1. S

    negative impact of company with simular name

    Hi guys looking for your thoughts on this. Basically I have new customer who wants site however he was thinking of rebranding as a company with super simular name in the same business sector was done for selling military parts overseas. If a customer searches for company then they see these...
  2. Datacol

    Datacol - versatile website extractor for IWF members at half price!

    Datacol5 is a Windows program developed for automated website information harvesting. On the video below you can find out how Datacol5 can help you while: - analyzing online classifieds; - monitoring product prices; - filling online shop; - posting web site and discussion forum; - other...
  3. S

    Site review and link juice question for jet website

    Hi guys looking for a review of ease of use for a customer I am working with. The layout should work well on all platforms however I am unsure if the site is being penalized with google for the name "Private Jet Charter" when the back links and link juice is "Private jet charter" also - any...
  4. S

    Simpl Performance - Free Prize Draws - New Competitions (Win a Trip to New York)

    Dear Publishers, We are happy to announce two brand new competitions from Free Prize Draws, the free competitions and cash prize website. These competitions are sure to be hugely popular with your users given the opportunity to win a trip to New York City and also the chance to win a brand...
  5. A

    SEO strategy

    Link building or content marking? Interested in seeing what you guys use as your guys main strategy and what seems to work best?
  6. W

    Help! I'm getting porno traffic

    Hi. I haven't been here for a while and can't find any useful info on the web. Two of my WP sites are getting serious traffic from porno sites with lots of "links" from .ru domains and the like. I can never find the actual link and as far as I can tell my sites are not corrupt (I moved one to a...
  7. M

    Please Review my News Site

    I launched a news site Latest World News, Online News, Breaking News, please share your reviews about my site..
  8. G

    5% OFF only this month!

    Be in a hurry! Don’t miss the opportunity to save your money and purchase one of the useful GoMage extensions! We have a special offer only for December!
  9. N

    Combining multiple RSS feeds

    Hi Guys, I am looking for a way of combining multiple RSS feeds and categorising the content. For some context, I am looking into the possibility of creating a basic sports app that will get content from RSS feeds. I need to be able to view all the RSS feeds from each new source in one place...
  10. L

    No more Google Keywords - Not Provided goes 100%

    WOW This is BIG - Google are moving ALL searches to HTTPS and so all Keywords will be (not provided) #seoNo doubt this will annoy countless webmasters and SEO's. I think any commercial site owners, especially etailers, who aren't using AdWords will now have to take it up!Goodbye, Keyword Data...
  11. P

    Bing Search page

    Hi all, first post here, does anybody know when the new Bing search design will be rolled out in Ireland?
  12. G

    Join our Magento community

    More Magento sites - more Magento forums. People are in a hurry to share their problems, issues, errors and the best solutions to fix them. Getting a qualified Magento help free of charge is difficult nowadays. But GoMage team has decided to break this stereotype. We are glad to introduce...
  13. mneylon

    Free / Cheap Press Release Disributiion Services?

    Can anyone suggest / recommend any free (or cheap) press release distribution services? Press Release Services - News Release Distribution Services - PRWeb is fine, but you need a budget over a certain size to use them (we use them internally) I would have gone with Free Press Release...
  14. R

    Blogging help please

    Hi all, When it comes to blogging whats considered good content can it be any topic or business related topic? I thought that any topic that draws engagement to a site is good content.
  15. G

    Do not pass by new innovations!

    We can make you surprised with two new releases. They are a long-awaited release of Advanced Navigation 4.0 and the last version of LightCheckout extension 5.1, which is fully compatible with Magento Enterprise Edition 1.13. Our revolutionary version of Advanced Navigation extension will not...
  16. Amasty

    Promote products in your shop Special Promotions Pro Create personal promotions using customers' account information with Special Promotions Pro. Build customer loyalty with specials based on order history. - 9 additional discount actions for powerful...
  17. M

    Adobe Will Start Forcing Customers To Pay Monthly If They Want The Latest Updates

    Adobe will no longer develop its Creative Suite software. Instead, they're going to be focusing on the Creative Cloud. If customers want access to the latest updates and features, they'll need to pay a monthly bill. Source : What Adobe thinks about their customers What are your thoughts...
  18. L

    UK Photo Copyright Law - no they didn't change copyright law!

    The photographers are freaking out again. After last year's excitement with Instagram's changes to its terms of service, now it's the UK's Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (ERR) Act that's getting people worked up. Here, for example, is a post on the site of Stop43, a photographers group which...
  19. Amasty

    As fast checkout as you can imagine

    Easy and rapid checkout process for Mageto. Make your store a place where customers won't even notice how they've completed all checkout steps and received their orders. - Lightning-fast one page checkout process - Better sales conversion and fewer abandoned carts - Ability to combine shopping...
  20. Amasty

    Get 10% off Magento extensions for loving our Earth. It's Earth day!

    Earth Day has come rather unexpectedly. For Amasty this day stands for caring about nature and strengthening people’s unity. Our team came to work without cars, so now it's time to accomplish the 2nd part of today’s mission :) We want to introduce you to TOP 10 countries, where our customers...
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