online marketing

  1. Donagh

    Anyone attending the Enterprise Ireland eMarketing workshop?

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone is attending the EI workshop in Cork on the 23rd April? I'll be there anyway :D
  2. L

    Web Marketing Pricing and Public perceptions - Rant!

    Why is that so many Irish people will happily blow €20k or more on a car, especially cars that will devalue within seconds of buying it, but baulk at spending €2k on a really good, effective website and/or marketing campaign? I just don't get it. I have people calling in every week, sometimes...
  3. H

    Any suggestion for stay at home mom?

    Hi everyone! Any suggestion on how to earn money for the stay at home mom? Please suggest something I can do on computer and online to earn extra money for the house... I hate just sitting and wasting my free time... Thanks.:D
  4. W

    Online Marketing Dirtywork

    Hi all, We've just launched I'm looking for a reputable company that can do some of my online marketing dirtywork like directory submissions etc. Does anyone have any experience of someone who can do this? Is this the best way to spend my money? Cheers
  5. I

    Has anyone used the service by ? Positive or negative feed back welcome as I am considering using them to promote a website.
  6. G

    Looking for marketing ideas

    Hey, I posted a thread about this site in the site reviews section, I hope this isn't deemed spamming. I've started a website Swop-o-nomics (, it's an Irish online barter exchange for both goods and services. I'm looking for ideas and tips on how to go about getting the word...
  7. L

    In which order do you rate these aspects of website developent

    New for discussion - of the following aspects that make up the development of a website, which do you think are important, in terms of time, budget and focus? What is YOUR primary focus when building a new site: A. Website Design - the graphical look and feel B. Website Structure - How is the...
  8. J

    How to send marketing SMS online?

    Hi, Not sure if I'm posting in the right place but hopefully someone can help or point me to the right forum... You know when you get an advertising text from eg. a 57xxx number - how would I go about setting up one of those accounts? I want to send a bunch of promotional texts to people...
  9. byronyasgur

    accommodation booking engine

    hi - am looking for recommendations for a simple booking engine for a single cottage. Am looking for something that can both display availability and accept secure online bookings (through paypal or realex most likely ). The main reason I'm posting here is to see if someone has been using some...
  10. C

    Creating a Web Host?

    Does anyone know where I could find some good information on setting up a web host?
  11. kflanagan28

    Error message when I post

    Hey Just wondering. Why do I get this message when I post on here (down the left hand side) Frontpage User Recent Blog: [CaRP] Failed to open file: Searchbrat Blog Search Engine Optimisation, Conversion Optimisation and Online Marketing in Ireland
  12. K

    Feedback on design portfolio

    I've recently just redesigned both my 'kelvinwins' identity and online portfolio website. Baring in mind that I will be replacing the majority of the project imagery with photography, I was wondering if I could get some feedback on the overall look and feel of the site. My website is...
  13. M

    How to get traffic from Yahoo Group.

    I am keeping on posting in yahoo group regularly but i am not getting any visitor. I think i am doing anything wrong. Can you suggest me where i am doing wrong and also how can i improve in yahoo group marketing
  14. E

    Black hat SEO technique on website?

    found this site while trawling through google. Lots of white font hidden down the bottom. Black hat or just poor design considering the big dirty orange headings??
  15. S

    Please review my blogs--lots of them

    Hey everyone, thanks for reading my post. I have been working on blogging lately, and so far I've came up with a decent amount of blogs. In the past 3 weeks, I've created what's below. i'd like you to look at them for layout, color, theme, content, and profitability. I think that my domain names...
  16. W

    Small ad-dependent ePublisher: can you make a living?

    Hi there. I'm one of two partners in a potential mid-2009 web-based start-up. Basically I've joined in the hope of gaining some 'local knowledge' that may well determine the feasibility or otherwise of our fledgling online venture. While the concept, design and editorial expertise are in place...
  17. K

    What are benefits of Pay Per Click Advertising

    Pay per click advertising works because: * By using the bidding system, similar to how an action works,everyone can compete on a level playing field. * Pay per click is cost efficient. * Results are measurable. * It's extremely well targeted. * Pay per click is the...
  18. L

    What do you think of companies who use AdWords to promote SEO?

    To me and my colleagues and customers, using AdWords to promote your SEO services seems um, wrong ? Am I wrong ?
  19. mneylon

    Demand up, down or the same?

    Since the economic climate isn't exactly healthy at the moment are people feeling the pinch? Is demand for web work increasing, decreasing or staying the same?
  20. L

    New Boy

    Hi all. My name is Lance Busby. I work for an online marketing agency based in the UK called Summit Media and I currently manage the Viking Direct UK and Ireland Affiliate programmes. If you need any help or assistance with anything please feel free to give me a shout.
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