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  1. D

    Online Marketing Novice - Help

    So I think I've found a reputable web design guy that will design a website to good SEO standards and give me something punchy, clean with good usability. I've done the keyword research, examined the competitors and included as much of it in my project as possible, I've taken care to select good...
  2. N

    Learning Social Media Skills for Online Marketing?

    I am a great fan of Social media in my personal life but have unfortunately not had enough exposure in terms of work experience (I have a lot of SEO and PPC experience but it doesnt feel like enough anymore.). What social media do you find most useful for promoting your clients on and where...
  3. L

    Better Domain Names: Brand or Generic

    This is a conversation that is happening a lot off-line - it may even happened here before but I'm raising it again. Which domain do you think is best: Generics or Brand. Lets say your company is Hansing Steel Engineering. Do you think or is better and why?
  4. B

    Diploma in Online Marketing and Advertising

    Has anyone done the Diploma in Online Marketing and Advertising (distance learning) with The Fitzwilliam Institute. If so what are your thoughts. It can be done over a period of between 14 weeks and 1 calender year from enrollment. Has anyone done anything similar in Ireland.
  5. D

    Irish PPC Recommendations

    Hi, looking for a very good, reliable PPC individual/company based in Ireland. Anyone on the forum want to put themselves forward or has anyone got recommendations?
  6. A

    Marketing advice required: London Taxi Company

    HI , We are a taxi company Hummingbird Cars in London. We provide Airport Transfer service from all london airports. We have recently started our new business and we would like to expand our business. Can anyone suggest which is the best way of Marketing our business so that we can...
  7. D

    Falling on the wrong side of Google

    Hi, I appear to have incurred some penalties. I believe I know why too. I'm just not sure what the best way of fixing it is. I have some sites that are all inter-linked. That makes sense for users. However the sites are fairly heavily interlinked and are all on the same subnet. They also...
  8. A

    SEO Offers from other companies

    Hi, A client of mine was called yesterday by a SEO company from UK, and I have included thier follow up email below. By all accounts the person on the other end of the phone was very plausible, but my client decided to check with me first. As things stand, this client is already on page one for...
  9. A

    New website effort and cost

    I have what i think is a good idea for a new website - I have the domain and hosting arranged - what i don't have is the site which i need to set up from scratch and i also don't have any previous experience in setting up a commercial web site (although I do have 10yrs in a technical field and...
  10. N

    Looking for feedback from a web perspective on a business idea

    I'm going to be launching a luxury online business specialising in high end cashmere. I'm wondering if any web gurus here could give me feedback from an online perspective relating to this business idea ? Obviously, I'm going to have online and offline marketing strategies. Just looking for...
  11. T

    [discussion] FOR SALE

    Bit of a high price on the site. 2k?? How many hotels are in Ballsbridge? 5/6? There's certainly no cheap ones! :) It would take a while to get your money back on that considering there's only about 140 odd searches a month for that phrase. No movement on price? Topic split from here {paul}
  12. F

    Web Analytics - Analyst/Developer WANTED

    Wanted - Web Analytics Financial Developer Working with the online marketing and finance teams you will develop, implement and define analytics/tagging strategy. Strong - PHP, HTML and CSS, JavaScript Experience in site analytics / analytical tools Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks
  13. L

    Single -v- Multiple Domain name strategies

    When it comes to companies building a web presence/web marketing programme - should they pick one domain name or multiple? What do you think: Do you think multiple domain names are better than single domain name strategies for online marketing? I don't just mean for SEO/SEM but for all cases...
  14. MurrayNewlands


    Hi I am new to this forum but not to online marketing. I have been a member of the a4u for years and now also blog about online marketing, see my blog in my signature. I stumbledupon you in google and thought ah! from time to time people ask me about Irish traffic and I say I know nothing...
  15. EggDesign

    Ecommerce newbie needs help!

    Hi guys Im meeting a potential client about a fairly big ecommerce site selling clothes online. He says he may want me to maintain & update the site and get a percentage of sales etc. I said Id meet him next week but to be honest Ive never done an ecommerce site before. Is there alot to...
  16. ButtermilkJack

    SEO/SEM Company Recommendations?

    Hi, I'm looking for any recommendations people may have for Search Engine Marketing companies, either in Ireland or UK/US wherever? A client of mine has asked me to look into it for their website (keywords, PPC ads, etc.) but it's not my area so I need to get someone onboard. :) Thanks!
  17. S

    iQ Boot Camp 2009: 9th - 11th June, Dublin

    The line up: 23 workshops over 3 days (including 9 NEW courses) Future Now seminar Aprés Boot networking event Registration fees are 10% lower than 2008. And if you book before May 20, you'll get an Early Bird discount of up to 20%. More on the iQ Content website. This year's...
  18. S

    Business Networking : BNI

    Has anyone tried signing up with BNI? I went to one of their open days the other day. It was like a cross between an infomercial and a pantomime. Endless repetition of the basic points and the host insisted in audience participation. I half expected to see Louis Theroux standing at the back of...
  19. caminowebmaster

    Free SEO Guide for Irish Business

    I have just uploaded a Free SEO Guide for Irish Business. It is here Free SEO Guide for Irish Business and it can be downloaded as a pdf. let me know what you think.
  20. J

    Dragons Den - Ireland 09/04/09

    Ah Dragons Den... What amazes me is when these business entrepreneurs arrive in front of the panel and say "I am looking for xxx investment with a x return; this is to help me enhanced the business and SET UP A WEBSITE"! I mean come on, one of the first tasks of setting up a business is to...
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