1. D

    content delivery network (CDN) information needed

    I am looking at speeding up my site before I launch it. I am looking at using W3 Total Cache along with CDN. My question is can I host my site with my present hosting company but use another's CDN service. If I can is it hard to implement. Has anyone used CDN and if so have you noticed a large...
  2. S

    Powered by Google Sites

    I've just come across this - Powered by Google Sites and wonder if any of you have experience of this - Pros and Cons???
  3. L

    MySql subquery

    I have two tables that are not related in any way because it can not be.... I want to select all the records from the first table but only if a certain field in the second table = 'yes' Any ideas? I am at it for the last half an hour and can't seem to get any results.
  4. S

    Please review my blogs--lots of them

    Hey everyone, thanks for reading my post. I have been working on blogging lately, and so far I've came up with a decent amount of blogs. In the past 3 weeks, I've created what's below. i'd like you to look at them for layout, color, theme, content, and profitability. I think that my domain names...
  5. mneylon

    Which programming languages do you use?

    So which languages do you use? If I've left out any please let me know and I will edit the options accordingly NB: You can choose more than one
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