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  1. S

    Simpl Performance - O2 Online - €75 off iPhone 5C 32GB Sale

    Dear Publishers, O2 are back with a special Easter iPhone 5C sale, this time offering an amazing €75 off. The iPhone 5C has been in huge demand since it’s launch and we are expecting that to increase with this hugely discounted sale. This offer applies to all range of colours available. The...
  2. S

    Simpl Performance - O2 - Valentine's Day package

    Dear Publishers, O2 are back with an amazing promotion this time offering the chance to win a trip to Paris through Samsung. This promotion starts today 4th February and runs right up to Valentines Day – February 15th. This is yet another online exclusive so will not be readily available to...
  3. F

    O2 Ireland: Valentine's day offers

    Morning, With Valentine’s Day approaching, O2 IE is launching strong offers on the market, a great occasion to improve your sales and therefore your commissions on the programme. These offers are a fantastic opportunity for you as the brand recorded the big number of sales for this period last...
  4. F

    O2 IE Programme - CPA Increase and Christmas Offers

    Xmas Offer on O2 Ireland O2 IE is able to offer double CPAs until the 10th December on the following events: Speakeasy (Top Up) FTC: 20€ Speakeasy Upgrade: 20€ Free SIM: 2€ This offer is a fantastic opportunity for you to improve your commissions on the O2 IE programme as the brand...
  5. mneylon

    Twitter Texts on Vodafone

    Vodafone Ireland are now supporting Twitter txt / SMS notfications. Sending is charged at normal SMS rate. Receiving is free. More info here: Twitter by text on your mobile - from Vodafone.ie I think O2 Ireland started offering support for it as well, though I'm not sure on the details
  6. E

    TradeDoubler Ireland | New O2 Affiliate Programme

    Hi All, Check out a superb new quality addition to our Irish programme portfolio - O2 Ireland. O2 Ireland, a leading provider of mobile services in Ireland, has now launched an affiliate programme. A range of powerful assets accompanies this programme, affording you the opportunity to earn up...
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