1.6 Released

    A little bit of old news at this stage. What are peoples feelings on the release of 1.6. I think it should really fix a few key areas such as user access control and basic SEO as well as deadlinks which is were Joomla could often fall down before. Anyone got any thoughts on how to tackle the...
  3. Irl_Designer

    Chancers in web-design?

    Apologies if this is the wrong place - but it's a general web related question. As I've previously mentioned, I'm working away at all things web and graphic design related and trying to get my name out there (registered my company name this week by the way - keep an eye on my sig) :) This is...
  4. Cormac

    Robot Guidance for better landing page

    Hi guys, A client has a number of pages ranking quite well in the SERPS for a range of approximately 30 keywords. However, the homepage out ranks the interior pages for certain keywords. This is obviously bad since the interior pages are better landing pages. For example the homepage might...
  5. Zascar

    Selling a Domain/Website

    I started this site a few years ago ( but these days i just do not have the time to update it etc. I still think its a great domain and despite me not updating the the site in a long long time it still gets 5000 unique hits a month. I'd love to do something with it but just do...
  6. A

    ArticleEx Invites Bloggers to Register Their Blogs & Start Earning Today!

    ArticleEx[/URL] is open for business and is inviting all bloggers who want to participate in this unique pay-per-post opportunity to register their blogs so that businesses looking for some marketing assistance can start helping you earn more money and drive traffic to your site. By registering...
  7. Sun

    Ebay Partner Network - Pay per Click

    EBay Says;
  8. J

    Hacked Websites - What do you do?

    I have heard reports of a lot of sites ranging from simple 5 page static jobbies to full blown web apps being compromised on Irish hosts lately. Yes of course these things happen all the time, but I'm noticing a lot more security breaches lately than...well ever! I just happened to be looking...
  9. L

    All my websites Hacked

    I have about 5 websites across various platforms with Hosting 365 and all have been hacked today!!,:mad: first I thought it was just one but now I see its all of them. I've sent support tickets to 365 but haven't received a reply yet so will ring them first thing in the morning. Will it be...
  10. seanti

    Cheap shared hosting with shell access?

    Hey guys I've read a few threads on this forum and followed a good few links, but I'm still not sure where to go. I need to move away from the-hosting-service-formerly-known-as-Hosting365 ASAP, because I'm seeing simple blog pages taking 30 seconds to a minute to load (all of that database...
  11. G

    Adwords billing / VAT for business accounts?

    First, let me introduce myself as this is my first post here.So hello all, Im gladkacipka, not irish but living in Ireland for the last few years. Im doing some seo stuff, and just recently started playing with paid traffic(ppc google, yahoo etc.) My adwords account is linked to my irish cc...
  12. B

    New way to make more from website (no need to change other ads).

    Hello, I bet most of you here make some decent earnings from your website/blog every month. But why not make even more ? We offer you an opportunity to make more money from your website /blog without removing or replacing ANY of your ads in your pages. You won’t need to add more ad slots, it...
  13. A

    Web forwarding /

    HI Folks One of those 'frantic rush' jobs. Client has registered the same name in three variants,, .com and .ie and needs them all forwarded to a basic holding page with a simple form on it - until such time as the 'proper' website can be constructed. Trouble is - he's gone ahead and...
  14. bearaman

    Will changing my domain hurt my Google ranking?

    Hi All, I want to replace one of my domains with another without changing content. Only the domain name of the site would change. Would there be any negative impact on the new domain name of doing this with respect to Google rankings and indexing? Thanks, B.
  15. K

    CMS at a Brochure Price

    I have been doing small websites for people in the past couple of years as a sideline and in most cases have just supplied them with a basic brochure site (usually using HTML a bit of PHP and maybe a bit of Javascript) I am however reasonbably experienced in installing and implementing...
  16. A

    Monetising: choose between a website or blog?

    Hi all If you had the choice, which would you do; start a website or a blog, if your goal was to make money from it? The reason is that I'm currently making money off-line (about 100 euro per month) by recommending a service to individuals (in Ireland) and I'm getting paid for referring...
  17. S

    Google Indexing

    Hi, Recently working with a client on their sales strategy for a new website, which I am not looking to promote in this forum in case any eyebrows are raised. I submitted the site to Google, the site was visited back in late Sept and since that time, nothing, nada, zip. I have posted a query...
  18. mneylon

    Developers Raping Irish Heritage Again!

    Old Church on Jones Road Dublin 3 - Irish Architecture Planning Forums What's the maximum fine / penalty that can be imposed for this kind of thing?
  19. S

    Post pics of your car!

    Here is a pic of mine, nice and clean :)
  20. D

    Review my website- gently

    Hi all, I am new here and am not sure if I'm in the correct forum. Blachnight has encouraged me to ask guestions so here I go. I have a website created using a free template (Iowners) for a holiday apartment in France. I know very little about SEO or web design etc but am here to learn. Iowners...
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