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  1. D

    CMS solutions - so many to choose from

    I'm searching for a CMS solution for a community-based website consisting of the following features: Blog/News & Reviews section Forum Shopping cart/product catalogue - probably the single most important aspect Easy customisation using templates RSS Feeds A centralised...
  2. zabbo

    New Adwords trademark policy: Are you affected?

    AdWords Trademark Policy Revision (UK and Ireland) Interesting stuff, I think most affiliates are protected as they normally cover PPC terms in the contract, but in terms of competition on trademarks and branding it's more open, especially on product name search queries.
  3. mneylon

    Any New Year's Resolutions?

    So has anyone made any realistic resolutions?
  4. MickyWall

    Lapsed Adwords Professionals

    Hello, Anyone read the link below and think that being an Adwords professional is an ongoing process? I got the impression once you're qualified that's it, stupid me.:mad:
  5. figment

    Tabs, catagorised adsense

    Guy i came across what seems to be an adsense implementation but i have never seen its type before. Have a look at]Mayfair Radisson Edwardian Hotel London - Reviews & Official Contact Details[/url] In the green...
  6. G

    Easy tutorial for client?

    Anyone know of a good up to date tutorial from a client POV? I'm looking for something like a check-list the client can use to help ensure their campaign is being run properly, came across AKAs' but it's a bit too detailed and a little out of date.....
  7. P

    Salary expectations - too much or too little

    Came up in discussion between a group of people, one in particular felt he was getting screwed over in relation to pay - wondering what do people think Bit of background, been with company 3 years For the best part of those 3 has been the sole frontend guy He does everything (his words)...
  8. A

    recommend scripting language

    hello, Can ye please recommend a what would be the best scripting language(s) to learn for web development. My background is bit of perl, transact sql etc. Strictly scripting. I had a look as which is ok but find it very hard to layout and getting into the c# side of it is too much. So...
  9. davidbehan - more dodgy techniques...

    Just doing a search in google just now and saw the adwords ad. I clicked it because... why not? Anyway, I went into one of their pages and just realised they are using one of those dodgy seo techniques... Ripe Website design - Ireland leading web design company Mouse over any of the...
  10. G

    Tried Auction Ads Yet?

    I just received an invite from Text Link Ads to join Auction ads which has been launched with Shoemoney onboard. I have to admit I am impressed on how the ads look. Anyone else try them out yet? Would be great for those who target eBay users. You can read more from Auction Ads Launches -...
  11. 3rsales

    Honest Views on whether or not sales and marketing Expertse is required

    Guys and gals out there I would like your help. As a business growth specalist I use sales and marketing tactics to help business owners make more money. I have a free newsletter that has tips and advice for business owners. I would love your feedback on Drive business growth with the sales...
  12. mneylon

    Paid Links? gets a LOT of spammy and really terrible submissions. Do you think it would be madness to start charging €5 per submission? I'm thinking that I'd make most of the business / commercial categories paid and leave the personal / government types ones free Thoughts?
  13. E

    Rock band site template

    A chairde, I just started working on a new template for a local rock band. I've only done a few hours on it so far so there's not much to show. Still i'd appreciate any feedback you may have ... they're not mad about the wine colour, I like it , it's a good contrast colour IMO. Official...
  14. mneylon

    New Year's Resolutions?

    Do any of you make them?
  15. ButtermilkJack

    Regulatory info for websites from Jan '07

    Not sure where this goes so feel free to move if necessary :) Saw this over on AAM and thought it might be worth posting... So, seems we need to create an extra page or some kind of link to the companies registered details from the new year. Or just place them on the homepage somewhere!
  16. kjt

    Sitepoint - The web design business kit

    Hi, I'm just wondering if anybody has got this? I'm thinking of buying it and it would be great to get some opinions of people who have read it. Thanks Linky
  17. mneylon

    Adsense dumped - say hello to adbrite / clicksor

    I've decided to dump adsense for a while and try a mixture of adbrite and clicksor I'll see how they perform for a few days, as adsense wasn't doing very well on here at all
  18. Redfly

    Calling all Irish SEOs

    OK, while I only have one LTD company registered, I have been of course thinking about the second. I assume you can all figure out what that is. After reading a short, but spot on Article here: Search Engine Optimisation - Ireland I got thinking. There are literally only a handful of SEOs...
  19. mneylon

    Adsense Links

    If you know of any links to sites / resources / tools / articles or blogs that can help adsense publishers please reply to this thread. Inside AdSense - the official blog
  20. mneylon

    Which programming languages do you use?

    So which languages do you use? If I've left out any please let me know and I will edit the options accordingly NB: You can choose more than one
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